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March 15th Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2021

The astrological forecast for all signs is a weekly horoscope that predicts the events and circumstances in your life.

Pisces is the only sign that has a horoscope for every day of the year. The pisces horoscope is a forecast for all signs in 2021.

All Signs Weekly Astrology Forecast for March 15th, 2021


Be extra

Past thinking is turned upside down by the reality.

Aries, have a wonderful birthday!

As the Sun (20th) and later Venus (21st) fire your 1st house, fresh beginnings await. Our birthday cycle, of course, is all about us. This one, though, finds you in a more expressive mood than normal. Yes, Aries, you’re just a tad extra now. And if not now, when will it be?

You’re not willing to continue to go along with anything that’s unclear, up in the air, or just hazy as you enter a new cycle. You already know what you want and who you are, so you’ll be looking for the same from people around you. In fact, the best present anybody can offer you this birthday season is to let you know precisely where they’re coming from.

Speaking your truth, asking for the truth, or being motivated to find it may flip anything that has previously been taken for granted on its head. Mercury enters your 12th house on the 15th, and this will pique your interest. As the Sun and then Venus make an angle to Pluto before entering your sign, you desire the transformation that truth may bring.

This is also an excellent opportunity to show what you can do by just asking. The Moon’s conjunction with Uranus (17th) and later ruler Mars (19th) establishes new truth-telling standards. This may even be in the context of business or the internet. This birthday, Aries, sell that additional element!

In a nutshell, Aries, are you feeling a little extra this week? You have the right to express yourself when your new cycle begins. You have the same right to express what’s on your mind – and to receive the answers you need.



There will be no more luggage.

Make a new commitment to your future.

Get rid of everything that stands between you and your truth.

Taurus, this week is the time to unpack your soul luggage. What exactly are you transporting in there? Yes, I’m talking about luggage. Now that Mercury has landed in your 11th house, you should be focused on the future and connecting in whatever manner you can. Goals are recommitted to and given fresh significance. Alternatively, new ones may be made.

Now, if you’re attempting to accomplish this while carrying that metaphorical luggage around, it’s the equivalent of sprinting for the finish line while dragging a dead weight. So, on the 17th, when the Moon aligns with Uranus in your sign, there’s no better time to unzip that bag and take a close look inside. We all come with baggage. What matters is what we do about it.

Let your hair down!

Lighten the load and, above all, accept that when it comes to what no longer serves you, has become a burden, or stops you from living your truth, it’s time to check it in to the left baggage office forever. Whatever you’ve stuffed in there and tried to forget about, whether it’s memories, ideas, grief, denial, or just being scared to go for what you want, it’s all become a dead weight.

The Sun (20th) and then ruler Venus (21st) in your 12th urge you to do your annual soul audit the following month, immersing you completely in the procedure. From this week forward, Taurus, you’ll know what to do if it no longer benefits you, if it doesn’t contribute spiritual truth and beauty.

In a nutshell, the universe is urging you to reduce your burden this week. To look at what you’re carrying along with you on a subconscious level. And to get rid of everything that is no longer useful. Taurus, let go of your baggage!



Don’t simply think about it or speak about it; take action!

Get your thoughts out of the way and into your body.

Start the discussion or make that move.

There will be no more deliberation. This week, Gemini, start talking and acting. Sure, it’s sometimes beneficial to sit back and wait for additional information to surface. You’ll have lots of opportunities to do so. However, this week’s message is that spending too much time in your mind may be detrimental to your health. This week, you’ve reached the stage where you need to back up your ideas with words and deeds.

Money, job, and power movements are all emphasized, and a discussion, talk, or meeting may result in a change. Alternatively, due to the Sun and Venus in your 10th angled to Pluto, you may have a significant connection. Mercury, your ruler from the 15th, is also in your tenth house. This encourages you to talk about anything that enhances your credibility or position.

It’s time for some action-oriented discussion.

On the 17th, the Moon will collide with Uranus in your 12th house, prompting you to reconsider your strategy. When the Moon enters your 1st house and joins Mars on the 19th, project confidence. Getting the work done, selling yourself or your ideas, and, most importantly, starting discussions rather than waiting for them to happen can bring you the outcomes you want. Then give yourself a pat on the back and change your attention.

From the 20th to the 21st, the Sun and then Venus enter your 11th house, bringing with them friends, connections, groups, and objectives. Friendships and ties provide advantages, and desires may be fulfilled. But odds are, Gemini, it’s because you began chatting and then followed it up with action.

In a nutshell, Gemini, you can spend much too much time in your mind. We’re talking about ideas and plans. Or coming up with a great comeback. No more pondering this week – it’s time to get out of your brain and into action!



Projecting success is a mentality.

Make a move.

You’re the star of the show, so get to work!

At the start of the week, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun in your 9th house may have you fantasizing about fleeing on some level, Cancer. Perhaps going on a trip to a faraway location. Or there’s the romantic island dream. The one that takes you away from the mundane aspects of your life, such as lockdown blues, your day job, housework, and debts.

Everything has a purpose, but this week remember that aspirations are intended to drive our reality. To provide us with something to strive for or fuel for thought. Do something helpful if something has become limiting. Alternatively, pour the additional unique inspiration you’ve been given this week into a project, your psychic growth, objectives, or even a course of study.

When ruler the Moon joins Mars in your 12th house on the 19th, you won’t be able to ignore the realities. Neither is doing anything about it. Expect surprises. From the 20th to the 21st, the Sun and Venus will be in your professional sector. Putting your best foot forward in terms of your ‘public’ image, position, profession, and personal success story. Dress today for the role you wish to play in the future. Yes, even if you spend the most of your time working from home.

Are you prepared to get some serious attention?

Make the proper impression and remember that you are your greatest calling card. People in positions of power, authority, VIPs, and essentially anybody in control of the rope that connects you to the VIP section are likely to see you favorably today. This is an excellent time to work on your long-term goals. Singles may be able to pique the interest of a Ms. or Mr. Darcy. Someone who is a great catch. And he’s searching for a committed relationship. This week, make sure you come across as a genuine competitor.

In a nutshell, this week wants you to be honest with yourself. So, as tempting as escapism may be, don’t overdo it. Because your public image is on display, now is the moment to demonstrate that you are serious about your work. Cancer, the same may be said about love.



It’s time for something (or someone) significant.

Who is the one who makes it happen? You have it!

The great electrifier is change.

To re-energize, switch things around. And don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes right now to make this happen. Leo, your intuition should be screaming loud and clear about what this is. From the 8th to the 20th, thanks to the Sun. Mercury, who has been here since the 15th, has joined it. On the 16th and 18th, the Sun and then Venus, both in your 8th, create favorable transition angles to Pluto, who governs your 8th.

Money, shared assets, payments, perks, your income, loans, mortgages, and the path to empowerment may all be mentioned. Make no apologies about negotiating or initiating change. Who is responsible for this? Yes, you do.

If you are ready to attempt a new method, you may get a feeling of self-satisfaction and watch your own stock rise. All of this happens before the Sun enters your 9th house on the 20th and Venus enters your 21st house on the 21st. This all adds up to a transition into something greater. Or anything that earns you a lot of attention.

This may result in you having additional resources or options accessible to you, in addition to increasing your self-worth and credibility. As a result, there’s more to do. Perhaps even that great love, Leo. It’s the start of a new chapter in your narrative of achievement. Write it down and let out a shout!

In a word, initiating change gives us a boost of energy. It gives us strength and self-assurance. So don’t be afraid to take the initiative. And by doing so, Leo, you’ll pave the path for something greater – and larger.



Work hard to prove your value.

Protect your most valuable asset (you!)

The subject of discussion is love.

When ruler Mercury arrives in your 7th house on the 15th, it suggests ‘Let’s speak about love,’ thus starting discussions that draw you closer to someone should be simple. It’ll be in this house with the Sun, Venus (which governs this house), and Neptune.

Past loves, current loves, and most importantly, future loves are all up for debate. Especially on the 16th and 18th, when the Sun and then Venus return to Pluto in your 5th house. That debate may be about to heat up. This isn’t just this week. Thanks to the Sun’s entrance in your 8th on April 20th, the discussion may continue far into April. On the 21st, Venus will appear.

A flirting may easily evolve from pleasant to wicked. You’ll be emitting a seductive appeal right now. So, Virgo, work it in whatever way you can. Your 8th house is all about relationships, especially those involving sex. Also, there’s money. This is your ‘other’ financial home, which includes joint accounts, shared property, mortgages, perks, and income. As a result, the conversation may quickly shift to these assets, as well as assets of a more intimate kind, such as your heart.

Safeguard your most valuable possessions.

The most essential aspect of assets is that we do not want to squander them. Keep this in mind right now. Take your time before putting your heart in the ring to make sure the receiver is deserving. This week’s message also emphasizes the importance of asking for what you want. Whether it’s about what you want or how you want to be treated in a relationship. Or how much you anticipate to get as a portion of anything.

Your 8th house is ruled by anxieties as well as personal power. So, Virgo, take advantage of it this week. It’s possible that your current takeaway is just the realization that you’re worth much more than you’ve previously accepted. That’s a good one.

In a nutshell, what is the solution to the issue of love? This week, the majority of these are provided via love talk. But it’s YOU, Virgo, who has the key to the riddle. So, don’t forget to bring up what you’re looking for in the discussion. The end product (and you) are well worth the effort.



Add some oomph to your rhythm!

Allow yourself to be open to love.

Keep your eyes peeled for a heart-stopper.

This week, ruler Venus moves into its governing 7th house. It comes on the 20th, a day after the Sun arrives. As a result, a variety of twosomes and double acts may appear. With the possibility of a significant new beginning in one relationship just around the bend,

Before that, Mercury enters its governing 6th house on the 15th. You have a huge line up in here till the 20th – Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune. If your day job, routine, work, wellness, or habits have been a little hazy, now is your chance to make some practical adjustments and stick to them. Thanks to the Sun (16th) and then Venus (18th) looking to Pluto in your 4th for shifting rooms/lives suggestions, this may have a knock-on effect regarding house, family, lifestyle, or living circumstances. Make them right now.

Feel the rhythm once again.

Taking care of the little things (and it’s all small stuff, as you know) frees you up to focus on what ignites your Libran heart’s creativity and enthusiasm. Also, what causes the heart to beat quicker. In fact, if you’ve been thinking lately that nothing or no one will ever get your heart beating again, this week might be the catalyst. For others, the emergence of that flirtatious, feisty, confident, free-spirited free-spirit who has a lot to say about themselves may be the next step in their relationship. They may symbolize what’s been lacking, whether it’s love, pleasure, work, or cooperation. Feel the rhythm once again, Libra.

In a nutshell, the Sun and ruler Venus in your 7th house highlight past, present, and future partnerships, as well as dynamic duos and double performances of all sorts. It’s time to open yourself up to a new type of love.



Make your bed – and all the other little things that add up to huge outcomes

Turn up the enticement.

Feel the fear and yet say yes.

Attraction and allure are two words that come to mind while discussing attraction and appeal. To attract others, you must be attractive. Setting the ‘frequency’ of what you wish to attract to you using your energy and purpose. Also, and this is a crucial point that many astrologers overlook, you must be prepared to accept anything (or whoever) you want to attract.

We may get ourselves into a double bind on this since we are such deep, complicated beings. Because the exact thing we want may also be the thing that terrifies us the most. Or, if we ‘put it out there’ and receive a response, we convince ourselves that it can’t be THAT simple and that something is amiss. These are the typical pitfalls you should be aware of this week in order to avoid them.

This week, both of your rulers are active in separate parts of your chart. And they both have a say in it. However, you have the last say and the ability to attract. In your fifth house, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Neptune should be informing you that attracting is now simple and child’s play. So don’t second-guess yourself or your approach if love, pleasure, presents, or even praises come your way right now.

Possess the courage to say yes.

Above all, don’t undermine yourself. As the Sun and Venus align to ruler Pluto in your 3rd, bringing news, and the Moon meets Uranus in your 7th, pointing to soul liberation on the 17th, anticipate surprises, good news, or pleasant, unexpected twists. The Moon collides with old ruler Mars in its governing 8th on the 19th. This might be about money, but it could also be about increasing your ability to attract. Again, don’t run away from the response or the person who gives it.

As the Sun (20th) and Venus (21st) enter your 6th house, the daily business of living and living well or better will be your next priority. Now is the time to think about your day work (paid or unpaid), your education, your daily routines, and your overall health. It’s comforting to know that the little things works, and that it’s all small stuff. Admiral William McRaven’s lecture on YouTube and book ‘Make Your Bed’ are excellent places to start. If you do that plus everything else, you’ll be stronger, more confident, and less inclined to doubt or reject the wonderful things when it comes. Get to work right now.

In a nutshell: Did you realize that achieving our goals requires bravery? It’s simple to say no, Scorpio. This week amps up the allure, self-assurance, and willingness to accept. Don’t second-guess yourself. Simply say yes.



Edits to your home and lifestyle put you back in the limelight.

Ground control to Sag – re-enter the atmosphere.

Make room for joy, playfulness, and, yes, love!

Home issues, living arrangements, family, and what you need to accomplish may have had hazy or nonexistent boundaries, Sag. If that’s the case, blame Neptune in your fourth house. Mercury is always the antidote to Neptune’s slide. Starting on the 15th, I’ll be bringing in Home Edit-style organizing abilities.

This may bring you back to the present moment with a jolt. You may have drifted because of Venus in this room. Maybe you’re daydreaming about your ideal lifestyle but doing nothing to get it? You may have neglected those duties, or you may have let a family member or someone you share space with to cross the line. It’s so much simpler to convince yourself you’ll deal with it later.

Today is the beginning of tomorrow.

Tomorrow has finally arrived. You’ll do this immediately if you need to confront someone, organize your bills or clutter, have that conversation, or just begin new and healthier habits. Because of alignments between the Sun and Venus in your 4th house and Pluto in your money zone, this is a fantastic week for moving or doing things about the house. The Moon’s conjunction with Uranus in your 6th house on the 17th allows you to shake yourself out of undesirable habits or a rut.

The Moon will collide with Mars in your 7th house on the 19th. Use today to speak to your spouse about what has to happen right now in terms of love or what you both need to do. All of this housekeeping – which is exactly what it is – gets the boring stuff dusted and prepares you for when the Sun (20th) and Venus (21st) land in your 5th house.

Playfulness, the capacity to attract, fun, enjoyment, what makes you sparkle and stand out, and yes, romance are all back in style. It’s time to clear the cobwebs, shake off the veil of amnesia, and show the world how brilliant you can be, Sag. Others are hoping for just such a nudge.

In a nutshell, this week may be full of fun, good moments, and perhaps love. You must create space in order to allow them in. Take care of any household issues or mundane chores you’ve been putting off.



Something may be turned on its head by breaking news.

Take care of your soul.

Make your own place.

This week, Capricorn, things may actually flip ‘upside down’ for you in the news. And don’t automatically assume this is a negative thing.

Mercury, for starters, is in its governing 3rd house from the 15th. Consider commerce, education, business, transportation, your communication gadgets, writing, speaking, and the internet. What you say and how you are reacted to. You’ve got a long queue here till the 20th. Mercury, as well as the Sun, Venus, and Neptune, are all planets. In your first, the Sun and Venus will both return to Pluto. As a result, unexpected or upsetting news has an effect on you, your path, and how you perceive yourself. On the 17th, the Moon will collide with Uranus in your 5th house. It’s also possible that information on a job or course may be included. And if you’ve been feeling stuck or stuck lately, the Moon’s conjunction with Mars in your 6th house on the 19th sees you reclaim control and do something about it.

Bring it all the way home, sweetie!

For both the Sun and Venus, the 20th and 21st bring a shift of houses. When they come at your fourth house, they will be familiar with your living area, lifestyle, family, and living arrangements. One of the outcomes might be to make your living environment more ominous. Moving to a nicer house or neighborhood is another option. Others may view females as a source of advantages. Especially female family members, but also your roommate, a neighbor, or even a lady you work with if you have one.

If you’ve lately spent more time at home and are considering a long-term move to more flexible working, the Sun and Venus in this sign will emphasize the need of making your surroundings as pleasant and attractive as possible. You need spiritual nourishment. Other choices include redecorating, purchasing new things for your house, and remodeling. Others may just choose to spend their lives where they are. Capricorn, the news I shared before may possibly help you live a better life.

In a nutshell, fresh information or a crucial insight may cause you to reconsider your position. When it comes to day-to-day life, though, you’ll need a supportive environment. Start working on it right now.



Recalculate if anything doesn’t add up.

Rewrite your value

Make a commitment to live a better life.

This week, Aquarius, what or person is ‘worthy’ and aligned with your fundamental values? Expect surprises and discoveries as a result of this. And you are acting on this information in a timely manner.

For example, is your heart worthy? That’s a significant achievement! Being compensated or treated in accordance with your value is also important. This week, Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, and Neptune in your money zone, leaving you in first place. This house is ruled by Venus. It’s not just about the money; it’s about how we’re treated. Is there anything or anybody that isn’t ‘adding up,’ Aquarius?

As Venus and the Sun gaze back at Pluto in your previous house, you might be looking at a track record or even messages you got about what you did and didn’t deserve growing up (and all things hidden including hidden assets). On the 17th, the Moon in its governing 4th squares your ruler Uranus.

Get soul-satisfying values

This may include how you are recognized and compensated for your skills and accomplishments, as well as the appreciation you get just for being there. Also, how you are treated by partners and family members. Is it time for new standards to be established and broadcast? The Moon/Mars conjunction in your 5th house on the 19th is all about that. It doesn’t matter whether the connection is new or old; you can always let others know how your values have evolved and how you value yourself.

The 4th house governs your home, property, family, lifestyle, and even your path. This week, the Sun and Venus will be in this sign. This is advantageous for all types of living arrangements, relocations, and property issues. That Airbnb, your roommate or lodger, your landlord, or your current residence. Commit to it, dig deeper with those roots, and make it the best you can. Alternatively, make a commitment to change it. Above all, live in a manner that establishes and reflects your value. It’s all yours to do with as you want.

In a word, Aquarius, now is the time to commit to living your beliefs. Take an audit if you’ve had the sense things doesn’t ‘add up’ for a long. Now is the time to have a big design that shows your value.



Prepare to party — the after-party is about to begin!

Make your dreams come true.

Understand what you can rely on (or who)

This week, Pisces, the birthday celebrations come to an end. Despite Mercury’s entrance in your 1st house from the 15th. The Sun (on the 20th) and Venus (on the 21st) will enter your second house. Let’s get that after-party started, shall we?

What resolutions or objectives have you made for the new year? Because this is the week in which they should be initiated. We’re still at that uncommon and unique period of the year when every single planet in the sky is in direct alignment. This week, the Sun and Venus align with strong Pluto in your 11th house. Goals and aspirations for the future are discussed. But this isn’t just about talking or fantasizing. It’s now time to put them into action. Particularly on the 17th, when the Moon conjuncts Uranus in your home of ideas, commerce, and the internet.

Due to the Moon/Mars meeting in your 4th on the 19th, looking at that work/life balance may be a major issue right before the Sun and Venus arrive in your 2nd. You won’t be scared to make the adjustments that lead to it.

On what can you rely?

Your second is about more than simply money. Despite the fact that your bank account is in this home. When Venus, in particular, makes an appearance in this area, we typically find a new avenue for obtaining additional folding materials. It also controls presents, including late birthday surprises, assets, our abilities and skills, dependable relationships, and our self-worth, which governs everything. Seeing yourself as someone who can achieve their objectives and understanding that you have the ‘right stuff’ is where you should start right now.

Then consider what resources you already have to bring you to where you want to go in the next 12 months. That after-theme party’s might simply be Dreams Come True. The first move you can do right now is to work with what you have and who will work with you.

In a nutshell, Pisces, have a goal-setting after-party and put something in action for your future this week. Examine all you have at your disposal, including your skills and relationships. This week, it’s all about putting your money where your mouth is.




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