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March 8th Weekly Astrology Forecast For all Signs 2021

The forecast for the week ahead is based on your Sun sign.

The weekly horoscope hindustan times is a forecast that has been released for all signs. It tells you what the stars have in store for your sign this week.

March 8th, 2021: Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs

Elena, our astrologer and psychic


Make a new route with your magic.

Now is the time to believe.

Turn on, tune in, and make something.

This week, Aries, look forward and consider something new. Mercury, in your 11th house, has passed through its retrograde phase, and all of the planets in the sky are now direct.

This happens on the 13th of the month. Ceres and Chiron will unite in your 1st house on the same day as the new Moon in your 12th. This week is about more than simply daring to imagine anything for the future. It’s about having the courage to believe in it enough to go for it.

Allow the magic to happen.

Please take use of this week’s energies to reflect on the road not chosen. But don’t get caught up in guilt, remorse, or self-blame. It’s possible that individuals from your past, or people from your past, may show up in person. If this is the case, and you’re considering giving them another opportunity, find out what has changed since then.

Because the Sun and Venus are conjunct Neptune this week, your psychic skills, imagination, intuition, and any artistic capabilities will be at their best. Dreams may have a clear aspect to them, or they can have hidden complexity and significance. Other people’s motives, as well as hidden undercurrents underlying relationships, may emerge. The world may just take on a mystical, numinous aspect. Keep going in this direction. It now need the ability of the creative dreamer.

In a nutshell, it’s OK to take a break from reality now and again. Use the new Moon’s energy to dream, explore, and create this week. Aries, your imagination may be able to offer you other possibilities for your future.



A creative leap of faith brings a goal closer.

Assemble the team of your dreams.

From the comfort of your sofa, you can rule your future!

Taurus, whatever you do under the influence of the new Moon on the 13th this week, don’t remain home alone. That is to say, don’t be a hermit, even if your limitations prevent you from socializing with others. This is a future Moon, and the future is connected to humans. Who you are or will get acquainted with. To put it another way, your Dream Team.

Yes, lockdown restrictions may apply depending on where we are in the globe. However, in today’s world, this does not prevent us from reaching out from our couches and asking people to join us digitally. Make use of every tool at your disposal to reach out to your circle, renew existing friendships, and form new ones.

Rethink what you think is out of reach.

This is also a Dreamer’s Moon, which favors establishing some far-fetched objectives and realizing that they may not be as far away as you imagined. This new Moon is in close proximity to the house’s ruler Venus, as well as Neptune. They boost your imagination and inventiveness, allowing you to see that there are many paths to achieving your goals. Or maybe there are many people that can assist you?

In particular, a daring aspect between Ceres and Chiron in your intuitive 12th may offer you options that combine a compromise with an outright absurd action or request. Go ahead and give it a go! This week will also reveal who is on your team and who is not. Or maybe it’s simply who ruins your party. If this is the case, take notice.

After Mercury clears retroshadow and dumps the drab, the week also sees every planet in the sky become straight. This happens on the 13th as well. This week, set aside time for goal-setting and connecting. Right now, you’re in charge of your own destiny from the comfort of your own sofa.

In a nutshell, ruling Venus and Neptune give this week’s new Moon a creative boost. It’s time to re-imagine your future objectives and aspirations. Imagine, Taurus, who is a part of this.



Prepare yourself for success in your own unique manner.

Make the necessary adjustments.

Shake things up and reshape your future.

Make up a new type of success narrative, Gemini, since you’re on the verge of something huge. It’s no accident that the new Moon in your success cycle falls on the same day as your ruler Mercury sheds his retroshadow in your 9th house, and all planets in the sky are direct.

You’ll be in the mood to make adjustments as well. If necessary, sweep them. When Venus in your tenth house opposes Vesta in your fourth house at the start of the week, it emphasizes any disparities in duties at home or at business. If necessary, you’ll be willing to disrupt the status quo in order to create more time for the things you want to do. Ceres and Chiron will meet in your 11th on the same day as the new Moon, so you won’t be afraid to confront it head-on.

Dreams need a plan.

Above all, portray self-assurance and the confidence that comes from knowing what you want to accomplish. Don’t keep it a secret. Dream big, but when it comes to making them a reality, take serious and realistic steps. Also, be explicit about your objectives. This week, you’ve been given a professional makeover. If you have someone on your radar who has personally snatched your interests, they should consider you a serious competitor as well. When it comes to your job, make use of your intuition and creativity. It’s what I refer to as “Practical Magic.” Others may think you’re strange this week, Gemini, when you demonstrate you’re one step ahead and serious about your work.

In a nutshell, Gemini, this is the week to set your sights high. So don’t be scared to reposition your own goal posts. You’re capable of a lot more than you think. As you do so, establish the rules.



Reclaim your enthusiasm.

Plug the hole in your energy supply.

Get out of that rut and start radiating again!

This week, Cancer, break free from any dead routines or ruts you may have fallen into. This involves both you and your boo! It’s all too easy to let routine suffocate romance and our shine, particularly when we’re on lockdown. This week is all about regaining that. Also, fantasies about the future, such as where you want to go or what you want to do.

On the 8th, Venus in your 9th house opposes Vesta in your 3rd house, suggesting that you resolve any stumbling blocks. This week’s objective for you is freedom, which we seldom get until we make some adjustments. Especially if things are going in a direction we didn’t expect. Alternatively, we may feel constrained by our circumstances.

Get rid of the Mehs for good.

This week, Cancer, tap into your own knowledge to break away from dullness or passionless repartition. On the 11th (Sun/Neptune conjunct), you have the tools and talents, as well as the chutzpah (Ceres/Chiron conjunct in your 10th) and the inspiration (Venus/Neptune conjunct).

On some level, the fact that Mercury leaves its role reversal retroshadow on the day of the new Moon in your 9th indicates a fresh new cycle of growth. And one that is only constrained by your own perceptions of what is possible. So, dream large and trust your gut instincts to lead you. It’s time to go out into the unknown.

In a nutshell, Cancer, you know you deserve some sizzle. So why should you settle for lukewarm or even tepid water? This week, fantastic freedom-making planets and a new Moon in your 9th sign provide answers and liberation from the Mehs.



Get a fresh perspective on what you’re worth.

Taking risks pays rewards

Consider love in a new light.

So, Leo, what’s that move you’ve been thinking about but haven’t got the guts to attempt yet? Nothing risked, nothing gained, says this week. Because of the conjunction between Ceres and Chiron in your ninth, you get the courage and empowerment to attempt an unconventional method if required.

Mercury leaves its drab retrocycle attire elsewhere in the sky in your Now Age 7th, bringing love and relationship issues a green light. You won’t be able to resist that new approach if you combine this with the fact that every planet is now direct.

Put forth the effort to prove your worth.

Especially when it comes to money or anything else that affects your sense of self-worth. March ushers in the winds of change in this region of your horoscope, Leo. Venus rules your money zone, although she is now in your ‘other’ money house, the eighth. The Sun, of course, is your ruler, as is the new Moon on the 13th, and Neptune. Because it is so near to the stellium currently in here, this new Moon is very powerful when it comes to your income, salary, loans, mortgages, assets, and shared financial issues.

It’s critical now, Leo, to get a handle on any anxieties or emotions of not being in charge of your financial future. Especially if someone else has been making the decisions or believes that the one who earns the most has the most influence. Yes, it seems tedious to suggest that you should look at your budget, where your money goes, and what you spend it on, as well as conduct a life audit. However, in terms of the resources at your disposal, this week represents a fresh beginning for you.

Your beginning point is to feel in command of the situation. If required, seek expert assistance. That unconventional method may be the one you can rely on, as long as it is based on truth. Make the most of what you’ve got this week.

In a nutshell, Leo, use those creative related techniques to express your affection for your money this week. When it comes to shared assets, this is especially true. This week, the cosmos is in a generous mood. Please spread the love.



The rule of the group is to stick together.

Prepare for a magical duo act.

Harmony and self-determination? Double-threat warning!

Virgo, as ruler Mercury clears retroshadow, it’s time to crank it up and go ahead with your plans. Especially now that every planet in the sky is in direct motion. These times come along just once in a while, so be ready to jump in and make the most of them.

However, relationships must be the primary emphasis this week. Every type of double act or dynamic duo combination you can conceive of has a history, a present, and a future. The new Moon in this sector on the 13th promises fresh beginnings. It is extremely near to the large group of planets in this house, which includes Neptune and Venus, which governs this house.

As a result, one specific person – or a developing connection, whether it is a friendship, a professional one, or a romantic one – will be ‘front and center.’ However, it is more likely to include someone with whom you have a close relationship.

You’re also thinking about balance and equality in your unions this week. In your first house, Venus opposes Vesta. If you come to the decision that things need to change, don’t be scared to alter the dynamic here. It’s time to question the status quo if it’s causing an imbalance. Harmony, equality, and empowerment are the goals of this new beginning.

The Ceres/Chiron conjunction, which also happens on the same day in your home of change and shared resources, indicates that the age of unilateralism, or one person controlling all the decisions, is gone. Don’t be scared to assert your own expectations. Oh, and Virgo, empowerment is seductive!

In a nutshell, there are three types of love: new love, current love, and even love revivals. The unique line-up in your relationship zone this week invites you to embark on a new cycle of togetherness. Virgo, who is your opposite number?



Restore your mental health. Both the body and the spirit

Make room for fresh and improved love.

Enhance your everyday routines

This week, Libra, there is a lot of deep healing going on. In your mind, body, and soul’s home. You’re losing your old skin in order to enter the future feeling new, slimline, and free. Especially when it comes to all types of relationships.

On the 8th, when ruler Venus in your 6th opposes Vesta in your 12th, you will have a clear sense of what or who benefits you, and vice versa. Patterns from the past will be exposed, as well as harmful interactions. They must now rise to the surface so that you may shed and reject them. With Ceres and Chiron meeting in your seventh, you’ll see how important this is.

It’s time to take it to a new level.

The Sun (11th) and then Venus (14th) both collide with Neptune in this area, speeding up the process. In the midst of it all, we have a new Moon that passes near to all of the planets. This is Mercury’s governing house as well. Mercury’s retroshadow is cleared on the new Moon’s day, but in your Now Age 5th. Performing a metaphorical act, if you will, of your process and letting go of what no longer serves you or is detrimental to your general well-being. All of the planets in the sky are now in direct motion. This is a very uncommon occurrence.

This new Moon encourages you to develop better daily habits, eliminate energy drains such as routines, individuals, or even circumstances, and prioritize your health. Your day work, whether paid or unpaid, your education, and your pets are all ruled by this home. So now is an excellent time to look for a new career, start a side business or take a class, or acquire a pet. Just keep in mind that a pet is for life, not just during confinement. But, Libra, you’re likely to stick to anything you start this week, even that diet or workout routine.

In a nutshell, Libra, take some time for profound, soul mending. And then you’ll be restored. A new routine, improved habits, and letting go of what no longer serves you will set you up for rebirth and regeneration in all aspects of your life.



What exactly do you want to make?

You can attract anything you think.

Love is supreme!

This week, Scorpio, romance reigns supreme. Love is unquestionably your drug of choice, and this encompasses everything you like creating, immersing yourself in, and doing. So, hobbies, artistic endeavors, and what makes you unique, in other words!

Venus is conjunct Uranus. Neptune is one of the most adored transits that we may have. And you get to enjoy it in your romantic, indulgent, pleasurable, and child-filled home. All of this includes your inner kid as well!

Belief in the Impossible!

On the 13th, we have a new Moon of conception in here, and it falls near to the stellium of planets only two days after the Sun and Neptune met. Another love-in-transit situation. This week will be especially good for imagination, inspiration, and channeling work with tremendous resonance and depth if you work in the creative field.

For singles, such fresh starts might involve the appearance of their ideal partner. But before you give up your heart, make sure you understand what the inner person is all about. Remember that your 5th house is about love affairs, not marriage or long-term relationships. That’s the seventh time you’ve done it. This all suggests that you shouldn’t take anything too seriously until you know who the individual is. And that when it comes to how you are viewed and treated in the relationship, their values are the same as yours.

They may appear since this is your family’s home. As might that individual who has the ability to transform you into a parent, step-parent, or other family member. But don’t get carried away if that isn’t your goal right now. Take additional precautions to avoid this from happening. Mercury also lifts the retroshadow curtains from the 13th, allowing light to shine on your house, property, living arrangements, and security. Every planet in the sky is now in direct motion. Scorpio, that’s an uncommon occurrence. So, this week, come up with something fresh.

In a nutshell: It doesn’t matter whether it’s love at first sight or love at second opportunity. However, fresh beginnings emerge today in the areas of romance, children, and creativity. Scorpio, fall in love with love.



Make your own decisions.

Create a design that reflects your soul.

Claim it, Sag! Walk it, werk it, and own it!

This week, Sag, you’ll be focusing on owning your path, creating a new one for yourself, your house, lifestyle, and those dream foundations. With the main line up in Pisces and the North Node in your 7th, we’re still in huge changeable weather.

This week, Venus in your fourth house opposes Vesta in your tenth. This may make you aware of problems such as gender prejudice, patriarchy, or inequality. Especially if you’ve been made to feel helpless when it comes to forging your own path or even having a voice in decisions that affect your living situation, position, earning potential, or simply the role you’re supposed to play.

Here’s where you can get your Mid-Year Preview!

The good news is that if any of this applies to you, this week marks a significant change that will serve as a foreshadowing of the May-July period, when ruler Jupiter pays this house an Airbnb-style visit. The 13th new Moon is in its governing house and is in close proximity to the other planets in this area. One of the most spectacular conjunctions we may see this week is between Venus and Neptune. This is about your life’s spiritual quality. The one that enables you to express yourself in a way that is so near to your heart. And the opportunity to do exactly that.

Now may be the time for changes or perhaps a take-charge moment. On the 13th, Mercury’s retroshadow cloak falls in its governing 3rd house. All of the planets in the sky are now in direct motion. As Ceres and Chiron meet in your fifth house, you’ll be unafraid to take a risk and do whatever it takes to claim either that lifestyle that gives you the freedom you need or to go in quest of it. Others may find that chutzpah is the key to getting what they desire. You’ve got nothing to lose except that oh-so-restrictive status quo, Sag, so go for it.

In a nutshell: Do you have a big plan for living a spiritually liberated and soul-resonant life? I’m referring to a way of life that turns everyday existence into an adventure. The elements for this week say, “Welcome home, Sag.”



Say it in any way you want, as long as it’s done with love.

The source of inspiration is the source of the source of the source of the source of the source

Are you all set to go?

Let’s speak about love at the greatest level imaginable, Capricorn. And thoughts born of compassion, empathy, truth, beauty, inspiration, and profound spiritual development. Everything you say, transmit, write, or produce today may be seen as a magic spell. All due to your third’s muse-like lineup.

As this house is also your home of research and learning, many of you may want to go further into topics such as psychic growth, the Tarot, astrology, or mediumship. Mercury rules your 3rd house, and on the 13th, it shifts from shadow to quicksilver as it clears its retroshadow dull. From this location, all planets in the sky are direct. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue our goals.

But what this means is that this is the week to say, send, apply for, launch, create, share, and pitch whatever it is you want to say, send, or apply for. Especially on the 13th, when the new Moon occurs. Business, commerce, that side hustle, your website, or your social media feed may all play a part in this. The gadgets you use, as well as how you move about, may be a factor.

Loving Messages

Saying “I love you” or having it repeated back to you, yes responses, or just speaking words that heal you and others are all important parts of this magical deed. On a Venus/Neptune conjunction, such as the one we have on the 14th, it may be a communication from the cosmos or spirit.

Those thoughts may be inspirational or seem to have come from a higher source. Use them not only for your own advantage, but also to increase the vibration of others. The Ceres/Chiron conjunction encourages you to take a risk on something that has the potential to pay off in the long run. It’s a wonderful place to start by sharing your emotions and ideas with love.

In a nutshell, Capricorn, you’re the sign that’s set to take off this week. Ideas, writing, the internet, and learning are all available options. What you say and how you say it may both be problematic. Make your message about love right now.



Yes, you are deserving!

Just ask

Be a route to what you desire, but make sure you know what that is.

Take it for granted, Aquarius, because everything is possible this week. Of course, this assumes that you know what you want in the first place.

On the 13th, Mercury drops the retroshadow drab in your 1st. At that moment, we begin a once-in-a-lifetime cycle in which every planet in the sky is direct. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we know it’s time to stop talking, fantasizing, delaying, or making excuses and just do it, as the tagline states.

On the 8th, when Venus in its governing 2nd confronts Vesta in your ‘other’ money house, you should be able to see what or who is standing in your way. Examine any emotions of not being “worthy.” Or, for that matter, anybody who sends you that message.

You should know what you desire.

This week, the Sun and Venus will collide with Neptune in your 2nd house. And, given the new Moon on the 13th, this may be a period of fresh beginnings in terms of money, wealth, belongings, or even self-esteem. To obtain what you want, you must first know what you want.

Another element is the courage to ask for it. Because he or she who does not only generally gets it, but if they don’t, they view it as an opportunity to get out of something that was never going to pay off in the first place. As a result, they are free to travel in quest of the yes. So, on the 13th, when Ceres and Chiron meet in your third house, dare to ask for anything you want, whether it’s personal or professional. The solution works in your favor, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Stop making excuses and get started this week. When it comes to your objectives, work with spiritual confidence. To obtain what you desire, you must first understand what it is. That way, Capricorn, you don’t have to settle.



Open the bottle of magic.

Greetings, future me!

Love propels you forward.

Magic in a Bottle is the name of this week’s new Moon in your sign, Pisces. Venus in the 1st isn’t always a component of your birthday cycle. Alternatively, observe it not just near the new Moon but also near your ruler Neptune.

In fact, the day following the new Moon, on the 13th, Venus will collide with Neptune. On the 11th, the Sun will collide with Neptune. This is all part of the magic elixir that is setting you on the path to a personal dream or a fresh start right now. This may even be mirrored in your outside image, look, or appearance, as you take additional precautions to ensure that the outer you is radiating the same enchantment.

Bid farewell to the past

When key elements in our first house align – and it doesn’t get much better than a Venus/Neptune alignment – it amps up our attraction factor. Like a Jackie Wilson song, love is pushing you higher. Just be aware of how that dream seems in reality. It’s not necessary to fall in love with every Prince or Princess Charming that comes your way. Just make sure they are precisely that, and that they live up to your vision, and you’ll have the perfect one.

As Ceres and Chiron meet in your second house, unexpected financial upturns, new transactions, and agreements may sweeten the pot. Is this you, Pisces, figuring out precisely what you want and daring to ask for it?

On the day of the new Moon, Mercury’s retrograde shadow ends in your 12th house. Every planet in the sky is now in direct motion. This is an uncommon event, and when it occurs, it serves as a reminder to pursue our goals. This is a hint for you to put the past behind you completely. This may be particularly true if it calls again. More of the same should not be part of that ideal. Pisces, true magic is always something better.

In a word, this week is all about fresh starts. So, Pisces, don’t dwell on the past. This week’s events are like magic in a bottle. It’s ready to explode, just like a champagne cork!



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