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Lunar Eclipse 2021, Chandra Grahan Date, Timings and Rituals

A lunar eclipse is a natural event that occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. The Moon passes through the Earth’s umbra, which is dark and appears as a total eclipse. This is the part of the eclipse where the Moon turns red. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon orbits outside of Earth’s shadow, which can only be seen from a small area on Earth. The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite, and is completely covered by the shadow during a total lunar eclipse.

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The first total lunar eclipse of the 21st century occurred on April 15, 2021. The moon was totally eclipsed by the sun on that date. The next total lunar eclipse will occur on April 4, 2025. Preliminary calculations suggest that on that date, the moon will be eclipsed by the sun for almost 5 hours. One of the main characteristics of the lunar eclipse is the occurrence of a series of eclipses. Each lunar eclipse in a series occurs when the moon is crossed by the shadow of the Earth during the eclipse, which is opposite to its normal path.

The Sun is considered the father in Vedic astrology, whereas the Moon is considered the mother. The Moon is the one who gives a person’s mind personality. It imbues the person with emotions and sensitivity. While the Sun is in charge of a person’s physical well-being, the Moon is in charge of their emotional well-being. Lunar eclipses are rare occurrences. Emotions are heightened during a lunar eclipse, both individually and collectively. The day of the lunar eclipse, according to Vedic scholars, is a suitable opportunity to cleanse one’s karmic afflictions, appease ancestors, and conduct some self-analysis. On the day of the lunar eclipse and throughout the eclipse hours, they suggest practicing Tarpanam (ancestral ritual) and meditation. Let’s talk about the Lunar Eclipse 2021/Candra Grahan 2021 in greater detail.

When will the Lunar Eclipse/Chandra Grahan happen in 2021?

On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2021 is anticipated. According to the Hindu calendar, it will be a full moon day in the month of Vaishakha. Between 2:17 and 7:20 p.m., the eclipse will occur. However, it will only be visible to the naked eye in the country’s eastern and north-eastern regions.

A complete Lunar Eclipse is not the same as a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon are not exactly aligned at this location. As a result, instead of throwing a complete shadow, Earth will use the outer portion of its shadow to prevent some of the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon directly. This is known as penumbra, and hence the name. Though this reduces the religious significance of the eclipse, the movement of the planets on that day will have a major impact on an individual’s horoscope. In the year 2021, a Lunar Eclipse will occur in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio (Vrishchik). The Sun, Venus, and Rahu will be in Taurus (Vrishabha) at this time, while Ketu and the Moon will be in Scorpio (Vrishchik), Saturn will be in Capricorn (Makar), and Jupiter will be in Aquarius (Kumbha). According to Vedic astrology, this is a rare planet alignment. The Moon and Ketu are both weak in Scorpio, the house of Mars, the fiery red planet. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, on the other hand, are in their respective signs. This eclipse will have a detrimental effect on individuals who were born under the sign of Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi people). Those born under the signs of Aries (Mesha) and Virgo (Kanya) may have financial difficulties. People born under the signs of Leo (Simha) and Virgo (Kanya) will encounter problems, while those born under the sign of Libra (Tula) may endure business challenges. 

How will the 2021 Lunar Eclipse impact all Zodiac Signs?

Aries (Mesha) – Mental strain is possible. You may be concerned about your financial situation. It’s possible that you and your mother are suffering from health problems. However, there may be unanticipated gains and a cash influx. Projects that have been postponed or placed on hold may be completed. Do not be scared to express your affection for those close to you. Instead of managing your children, embrace and caress them. Taurus (Vrishabha) – There may be both financial and personal benefits. You may have enough money to meet your worldly wants, but it may not be enough to satisfy your psychological needs. There may be issues with your spouse or partner. There may be squabbles and disagreements. You might attempt to achieve pleasure by squandering more cash. This may put you in a financial bind. Use caution while speaking. Gemini (Mithuna) – The lunar eclipse of 2021 may be advantageous. You may be confident in your skills and content with your life. Even so, there may be some anxiety. You may have to deal with some unexpected occurrences. Do not allow it to disrupt your emotional equilibrium. Maintain your composure. If at all possible, try to meditate. Debates and stressful discussions should be avoided. Cancer (Karkata) – You may have a spiritual awakening. You may want to start paying more attention to your inner voice. This will assist you in identifying your assets and liabilities. You will get smarter as a result of this. In business, there may be positive outcomes. However, there may be issues. It’s possible that you’ll have anxiety and stomach issues. Accidents may occur, resulting in medical problems. Simha (Leo) – Keep a close watch on your money. Reduce your spending. At employment or in business, avoid taking risks. Financial losses are possible if this does not happen. Relationships are in excellent shape right now. Spend more time with your family and friends. Maintain open lines of communication and clear up any misconceptions. This will help to alleviate tension and anxiety. Take care of your mother’s health as well. Virgo (Kanya) – You may become well-known. You may end yourself becoming the focus of attention everywhere you go. It’s possible that you’ll get promoted at work. At work, you may be more appreciated and respected. It’s possible that you’ll have a lot of luck in your career and make a lot of money. Be patient with people who are close to you. Make sure you don’t make hasty choices. Tula (Libra) – This lunar eclipse in 2021 is ideal for lovers. Spend time with your spouse in a meaningful way. Take a short vacation together if feasible. When it comes to money, be cautious. Don’t lend or take out a loan. Do not put any money into anything. Also, be health-conscious. Take care of your own and your partner’s health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by seeing the doctor on a regular basis. Scorpio (Vrishchika) – Physical and mental health issues may arise. In personal life, differences may arise. Arguments and quarrels with your life partner are possible. There may also be financial losses. You may, nevertheless, have a spiritual awakening. Meditation is a good thing to do. It has the potential to reduce anxiety and enhance overall quality of life. 

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Sagittarius (Dhanus) – Expenses are likely to rise. This may result in financial losses as well as a budget imbalance. Don’t let that influence your actions. Make a nice gesture to express your emotions. Arguments should be avoided at all costs. Keep your words under control. It’s possible that you’ll have difficulty sleeping. You may be bothered by health problems now and then. Capricorn (Makara) – Good things may come your way, but they will come at the cost of your personal life. You may make money, but you might have to put in too much time at work. Unexpected love may appear, but it may have a negative impact on your relationship with your spouse. You may be perplexed and lost. Do not lose your cool. Meditation is a good thing to do. This moon eclipse in 2021 is not a good moment for you, Aquarius (Kumbha). Ensure that everyone is on the same page at work. Life is full of ups and downs. Learn to confront them with a calm demeanor. You may discover a new interest that improves the quality of your life. Travel should be avoided at all costs. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let life go on way it is now, Pisces (Meena). Big changes should be avoided. Arguments should be avoided at all costs. Maintain open lines of communication. Clear up any misconceptions. More attention to the mother’s and children’s health may be required. 

Dos and Don’ts on the Day of the Lunar Eclipse

  • A weakened Moon may cause you to lose your emotional equilibrium. Self-introspection and time spent on religious activities may assist to calm your mind and bring your emotions into harmony.
  • During the eclipse, avoid cooking or eating anything. Observe as quickly as possible during the eclipse.
  • During the eclipse, chant “Om Nama Shivaya” or “Om Namo Narayanaya.”
  • Listen to Shiva’s Mrityunjaya Mantra or Vishnu Sahasranamam (1000 names of Vishnu).
  • On this day, pregnant women should avoid exposing themselves to the Moon.
  • Eclipses are considered unlucky occurrences and are seen as extremely bad omens for material possessions.
  • Eclipses are not the best time to begin or make significant choices regarding projects, relationships, employment, or anything else in the physical world.
  • Eclipses, on the other hand, are a wonderful time to remain in, meditate, and concentrate on your inner self. It’s a chance to connect with your inner soul.

What Are the Advantages of Lunar Eclipse Rituals?

On this day, charitable acts or spiritual activities may reap many rewards. Even if you just chant mantras once during the eclipse, you will get many advantages. The lunar eclipse will have a strong effect on the earth plane, and the Moon is the significator of mind and emotions in Vedic astrology, thus it will have an impact on your mind, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. As a result, reciting mantras and practicing meditation on the day of the moon eclipse may help you feel calm and peaceful. In addition, the day of the moon eclipse in 2021 is excellent for conducting Tarpanam to your ancestors in order to get their blessings. Aside from that, you may participate in lunar eclipse rituals and mantra chanting to counteract the eclipse’s negative effects and acquire control over your emotions and thoughts.

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The Lunar Eclipse of 21st July 2021 is the first Lunar Eclipse during the zodiacal Taurus full moon season. In Vedic astrology, that full moon is named after the Bull, the “Lahari”. This full moon has been termed “Mahanth” and is considered an auspicious month for the start of new ventures and projects. The lunar eclipse will be visible in the eastern parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America on the night of July 21st.. Read more about lunar eclipse 2021 in india date and time and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date and time of Chandra Grahan in 2021?

The date and time of Chandra Grahan in 2021 is on the 3rd day of the month, Tuesday.

What is Chandra Grahan timing?

Chandra Grahan is the Hindu month of the harvest. It falls between mid-September and mid-October every year.

Is there any Chandra Grahan in 2021?

There is no Chandra Grahan in 2021.

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