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July is a month of change. We have just come out of the long summer season, so let’s focus on how to be more productive in the fall months, and also how to keep our focus on the bigger picture this coming year. In my book, the most powerful tool I use for productive change is the Power of Words. Psychictxt is all about words in the context of astrology and psychology.

July is the time when we can analyze our week and make plans for our next. This month we can use the events of our past life to plan for our future. This month we can learn about the planets and see if the patterns align with our needs to make better decisions or to make changes. This month we can look at the birth chart of our partner and see what they are up to and what we should be doing. This month we can take a look at the planet influence in the current time of the year.


When asked what to do about mini-reads, I was reminded of the importance of new beginnings, planning and goal setting. Choose an image that appeals to you, then move on to the corresponding issue to discover how you can get a fresh start this summer.

  1. The first thing I look at is the need to evaluate what has worked in the past and what has not. I also get to see how to meditate and look inward, because it seems like you have a lot of answers on how to start. Meditation helps to clear out clutter and blockages so you can see things more clearly. Take your time doing it, because I see no reason to rush. Think about it and plan it carefully and you will be on your way.
  2. For you, I see the need to slow down and watch for obstacles. Talk to those who understand the subject better than you do. I see someone who is willing to help you get things done. Learning from those who have gone before us is one of the best ways to learn. He helps us avoid the pitfalls and mistakes they made to reduce the obstacles in our path. I certainly see a lot of support for what you’re trying to do.
  3. This is where I see you finding your place of power. It must be a place you visited or dreamed about in your youth. A place where you feel relaxed, calm and full of energy. Go there, even if it’s only in meditation and you can’t physically go there. Relax, let your mind wander, and the ideas will begin to flow. Then write these ideas down and start setting short, medium and long term goals. I have a feeling that your guides and ancestors are trying to help you in this matter.
  4. First of all there is the feeling of being exhausted and having little energy. Let go of the burden that is not yours and let others carry it. Also, let go of burdens you don’t need. Give yourself time to rest, come back and look at everything with fresh eyes. Make sure you understand that balance is necessary and that we don’t have to tackle everything at once. After all, every journey starts with one step, not by tackling everything at once. Make sure leisure and personal time are included in your goals.
  5. This is where I see the need for help from friends and family. There seems to be a support system if you hold out your hand and ask for it. You’re not alone and you never have been, even if you thought you were. I can see that you are exhausted from the struggle, but I also see the possibility that it will get better. The idea here is to follow that discovery and get to work. Don’t do it alone, though, because you don’t have to. You’ll have a lot of support.
  6. That’s how I see the idea here, whether it’s a hobby or a business. Looks like the idea is here or coming very soon. However, a balance will have to be struck and I see that we will have to be patient. Take time to meditate and let your intuition guide you. Too much effort only leads to difficulties and the feeling that nothing is working. However, doing nothing will lead to nothing. So while action will certainly be necessary, you need to be clear about the limits of what you can and cannot do.
  7. This shows me here that you have to be selective with who you surround yourself with and who you trust. I see that people want to help you, but I also see that at least one person is being dishonest. If they don’t have your best interests at heart, there’s no reason to keep them. When it comes to new beginnings, we need to get rid of those who are holding us back. After all, life is about growth and change, and if someone doesn’t want us to grow and change, they become a dead weight after a while. So keep those you can trust close to you, because I feel like they want to help you so much. Drop the ones that aren’t so useful.
  8. The first thing I address is the need to get out of my comfort zone. To get good results, we need to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves. It’s not exactly comfortable, but then things start to happen. If you stay in the safe zone, you won’t get anywhere for a while. It seems like it’s time to move on and evolve, because I see things coming to an end in some areas. Don’t be afraid to let go, because these things can only hold you back. Let go of the past, let go of your fears and fly.
  9. The first thing I see here is that you have to trust your intuition. It sounds like your intuition is very strong and letting you know it’s time to move on. Sometimes it’s not easy to let go and move on. In reality, however, it seems that what you are looking for is not behind you, but in front of you. When instinct and intuition call you, do not hesitate and do not be discouraged. Trust him and follow him.

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