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Master Abram Review – Is Master Abram A Psychic Scam?

Does Master Abram really work or is it just another psychic scam? Is he really a psychic and gives you accurate readings? Master Abram, as you may know, is a psychic reader whose predictions are published on his blog, “MasterAbram”. As you might guess, the “MasterAbram” blog is a popular blog about astrology and other esoteric subjects. The blog is a “novela” that consists of about 10,000 words in length. The blog is published once a month on a set date. The blog is well-read and has a good number of followers.

Want to try out the latest in astrological internet sources? Master Abram is one of the many new astrology forums that have appeared over the past few years. The concept behind online astrology is that astrologists can communicate with each other via the internet and provide advice and support on various aspects of astrology, such as career, relationships, and health.

Master Abram, a new psychic, is making the rounds on the internet. I decided to look into him after seeing his name and advertisements all over the place.

Because the psychic profession is so rife with deception, I prefer to look into every new psychic I hear about. The last thing I want is for a phony psychic to con me or anybody else who wants a psychic reading.

Master Abram, I must say, does a very excellent job of attempting to pass himself off as a genuine psychic. Only after doing considerable investigation did I come to the conclusion that he is yet another psychic con artist. The purpose of this essay is to explain why I got to that opinion.

Abram’s Background Information

Master Abram claims to be a Master Clairvoyant, Sensitive Psychic, and Expert in the Arts of Divination, according to his website. According to the website, he has been assisting individuals in living their best lives for over 30 years. His childhood narrative is eerily similar to that of all the other phony psychics I’ve investigated:

He was a normal boy until around the age of 10. At that point, “something” happened that night that he can’t fully explain. He says he remembers falling into a deep sleep and then began trembling uncontrollably from head to toe. Although he was conscious, he was unable to open his eyes or wake up.

Then he started having images all of a sudden. First, there were knights on horseback fighting in a battle, then there were men and women who were hurting and turning to him for assistance. A tremendous flash of light sprang out of nowhere, filling his vision and penetrating his thoughts.

This flash altered his life forever since he started making forecasts at that moment. He is said to have traveled the globe in order to become the person he was born to be. He claims to be passionate in magic, esotericism, and astral contact.

I’m not saying this narrative isn’t realistic or believable; I’m just saying I don’t think this is his story. During my investigation, I saw far too many red flags that led me to think that his whole image and demeanor are fabrications.

The fact that the link to Abram’s “free consultation” appeared at the top of the page, before anything else, was one of the first things that struck me about his website. It was even before his life narrative and (undoubtedly phony) testimonies. He also has another tab at the bottom that promotes his “free” reading.

I’ve had a number of psychic readings over the years, and I’ve learned that genuine psychics don’t claim to provide free services. This is one of the most obvious signs that you are being conned.

Genuine psychics have a genuine skill, offer a genuine service, and are compensated in the same way that anybody else with a special ability is compensated. When a psychic has proved to be the genuine thing, word spreads quickly, and they are often in great demand.

They aren’t begging for your business, therefore they don’t have to degrade themselves or give themselves for free. Their reputation precedes them, and they have built a reputation for providing honest service at a reasonable price.

They are often in great demand and believe that this is their life’s work. They typically devote all of their time and energy to honing and developing their talents, and they, like everyone else, deserve to be compensated for them.

Master Abram says that he provides free services since he “can and must” assist others in resolving their problems. He claims he wants to utilize his exceptional abilities to make a difference in people’s lives.

He essentially acknowledges that in order to accomplish this, he has to get you in the door by offering a free reading. Despite my suspicions that he was a fraud, I decided to sign up for his free reading nonetheless.

I’m happy I did since it proved what I already suspected. His “free reading” is nothing more than an email requesting me to pay for a more thorough reading, just like other phony psychics.

In his first email to me, he predicted that I would earn a fortune in less than a month. There was not a single piece of personal or relevant information about myself or my life.

It was really an email informing me that I needed to pay up if I wanted to know about my future. The price was first set at “57,00 USD,” but was subsequently lowered to “45,00 USD” and then “24,00 USD” in subsequent emails.

I suppose I should simply be grateful that he revealed his real colors straight away. To persuade me, a lot of the phony psychics I’ve reviewed tried to make up a bunch of general facts about me. At the very least, Master Abram didn’t put much effort into it.

With his emails, he is also extremely forceful and aggressive, which I don’t enjoy. Every every day, he sends me an email telling me that I need to pay him in order to learn about my future. Is this something a real psychic would be required to do?

True psychics are too preoccupied with communicating with individuals who have sought out to THEM, not the other way around!

After doing some research, I found that his website is really managed by a marketing firm. It became immediately apparent why he had so much spare time to annoy others.

Master Abram’s assailant isn’t a human at all. Andromeda Technologies is a company based in the United Kingdom.. is the name of the business that he and the website belong to. This firm was responsible for Master Abram’s whole life.

They came up with his name, his backstory, his supposed talents, and bought a stock photo for his image. The picture of the person who is supposedly Master Abram is actually just a male model who got paid for his headshot.

Anyone who is willing to pay for it may buy the identical picture on Adobe stock! How can I believe anything this “psychic” says now that I’ve learned this?!

According to their terms of service, the marketing firm that developed and controls him is headquartered in Malta:

Andromeda Technologies Ltd

Building of the Vision Exchange

Mriehel BKR 3000, Territorial Street

Malta’s Birkirkara

I’ve discovered that any psychic services located in Malta, Hong Kong, or Gibraltar are completely untrustworthy. Psychic scammers enjoy a safe refuge in these nations.

They have no laws, regulations, or penalties in place to deal with this kind of deception. On the contrary, they PROTECT cheating companies by providing them with massive tax advantages. Scammers like conducting business in this town.

Unless they’re intending on doing dirty things, there’s no need for honest and respected psychics to operate out of these nations, in my view.1621988767_822_Master-Abram-Review-Is-Master-Abram-A-Psychic-Scam

As I already said, psychic readings are nothing new to me. I started trying various psychics once I learnt what to look for in order to avoid getting scammed.

Since then, I’ve talked with hundreds of psychics and formed strong relationships with several of them. Psychic Source, Ask Now, and Path Forward are among of my favorites, although I also use others.

To find out which ones I use and trust the most, go to my reviews page.

It didn’t take me long to understand that having a successful reading necessitates real-time communication with your psychic. Talking on the phone, speaking with them online, video messaging with them, or even texting with them are all options.

There’s no way you can receive useful information from a psychic by sending an email. Only if there is two-way contact on the spot can the procedure function. A “psychic” who promises to be able to assist you by collecting your money via an email they sent you is a major red flag.

There are a lot of little details that go into a reading. One of the most essential is the psychic’s ability to ask you questions and have you respond right away.

You also don’t want any delays in communication because this gives scammers a chance to look you up online and dig up some info on you. They can then present this information to you as if they felt or sensed it.

That is something a real psychic would never do. That’s why you should speak to them in a regular conversational tone, with no lengthy pauses between responses. If you want to be sure you’re not being duped, talk to someone on the phone or use video messaging.

The evidence presented above was sufficient to persuade me that Master Abram is a psychic con artist, but I continued my investigation. I tried giving him and his readings the benefit of the doubt in the hopes that he might surprise me, but he never did.

In fact, the exact reverse occurred. Each email he (or rather, the marketing firm) sent became more frantic. He never claimed to have anything worthwhile to say to me. His emails were so bland and useless.

They were all devoid of genuine human feeling. He continued attempting to persuade me that I wasn’t living up to my full potential and that only he could help me discover the correct way.

The emails insisted that I pay for my “Complete Study of the Fortunate Life.” I may have paid it if any of his previous “readings” had affected or persuaded me that he was genuine, but he never did.

As I mentioned earlier, the price for this life-changing study kept changing, one day it would be $57, one day $45, one day $24, etc. Each time the price was a ‘special offer’ price. The whole thing just reeks of fraud and despair. He would try to tell me that he has my whole life planned out in specific steps and that I need to pay to learn them all.1621988767_620_Master-Abram-Review-Is-Master-Abram-A-Psychic-Scam

Nobody except me has the ability to organize my life in stages. If a psychic ever attempts to persuade you that they can predict the future, run away! Genuine psychics, such as those on my favorite psychic networks, do not attempt to do so. They’re just there to assist you sort out your life with their enhanced abilities and intuition.

They ask the appropriate questions and interpret your responses in a unique manner. They also encourage you to ask the correct questions. You collaborate with the psychic and learn from each other. You don’t dial their number expecting them to tell you everything that will happen. Each of us has free choice and is responsible for our own lives.

Real psychics should only be contacted for particular difficulties or troubles that you’re having. They can’t tell you whether you’ll win the lottery, when you’ll marry, or whether or not you’ll have a kid.

What they CAN tell you is the best method to achieve your financial objectives, the kind of partner to seek for who matches your personality type, whether or not becoming a parent is appropriate for you, and so on.

Please don’t be duped by psychic con artists like as Master Abrams, Extraordinary Chris, Magellan, Celeste Angelic Medium, and others. To discover more about who to avoid, go to my Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them section.

Check out my reviews page or click the red box below for real psychics you can trust and rely on!

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