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Mars Transiting Libra 2021 | LUA ASTROLOGY

The transiting Mars in the zodiacal sign of Libra will be at its closest point to Earth on November 9th, 2021. This transit will be especially interesting for people born with their Sun or Moon in this sign.

Mars will transiting through the sign of Libra in 2021. It will be moving retrograde and stationary for a short time before it moves forward again.

On September 15, 2021, at 01:13, Mars enters Libra. Libra opposes Aries, the sign that Mars governs, thus Mars is said to be ‘in detriment’ in this sign. The term disadvantage may evoke certain connotations, such as the notion that anything Mars does here will be harmful, although this is not the case. There are always good and beneficial ways to utilize the energy, just as there are with any location, but it does mean Mars needs to work a bit harder.

Because I have a lot of Aries in my horoscope, I was thinking that a nice human illustration of this transit would be being asked to collaborate on a project with a coworker. If you’re like me and like to work alone, this sort of scenario may be difficult, particularly if it’s someone with whom you sometimes butt heads or who has a habit of saying things that irritate you! But all of that must be set aside since you must now find a method to collaborate in order to complete the job. This process of learning to give and take, as well as allowing the other person take the lead at times, pushes us to learn vital things. It’s the same with Mars in Libra.

Mars represents our willpower, energy, motivation, and passion. This transit may definitely invigorate partnerships in Libra, which is a partnership-oriented sign. There’s plenty of spice here, but the heat may occasionally build to the point where sparks fly. This element of a healthy, happy relationship may just inspire you and your spouse to begin working on a project together – or maybe you spend more ‘quality time’ together! However, in a partnership where there has been conflict or a feeling of something developing, Mars may overstimulate the region to the point where fights erupt. It’s most likely because we need to let off steam and clear the air, but it’s also essential to remember that we may be more pointed, forceful, or furious than we meant, not least since Mercury will be retrograde in Libra throughout Mars’ transit.

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Major Aspects of Mars in Libra in 2021

Mars enters Libra on September 15th.

Mars trines the North Node on September 21st.

Mars trines Saturn on September 25th and 21st.

Mars is in opposition to Chiron on October 1st and 21st.

Mars trines Ceres on October 3rd.

08-Oct-21 Mars and the Sun are conjunct.

Mercury conjuncts Mars on October 21st.

Mars sextiles Juno on the 16th and 21st of October.

Mars trines Jupiter on the 19th and 21st of October.

Mars is in opposition to Eris on October 21st.

Mars will square Pluto on October 22nd and 21st.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 30th of October.

The mars transit in taurus 2021 is the event when Mars will be transiting through the zodiac sign of Taurus.

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