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Magellan Review – Is Magellan Medium Spirit A Scam?

Taking a look at the product; Magellan Medium Spirit is the current best selling astrology software and is available for computer, tablet, or mobile app. But is it really the best? Is it ethical? And will it help you to achieve your goals? This review may help you find out the true value and help you make the correct decision.

Medium Spirit was created by marketing guru and internet entrepreneur, Paul Collins, who is also the brains behind the highly successful popular charting programs, Prophet Pro, and Zodiac. Paul Collins has created a program that will not only help you chart your astrological charts, it will also help you to understand the astrology of the various aspects in your chart.

Magellan Medium Spirit Review- Is Magellan a scammer? Today I’m going to discuss a self-proclaimed psychic who calls himself Magellan Medium Spirit. Being fairly new to the psychic world, I knew nothing about him or his gifts. Unfortunately, after doing some research, I can honestly say I don’t trust him. I can’t recommend him because I’m 100% sure he’s just another con artist. He’s no different than Angela’s psychic, Tara’s psychic, William’s guardian angel, Mary’s psychic, or countless others I’ve mentioned here before.

History of Magellan

The About Him section of Magellan’s website states that he lost a loved one as a child, and that loss hit him hard. One night, out of the blue, this man came to comfort him. After that day, he was given permission to move between the upper and lower worlds on command. He decided to use his gift of speaking to the spirits of the departed to help those in need. He says he has a clear and coherent mind which he uses to guide suffering beings to the right path. As long as you don’t count the cliché I was a kid, something terrible happened to me, then I got magical powers to deal with it and decided to help others, I don’t have much of a problem with his story. Almost every fake psychic I investigated had the exact same story, which automatically made me suspicious of him. However, I believe that some people have the ability to speak to the spirits of those who are no longer among us. After all, we are all made of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred. This means that when we leave life, our energy and soul do not just disappear into thin air. They are still present in the universe, it’s just a different part that isn’t accessible to everyone. Not everyone is able to receive messages from the Beyond, but some special people, like Ouija board psychics, can. What I have a problem with, however, are all the warnings I received while researching Magellan. These red flags are the reason I do not consider him a true psychic and cannot recommend him to my readers. I would never recommend someone I would not personally consult, and that is someone I would distrust.

First Red Flag – it’s quite common to read for free

I signed up for a free Magellan reading at 11:30am and had my first reading from him in less than ten minutes! Of course, this is all after I confirm my email address to him, because God forbid he just gives me my reading. No, he needs to be sure I’m a real person with a real email address that he can flood with messages. If he knew all those things he told me in my reading, the things he felt for me and planned for me, then he would know I was a real person, wouldn’t he? How could he know that I would have a windfall in a few days when he wasn’t even sure I really existed? Anyway… I confirmed and verified my email address, and about five minutes later he sent me a free gift. It was a guide to know when my spiritual director was there for me. I read it, and yes, those are five clear signs, but I already knew that, so it didn’t impress me. I’ve even written about it before. Less than twelve hours later I received another letter from him saying that he had received a message that strange but unusual things were happening to me. He said that, unbeknownst to me, I was about to experience one of the best moments of my life, with great surprise. He said my whole future depended on me acting quickly and coming back to him so he could give me special revelations and secrets about my future. I clicked, of course, because nothing I’ve received from him so far has felt unique or authentic. This led me to another reading that was so full of impersonal, generic nonsense. Everything he said to me had nothing to do with me or my life, they were just empty statements he sent to everyone. To prove it, I decided to sign up again with a different email address, and lo and behold, I get the same urgent and special readings on that email.

The second red flag is the one I had to accept

word-image-4051 At that point I already knew it was fake, but I needed more proof. At the end of my lecture, he told me he had much more to tell me. I could get this important information from him if I paid him to prepare my great guide to approaching happiness. He told me that my life was going badly and that I should fix it as soon as possible by buying this manual. When I clicked on the link to this particular guide, I was redirected to the agreements page. On this page are three things I agreed to when I paid for them. They were as follows:

  • I realized how important it is that I take advantage of this unique opportunity that Providence has handed to me on a silver platter and that I am seizing enormous opportunities for happiness thanks to my positive karma.
  • I asked him to perform his amplified cleansing medial act especially for me, so that I could free myself from the damaging grip of my karmic guilt that had blighted my life for so long.
  • I agreed that he would make the Great Guide to my approaching happiness as soon as possible, so that I would finally find happiness.

I had to sign up and pay for this plan as soon as possible so that time wouldn’t run out and it wouldn’t be too late. I had to confirm my request by paying him $79.99 without missing a beat. Needless to say, I then stopped following his links and started ignoring his emails. Just because I stopped reading the letters doesn’t mean the letters stopped! On the contrary, because I wasn’t paying him, I was getting emails from him literally EVERY DAY. I finally unsubscribed from the newsletter and hope to get on with it soon. I knew Magellan wasn’t really trying to do anything for free for me. Free readings are never really free, and real psychics make no such claims. They should eat like you and me and know that when someone needs their services, they are the ones to turn to, not the other way around. They are busy helping their clients and don’t have time to bother people every day with requests for money.

Third Red Flag – it is owned and operated by the online digital marketing company.

The reason Magellan has so much time to annoy people every day is because he is not who he says he is. He is not a caring and benevolent psychic trying to help his fellow man for free. Hell, maybe he’s not even a real person. It can be a simple computer that sends automated responses, or an employee of the company that manages it. It is an online digital marketing company called SYRIUS SARL. They are based in Geneva, Switzerland, as are the marketing companies of telepathic duo Marie and Christian and angelic medium Celeste. Céleste was created by REPLAY SARL and Mary and Christian was created by STONAGE SARL. word-image-4052 I don’t think all these LLCs based in Geneva, Switzerland, are a coincidence. I think they are related and these companies are posting fake psychics left and right. You’ll do them faster than I have time, that’s for sure!

Fourth red flag – no feedback or information on this

The fact that there is nothing about Magellan on the internet speaks volumes. If he was really talented, he wouldn’t have to bully people into paying him, and he’d have a bigger online presence. People will talk about their experiences with him, and I think the impressions will be more positive. word-image-11994 When someone is as good as they say they are, it doesn’t go unnoticed. This confirms my suspicion that he was only recently set up by this marketing company and hasn’t had time to get going. This also explains why there are no negative opinions about it. Maybe you think that’s good, but in my opinion, if you’re a real person and have been around for a while, you piss some people off somehow. No news is bad news when it comes to psychics who claim to have been gifted since childhood and have been helping people in need for years. There are many other reasons why I don’t believe in or recommend Magellan, but they are harder to prove. I’m sure of one thing: He has nothing in common with real psychics. Legitimate psychics, like the one on my review page, do not contact you or try to intimidate you into paying them. They are confident in their abilities and know that people will turn to them when they are willing to help. Nor do they claim to be able to predict the future. They have heightened abilities, senses and intuition, but cannot see with certainty what lies ahead. They know that we all have free will and that we can change the course of our lives if we are willing to do so. They simply help you make the best decisions and lead you to the changes you want. They will help you look deeper into yourself than you ever thought possible and guide you to what is best for you. Don’t be afraid to contact the trusted psychics from the psychic networks in the block below if you are going through a difficult time and need the wisdom of a talented reader. My favorites are Psychic Source and Ask Now, but I’ve had good experiences with others as well. Whatever you do, don’t fall into Magellan’s money laundering trap!