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Mercury Turns Direct: Seeking Truth

Mercury turns direct today and we are all about to begin our long awaited transition into these next few weeks. Fear not though, we have everything you need to know about this important phase of the year.

Mercury turns direct today, and it’s a prime example of how our perspectives influence our way of seeing the world. The myth that Mercury is ruled by a mind and a spirit rather than a physical planet has been around for centuries. As a direct, Mercury, the planet of communication, is the messenger. It rules the mind, its native planet, and the mind is ruled by Mercury, not the other way around.

Mercury retraces its yearly loop at the end of August this year, entering retrograde in early September.. Read more about mercury retrograde 2020 and let us know what you think.

Mercury turns direct [16 Gemini 08]

– June 22, 2021 (23:00 GMT+1)

The planet which rules communication, post, transport and trade, Mercury, turns direct later today. Thank goodness for that! It’s been quite the shady, chaotic few weeks with Mercury in retreat alongside two eclipses. Similar hidden themes – just think about the world ‘eclipse’!

Trying to make plans has been a mare, getting to the bottom of things has been tricky to say the least, finding news that isn’t one-sided is almost impossible… I’ve given up on the mainstream news as it’s hard to know which way is up if that’s your only source of information.

I’ve been hobbling my way through Mercury retrograde quite literally as I’ve had a dodgy ankle – talk about being slowed down!

Turning Points

So, here’s hoping that Mercury’s change of direction is a significant turning point. Mercury is no longer giving the illusion of moving backwards through its sign of rulership.

Gemini is linked to communication, the spoken & written word, ideas, the media, transport, trade. Gemini’s shadow side is lies, duplicity & mind games.

As Mercury turns direct close to a Full Moon on June 24th, there is a theme of clarity this week, a time to make clear and intuitive decisions. Wait and see what information comes to light once Mercury turns direct, pick up the phone and find things out, talk, debate, get the ball rolling. Sit and listen to your inner voice.

Late May, I wrote a comprehensive article on this Mercury retrograde. It might be helpful if you’re trying to reorient your way forward. Click here: Mercury in Gemini: Changing Your Mind.

The current Mercury retrograde phase lasted from May 29th to June 22nd. Mercury turned retrograde at 24 Gemini. Although, with an eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis on May 26th, it was already shady then.

You could take it back further to May 15th when Mercury was at 16 Gemini, the degree it turns direct at today. Use the dates in relation to your life to sort things out, fix what’s broken and seek the truth.

What To Do Now Mercury’s Direct

  • try again – second chances are a classic Mercury direct theme
  • sort out any misunderstandings
  • consider what Mercury retrograde taught you, i.e. where have you been wasting your time?
  • speak up
  • initiate a conversation
  • start a new project, idea, plan
  • write a list – keep it short, deal with what’s most important or urgent in your life
  • do what you say you will, recommit to a promise
  • handle any technological or transport issues
  • grab someone’s attention
  • plug back in, renew your energy & focus

What It Means For You

Here are the areas of your life under the spotlight now Mercury is beginning to move forward once again. Read both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign:

  • Gemini: image & body, reputation & appearance, personal goals
  • Cancer: retreat, solitude, quiet time, sacrifice, inner work
  • Leo: friends, groups, wider society, politics
  • Virgo: career, reputation & status, future goals
  • Libra: travel, education, philosophy & beliefs
  • Scorpio: joint finances & shared resources, all that’s hidden & taboo
  • Sagittarius: relationships, personal & professional, your 1-to-1 negotiations
  • Capricorn: work & routine, health & lifestyle, your well-being
  • Aquarius: your ‘fun’ sector: love affairs, children & pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment
  • Pisces: home & family, your past & ancestry
  • Aries: communication, local community, transport
  • Taurus: personal money sector, possessions, values

Once Mercury is direct, be a truth-seeker!

The post Mercury Turns Direct: Seeking Truth appeared first on Sally Kirkman Astrologer.The Sun, Earth, and Moon revolve around the North Star, the Earth’s axis of rotation. The Moon orbits its own axis, the Earth’s. And the Sun orbits the North Star, the Sun’s axis of rotation. All three circles are parallel to each other, meaning that from our perspective, the North Star, the Earth, and the Moon appear to be fixed in place, while the Sun appears to orbit the Earth.. Read more about mercury retrograde 2021 effects and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when Mercury turns direct?

When Mercury turns direct, it is said that the planet of communication and commerce becomes more powerful.

Why is Mercury retrograde bad?

Mercury retrograde is bad because it can cause confusion, delays, and misunderstandings.

Is Mercury retrograde scientifically proven?

No, it is not scientifically proven.

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