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Monthly Astrology February 2021 For All Signs

It is as always the best time to honor and appreciate the stars and the celestial bodies. It is the time to witness the changes of the seasons and to be aware of the changes that come about in our lives.

These month by month charts are based on the current month’s transits, as well as the current transiting planets’ positions relative to the Sun and Moon. They also take into account the current celestial longitude and latitude for the Sun, Moon, and planets. The transits are used to calculate the planets’ northern and southern nodes (the points where the planet is closest to the Sun and furthest from the Earth), the planets’ angular motion (the degree of movement of each planet from 24 hours to the next), and the planets’ declination (the degree that each planet is rotated from the ecliptic plane, which is the Earth’s plane of orbit). The current longitude and latitude for all the planets are used to calculate

As you can see, there is no real theme from this month’s astrological sign. However, one thing is certain: your month will bring you many different opportunities in the areas of love and career. You should not ignore them, but take advantage of them.

February 2021 Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs

Elena, our astrologer


Check out Love for the Now Age.

Demonstrate your concern for others.

Give your objectives the attention they need.

This month, Aries, age love is at its height. We have a big stellium in here on the day the new Moon emerges in your 11th, which includes the Sun, Moon, retrograde Mercury (direct from the 21st), Jupiter, and Saturn. This is the line-up for “Love Shall Rule the Stars.” However, there are as many types of love as there are planets in the universe right now.

At the beginning of the month, Venus comes in this area. Please keep in mind that, despite the fact that February is Valentine’s Day, Venus in this house is more concerned with the affection of friends than with bringing you that one particular person. I’m not denying that love may blossom from a friendship down the road. Just keep in mind that if you’re looking for love, this isn’t the place to do it. Even if it starts off promising, it is likely to devolve into a friendship (which is OK!) or just fizzle out.

There is an exception to this rule owing to the existence of that stellium, Mercury retrograde striking Jupiter again, and Venus and the Sun meeting Jupiter. If you’re already friends and this is the next step for you both, February could be the month you realize there’s more to your relationship than friendship.

The Arrow of Fate is aimed by Cupid.

If you’re settled, the retroactive and Crazy Cupid hype around this year’s Valentine’s Day in the skies may find you both remixing the chemistry that originally drew you together. Yes, many areas of the globe are under lockdown. Single? Well, there’s Zoom, which you can use to organize virtual Galentine’s, Brolentine’s, or gender-neutral Palentine’s get-togethers with your pals. This is the month to show your pals how much you care. And no, being single or alone on February 14 is not sad.

A spiritual union of greater love potential is occurring in your 12th between asteroid Cupido (yep, he with the bow and arrow), Ceres, and the Moon, in addition to retro Mercury conjunct Jupiter for the second time on February 14. All will align with the enigmatic center of the galaxy, which is in Sagittarius and your 9th house. We still don’t know what’s at the core of this. A gigantic black hole, according to physicists.

However, we do know that the Galactic Centre plays a significant role in the larger scheme of things. Our friends, connections, and larger networks, which reach out like the arms of our galaxy, share this sentiment. So, if you don’t have a boo, reach out and express your concern. You may be surprised by what you get back.

The Magic is Created by People!

If not love, then this is the month to pour love into your objectives and relationships. There’s a lot of assistance coming your way. As Venus collides with Saturn on the 6th, set your goals for the future. Many of you may have seen chances, advantages, gifts, or solutions manifesting themselves via friends, professional connections, or people you know. Jupiter in your 11th house is all about creating three wishes rather than just one. And to anticipate at least one manifestation during its stay in this place. Typically, via your relationships.

On the 11th, let’s speak about the New Moon in your 11th house. It’s a new Moon, and it’s full of fresh ideas and inventions. To pursue your most brilliant ideas. Because, sure, it’s all about putting those long-term objectives in action. And astrologers have traditionally linked this new Moon to accomplishing just that. This is also the first new Moon of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. It’s a crucial moment for fresh beginnings once again. So, make a list of your goals. Then take action once Mercury returns to direct on the 21st.

Aspects of the ruler that are tight If money and other resources are on your objectives list, Mars in your 2nd tells you that you need to harness the power of people. The 1st – Sun square – is a date to keep an eye on. Mars squares Venus on the 19th. On the 25th, Mars forms a power move trine with Pluto in your tenth house. By all means, start a conversation or make a plan, but try to postpone serious discussions until after the 21st.

When the Sun crosses into your 12th house on the 18th, you will be helped by intuitive abilities. On the 25th, Venus will appear. On the 21st, Ceres will enter your first year. It’s a world of win-win situations and compromises. All of this has you reconsidering the ‘you and me’ element of your relationships. And the back-and-forth that occurs in each of them. This month is all about the generosity that comes from friends.

The full Moon on the 27th of this month is known as the’Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also known as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

When it comes to behaviors and wellness problems you’ve brought into 2021, the full Moon in your 6th urges you to trust your instincts. It also offers you the chance to edit and cut if required. Cancer is the sign of nurturing and the stomach is ruled by the Moon. As a result, this full Moon is an ideal time to start – and adhere to – those new dietary habits. Also, if you need assistance, buddy up. Which is the secret to achieving any objective in the Now Age.

In a word, the planets in your 11th house, Aries, bring the Now Age’s love potential to a head this month. Just keep in mind that this month, love comes in a variety of ways. But it all begins with those ties.



I like your individuality.

Make that commitment to yourself in the future.

Demonstrate your affection and you’ll be successful!

Ruler At the beginning of February, Venus enters your Now Age 10th. This month, your primary emphasis will be on your career, position, public image, and reputation. Because of the intense planetary activity in this area. The Sun, Moon, retrograde Mercury (direct from the 21st), Jupiter, and Saturn form a strong stellium on the day of the new Moon in here on the 11th.

It’s time to concentrate on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial initiatives, as well as what makes you unique in your profession. Even if you don’t already work for a living, this lineup is designed to boost your or your partner’s status or image in some manner.

As Venus collides with Saturn, Jupiter, and retroactive Mercury, rewards for adulting, and yes, your capacity to stay the course, may be on the way. You might go from behind the scenes to in front of the camera, earning awards, promotions, and recognition. Above all, don’t feel bad about wanting what you want this month. That’s one of the benefits of growing up and taking yourself seriously. Serious dedication to one’s ambitions. And knowing that you are deserving of them.

Consider yourself from the perspective of others.

Be mindful that your image and how you are regarded – particularly by people in positions of power – will play an important role this month. It’s all about your ties and the position you’ve achieved in the big scheme of things. As a result, you must be extra-careful right now. Do you have a reputation for being trustworthy and respected? This isn’t about twisting yourself into a pretzel to ‘fit in.’ It’s all about the impression you’ve made on yourself, however.

The 1st, when the Sun in your 10th squares Mars in your 1st, asks you to strive for collaboration tempered with self-assurance, is a day to observe and make a point of attempting to view yourself as others do. And on the 19th, when Venus makes the same angle to Mars as Mars, you may really exude some captivating assurance.

This is also true in terms of romance. Unlike the Aries next door, some Taurean singles may experience Valentine’s love this month. It’s possible that this will be with someone from your professional network. Your tenth governs more than simply how high you can climb or what you can accomplish. But there’s also your partner’s route to take. As a result, Venus, as ruler, may provide a love possibility who is quite the catch.

Take charge of your career right now and make sure you’re projecting the proper image. However, please refrain from confronting anybody in a position of power. On the 25th, Mars will trine Pluto, the last slow-moving planet in your 9th house. Taurus, making all the correct moves may just be the key to unlocking the door to something greater you’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve been considering a career shift but haven’t taken the initial step, the new Moon in your tenth house on the eleventh shines brightly on your ambitions, particularly those related to your job. That romantic status, too! Astrologers have traditionally linked this new Moon with future intentions based on the house in which it occurs. So, everything that is a step forward.

This is also the first new Moon of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. It’s a crucial moment for fresh beginnings once again. So, establish your plans and set your objectives. Then take action once Mercury returns to direct on the 21st. However, until mid-March, be aware of the possibility of things swinging back and forth. Adapt your tactics and keep your options open.

Is Love the Change You’ve Been Looking For?

The 14th has a vintage vibe about it. As Mercury collides with Jupiter for the second time, it rekindles huge ambitions, especially those centered on your greatest loves. In your socially varied 11th, asteroid Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon are all aligned on this day. In your eighth, all three squaring the Galactic Center. Is it necessary to make a change in order to get what you want or enjoy?

Love with a foreign flavor or from afar may entice you. If you let go and allow it, it will draw you towards new possibilities. This may also connect you to your past experiences, views, research, and the news. There are also your goals to consider, as well as your passion for what you do.

From the 18th, when the Sun enters your 11th, connections, friendships, networks, bands, groups, professional organizations, greater causes, and people you know will be in focus. The arrival of Ruler Venus on the 25th will not be far behind. It’s time to reconnect with the people you already know. Also, even if you’re currently socially isolated, seek for methods to expand your network and involvements. This cycle sets the tone for the rest of the year, both socially and professionally. Are you stagnant or growing? It’s all up to you.

Mercury returns to direct in your tenth house on the twenty-first, while Ceres arrives in your twelveth house on the twenty-first. What is the balance you need to strike today between your own goals and your desire to succeed? What must be given up or let go of? Having everything is so 20th century. That is something that no one understands. Having something better – that is the case nowadays. This is a pick-and-choose situation. This is a procedure you’ve been honing throughout the Mercury retrograde. So, Taurus, concentrate on what matters most. And it is this that now defines you.

The full Moon on the 27th of this month is known as the’Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also known as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

It will now shine on matters of love, children, and artistic self-expression. Also, think about what’s lacking in terms of objectives and pleasant experiences to share with others. Sure, it’s difficult to join in and connect right now. But consider how important this is for your health. This month, it’s an important element of your success narrative. It’s conceivable that having it all won’t be feasible. But how about achieving those goals and reaping the rewards based on who you know? Taurus, you have it all this month.

In a nutshell, Taurus, you must cherish your goals this month. You should take them seriously. You may be ready to step up your game in terms of love and work. You may not receive everything you want – only the things that are most important to you!



That Love deserves to be praised.

If you want to reach for the stars, you’ll need a solid foundation.

Retro Mercury becomes Romantic!

Yes, until the 21st, ruler Mercury will be retrograde in your 9th house. It will then be in retrospect till next month. But don’t be discouraged, Gemini. You still have a lot of important dates to keep in mind for visiting somewhere and checking off those “Must Do” items on your to-do list.

Retro-factor is turned on!

If you’ve been paying attention to your predictions recently, you’ll know that this is a retrograde unlike any other. Mercury will cross paths with Jupiter in Jupiter’s governing house twice throughout this cycle. Once this month, and then again as the month progresses. There’s also a Venus landing in this scene. So, even if Mercury is moving backwards, there will be days when the retroactive gravity surrounding you weakens or disappears entirely. Consider this your flash sale, with up to 90% off the regular Mercury mayhem!

So there are days when significant progress may be achieved or possibilities present themselves. Even if they then delay or disappear for a period of time. You may expect them to resurrect or return. This February will be a bit of a stop-and-go month, so trust your instincts about when to push ahead and when to back off.

Of course, it’s Valentine’s Day month, and for you, it’s all about huge loves. Not only for a person, but that is a possibility. But what you do, what you see, what you experience, what you learn, and what you dream about. Especially in the great wide world, regardless of how confined you feel. The entrance of Venus in your 9th house at the beginning of the month is all about these sorts of relationships. It’s the sort you fantasize about. Perhaps it’s time to consider why you want or fantasize about possessing them. There are many other options for getting there.

This is particularly true on the 1st, when the Sun in your 9th squares Mars in your 12th, coinciding with Venus’s entrance. If you’ve given up on a dream you desired, consider this a reality check and a compass reset. This is inquiring as to why, for what, or for whom. Are you afraid that if you do, you’ll upset the apple cart/status quo/someone? On the 19th, when Venus makes the same angle to Mars as Mars, you’ll be asked the same question about intimate love.

This is unlike any previous cycle of invention, experimentation, and personalization. One that energises and liberates you. While also urging you to be genuine. Of course, this may not be to everyone’s taste. On the 6th, when Venus and Saturn collide in this area, you may face opposition or difficulties. This, on the other hand, makes you more determined to stick to your guns.

You’re in it for the long haul, and you’ve set your sights high. People and who you know will play a role in what you want or where you wish to go. If you can only undertake one kind of exploration this month, do it investigating and repairing new and old relationships in whatever manner you can. The triggers for such aspirations are people.

Your Fortune Favors You!

The theme for this month is “Go Big or Go Home.” It’s possible that you’ve already arrived at your destination. However, pursuing a goal for the future is still feasible. Because there is a new Moon in your 9th house and Venus and Jupiter unite on this day, the 11th is your first dream direction date. This is about embarking on a journey that is fueled by a deep love. And with a boost, blessing, or opportunity like no other you’ve seen in a long time to kick-start it. This is also the first new Moon of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. It’s a crucial moment for fresh beginnings once again. It basically says, “Start it immediately.” This is the initial step on a bigger journey toward your long-term objective. Make it a big one, too!

Your retro ruler also encounters Venus on the 13th and then Jupiter on the 14th, which may bring you retroactive and rejuvenation advantages. It’ll be a Valentine’s Day like no other, as Jupiter may take on the role of Fat Cupid, shooting arrows in all directions for you. If you remain realistic and willing to embrace anything new, today is also a good day for long-term professional concerns. All due to a big conjunction in your 10th house between Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon, which squares the Galactic Center in your 7th. This may demonstrate what is possible for you if you are ready to let go of what others may think – and brave to pursue your dreams.

The Sun’s entrance in your tenth house from the 18th will rekindle your professional aspirations. But now is the time to return to reality and be realistic and professional in your approach. Mercury’s transition to forward motion on the 21st is more amber than green. Next month, it must clear its retroshadow. But don’t forget – this all adds up to another Jupiter encounter, bringing with it new answers and possibilities!

Ceres also makes an appearance in your 11th house on the 21st, suggesting new connections, particularly those that are powerful and feminine. When Venus meets the Sun in your tenth house on the 25th, it improves your public and professional reputation. This day also marks a significant turning point for you, with Mars in your 12th house trine Pluto in your 8th. It’s finally time to regain your mojo, confidence, and soul direction. Especially if people have been depleting you or obstructing your progress rather than supporting you. You will no longer be concerned about your worries in this area. Those objectives will be all that counts.

The full Moon on the 27th of this month is known as the’Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also known as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

This Moon is in the 4th house of your horoscope, which is its governing house. Shining on your house, lifestyle, living arrangements, family, the people you live with or share your home with – including lodgers – as well as what you need to feel that all-important feeling of emotional security and safety. This is a full Moon, therefore we should take care of ourselves. Tuning in to our intuition, being honest about our weaknesses and needs with people closest to us – and, most importantly, examining what we need to do to build a solid foundation from which to launch our future.

You’ll need a launch pad if you want to go for the stars, Gemini. Also, a place to go back to. This month, something significant will be within your grasp. Or there’s a method to make it happen. Lay the foundation for your objectives and watch them take root and develop from there.

In a nutshell, Gemini, love predicts that you’ll be going somewhere this month. Mercury retro isn’t obstructing your way this time. It’s time to go off on a new adventure. This February, seize the day — and the chance!



Change provides opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

Say it how you want.

The Now Age of Loving is here!

In your Now Age 8th, Cancer, Venus and Jupiter, as well as the Sun, a new Moon, Mercury, and Saturn, all hint to all sorts of trouble during this Valentine’s month.

Flings might be thrown now – or at the very least, flirting at a social distance takes a XXX-rated turn in this home of changes, ends, sex, rebirth, sharing, and other people’s money. You may want a stroll on the wild side, whether or not you are physically capable of doing so. As a consequence, settled Cancerians may find themselves in for a hot time. Allow your mind to open the door to that undiscovered pleasure chamber in your brain now if you’ve been searching for methods to spice things up between you and your beau.

All of this zeal must be channeled in some way. What’s been boiling within of you begs to be let out! Don’t attempt to keep your emotions under check. And remember, if someone does manage to irritate you this month, your initial response is almost likely correct. Don’t second-guess yourself, then.

Yes, this month may sizzle hotter than lava on a beach for some. There is, however, a significant difference between simmering and boiling discontent. If you don’t deal with it while you’re still calm, the latter may simply boil over. Watch for Sun-Mars squares on January 1st, Venus-Mars squares on January 19th, and Venus-Saturn conjunction on January 6th as days when the incorrect sort of heat may explode.

Prepare for times when you’ll all be together.

This is, nevertheless, a month of liberation, inspiration, and good, powerful transformation. New beginnings and rebirth are predicted. The recent heavy alignment of planets in your relationship zone should have showed you that the old patterns of partnerships, marriage, long-term love, or any double act, needed a new way of connecting.

Pluto is currently the sole planet in your 7th that moves slowly. Jupiter and Saturn have moved into your eighth house. This indicates that a new dynamic is at work. And what better month than Valentine’s Day to kick off a new type of togetherness? It’s possible that you or the person you’re with is looking for something fresh. It is self-evident that you cannot continue to follow the same old routines. They aren’t functioning properly. Keep an eye out for the 25th trine between Mars in your 11th house and Pluto on the 25th to discover what’s hot – and what isn’t – between you and someone else!

For some, February may bring in a new person. Be open to the role this person will play in your life, but remember that they are a catalyst for the wild, passionate experience you’re looking for. This is all taking place in your eighth, therefore this is your ‘other’ money home in addition to sex. So, this person might be your boss, someone influential who opens up their connections or other resources to you, or an organization such as a bank or other financial institution that provides you with more financial resources in the form of a mortgage or loan, for example. All of them are transformative.

Choices that are really minty

As Venus and the Sun transit your 8th house, you will be able to make great, life-changing decisions. Venus’s transit through this house brings solutions in the areas of relationships and money, which eventually lead to greater independence. You’ll also be in the midst of Mercury retrograde until the 21st. As doors to something cosmically altering open wide for you, you may make powerful movements and draw magnetic attention.

The 8th, when the Sun and moonwalking Mercury meet, is a good day for self-determination, activity, and empowerment. When Jupiter and Venus align on the 11th, love, money, and sharing take on new meanings. When Mercury joins Venus on the 13th, there’s a resurgence in the air surrounding a major negotiation or personal issue. Mercury and Jupiter will meet for the second time on February 14th, which may be a game changer for Valentine’s Day.

Know that whatever is intended to be or happen will now take place. When Mercury returns to direct next month, it will cross paths with Jupiter for the third and final time. So, whether anything blows hot, cools down, or stalls, embrace the power of letting go and waiting, assuming you’ve done all you can. There’s also the power of choice. You should be aware that you may create more than one right now. Your reluctance or worry may be the only thing stopping you.

At the time of the new Moon in your 8th house on the 11th, think about your financial objectives for the future. This is also the day when Mercury and Venus collide at this location. Your bank account is ruled by Venus, whereas contracts, trade, and transactions are ruled by Mercury.

However, on a soul level, this is a fantastic new Moon to recover your mojo if you feel it has been lost during the last several years. Especially because this new Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year of the Ox. It’s ideal for a rebirth from inside. Under this new Moon, you are or may be whatever you think you are.

Workouts with high intensity lead to liberation!

On the 18th, the Sun will land in your 9th house, giving you a feeling of authority and control over your fate. As powerful Ceres passes from here to your status sector on the 21st – the same day Mercury resumes forward motion – this may manifest in professional changes for some.

Themes you’ll experience once Venus enters your 9th house on the 25th include big loves, accepting new visions, and again, pursuing that urge for greater passion and a feeling of adventure and wildness. Your intuition is now directing you in the right way to discover this. Cancer, where have you gone? You should see where your imagination can take you. Simply because it’s possible that something is more real than you believe. Especially between May and July this year.

You’re the one who speaks.

Full Moons have a powerful emotional pull on you. The full Moon on the 27th of this month is known as the’Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also known as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

This full Moon waxes in the 3rd house of communication, learning, business, and ideas in your horoscope. In your horoscope, this is a Mercury-ruled sign and house. Mercury is direct again as of the 21st, but the retroshadow will last until next month. Remember what I mentioned about energy having to be released or expressed?

Something you thought was done and dusted may resurface, or you may realize that there is no avoiding what has to be spoken under the full Moon. If you’ve been putting off having that discussion, you’ll finally have it now that the Moon is full. Examine any frustrations you may have with your daily routine, tasks, or other activities. Do you feel like you’re taking on more than your fair share of responsibilities? Is there a place where the adjustments are really required? Don’t be scared to say anything.

This month, we’d want to demonstrate that you’re more competent and strong than you ever thought. It will also show that when you come from a position of honesty and don’t attempt to hide your real emotions, the only thing you get is empowerment and good transformation. Cancer, act with honesty and enthusiasm.

In a nutshell, Cancer, passion reawakens your desire to change this month. You’ll recover this, as well as everything else that’s been missing in your life recently. Is it time for the Triple X Factor? In February, you’ve got it!



In the here and now, love reigns supreme.

Don’t allow little stumbling blocks get in your way.

Success methods and solutions that are inspired emerge.

At the beginning of the month, Venus enters its governing 7th house. The Sun, Mercury retrograde, and, of course, fortunate Jupiter are all present. And, Leo, making this one of the greatest Valentine’s Day lineups you’ve ever seen. Especially because we will have a grand total of six planets in here around the time of the new Moon on the 11th. Talk about the stars being ruled by love.

On the 6th, Venus will collide with Saturn in this area. Consider real love, any sort of relationship, or a duo. Many astrologers believe that having Saturn in your seventh house attracts an older spouse. Saturn’s connection with age – or should I say wisdom? – explains this. However, Saturn in your seventh house, in my experience, may bring about a relationship in which age is a factor in some manner. Yes, having an older spouse is an option. However, a younger one is as well. It’s possible that you’re the older partner, not the other way around.

Remember, it’s just a number, and love can’t change that. If it doesn’t bother the other person, it shouldn’t bother you. Existing unions may be pushed to new levels of dedication by Settleds. But keep in mind that even Venus and Jupiter working together won’t be able to cure something that isn’t fixable. Saturn is also the god of time, which involves uttering things like “Time’s up!” And having the foresight to recognize when it is.

This February, your position and aspirations will be highlighted. Your employment position, the title on your business card, your relationship status, and your public and professional image are all factors to consider. How you want to be viewed by others or how you want to be seen by others. For any Leo, this is always a crucial area. As your aspirations rise owing to Mars in your tenth house, you will feel compelled to act and seek lasting, good changes in these areas. Of course, this goes along in hand with the ability to create them!

Success Methodologies

If your ruler, the Sun, or charming, diplomatic Venus, are involved in a square, consider it as a sign that, although you may have to push through early hurdles or make that determined effort, the result will be in your favor. On the 1st, when the Sun squares Mars, any Leo seeking employment or a new path will feel compelled to take control of their future and act. Around the 19th, Venus will square Mars for the second time. The same is true for every relationship or partnership issue you wish to address. In the name of love, act. If you’re looking for love, put yourself out there despite Mercury’s retrograde in your 7th house until the 21st.

This Mercury retrograde is unlike any other, as it opens the door to fresh beginnings. Revivals, reconnections, and returns are all examples of this. Those ‘re’ words still apply, but in this retro era, trying something new is no longer frowned upon. Yes, it may swing back and forth for a while. At least until Mercury emerges from its retrograde shadow next month. But the most essential thing to keep in mind is that you may start right now. At the absolute least, you’ll be able to see the earliest indications of what’s to come.

When your ruler meets retro Mercury on the 8th, news or development in this area may come. The 11th is brimming with possibilities. For you, the new Moon in your seventh house is usually one of the most significant of the coming year. It’s a good opportunity to think about what you want from love in the next year and establish your goals. Or, for that matter, any sort of double act. Do not reminisce about the past. Know that it will return if it still has a place in your life. However, if it did, it would have to be in a different form or a new agreement would have to be negotiated.

Make love your current age’s goal.

This new Moon also coincides with the commencement of the Chinese New Year of the Ox, giving it an important time to establish objectives. It’s also no accident that Venus and Jupiter meet here on the same day. For the next cycle, there is the promise of a huge love experience for you.

Alternatively, right now. On the 13th, Venus will meet retro Mercury in this sign, which may signal the return of a lover or something to celebrate on Valentine’s Day. The day Mercury makes its second meeting with Jupiter in here, V-Day, is brilliantly highlighted for you. When Mercury returns to direct next month, you’ll have one more to look forward to. So, something may emerge or be on the horizon, but until then, go back and forth. Understand that if love – or any chance for that matter – is intended for you, all you have to do is relax and wait.

Let’s also speak about the Galactic Center. It’s always in your fifth house, Sagittarius. Of course, this is also your home for all things Leo-related! Your whole universe revolves around you. Astrologers are starting to recognize the significance of this in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it! A supermassive black hole is at its core. The rules of time and space break down at this point. As a result, we may claim that everything we know or conceive is conceivable.

Valentine’s Day brings you a major aspect between the Galactic Center and a super-conjunction in your 8th house between Cupido (Venus’ son in legend — yes, Cupid! ), the Moon, and Ceres. Changes in relationships or money may be powerful and perhaps cosmically driven right now. Keep in mind that this may be the start of something that will climax between May and July.

Your ruler is moving from the 18th to the 8th, which represents hot love, shared possessions, and money. Don’t be shocked if someone offers you anything or provides you access to more resources right now. Particularly with relation to earnings, income, stocks, assets, and even influence. Sometimes all someone has to give is an entrée, which may be the most potent catalyst for change.

From the 21st, Mercury will be direct, allowing you to see what has been delayed or just hanging around to take on fresh life. On the 25th, Venus enters your 8th house. Expect the heat to increase if you’ve got that hottie in your sights right now. However, this, along with the Mars/Pluto trine on the same day, should give you that edgy, seductive confidence in pursuing your goals. It may be someone or something.

The full Moon on the 27th of this month is known as the’Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also known as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

The theme of this full Moon is self-worth and self-esteem. It takes you deep into topics such as what you deserve, what you attract, and even how others treat you. Don’t overlook the second lesson of this full Moon: how you value yourself, your abilities, and your abilities. With your ruler now in your eighth house, it’s all about power and how at ease you are with it. Hopefully, it reflects on your self-confidence and drive to succeed that pushes you forward into March now, Leo.

In a nutshell, Leo, love may dominate the stars during Valentine’s month. Duos and other types of double acts are expected to perform. It’s a love letter to the Here and Now, as well as the future. But it must be lived in the present moment.



Make love a habit.

Increase the heat.

Small things lead to huge possibilities for development.

The more you enjoy the little things, Virgo, the greater the rewards on a wider scale will be. Mercury, the month’s ruler, is remains retrograde in the 6th house. In addition to a plethora of additional planets in your Now Age home of everyday life. Your main emphasis should be on your health and regaining your mojo if you’ve lost it. Your daily job (paid or unpaid), study, habits, and routine should all be in order.

Now, even the tiniest changes have a huge impact. As you may be aware, this is a one-of-a-kind Mercury retro. Yes, those retroactive regulations must be remembered. This is especially true when Mercury is retrograde in one of the governing houses. Mercury will, however, collide with Jupiter for the second time this month, as you are aware. In addition, when it goes rearward, Venus and the Sun will collide with it. Mercury Retro Lite is a light version of Mercury Retro. This is the beta version, not the 2.0 version. It provides fresh beginnings weaved from the threads of the past. Gold is made from straw.

Rekindle the Magic!

You’re well-versed in the Mercury retro magic spells. They’re all made up of words that begin with the letter’re.’ Reawaken. Revise. Return. Reapply. Recommit. Review. Reconnect. Revive – particularly when it comes to problems involving the mind, body, and soul. For you, the Now Age begins with a fresh emphasis on yourself, your body, and your health. Self-care is more important than ever. Take a look at what you put into your body. What you expose it to is equally important. I’m referring to the environment, negativity, and even poisonous thoughts. It’s not all junk food! So, to get started this month, start with junk thoughts — and put yourself on a diet to get rid of them!

Pay attention to what your body is saying. What you’re doing, thinking, eating, and who you’re connecting with affects how much energy you have. What motivates you and what demotivates you? Sure, we all have boring chores to complete in order to go about our daily lives. But are there any better or more efficient methods to accomplish or arrange these? This is in your realm of superpowers, Virgo. You’ve got it!

If you’re searching for employment or want to move jobs, the retro restrictions are no longer in effect as of the first of the month. On the 1st, Venus enters your 6th house and adds a touch of glitz. It’s designed to improve any job or wellness activity. And if you’re looking for employment, a new career, or a new style of working, there’s a hint of long-term plans in the air when Venus collides with Saturn on the 6th. Running circles around the competitors or even doing the housework may be a part of it. However, this also implies that long-term efforts will be rewarded, or that something lasting will be offered.

Keep moving ahead with your job goals when doors to opportunity open up or solutions that will push you out of that rut or drudge factor emerge. When the Sun and retro Mercury collide on the 8th, news may come or you could be the one broadcasting it in the shape of that submission, application, project, or plan, or just changing up your routine.

Recapture the Magic of Love!

The 11th brings all sorts of fresh starts, due to a new Moon in your sign, which gets you thinking about how you want to work, live, and feel in the future. This new Moon is particularly forward-looking, since it coincides with the commencement of the Chinese New Year of the Ox. It just so happens to fall on the same day as Venus and Jupiter colliding. On the 13th, Venus will align with Mercury. As I previously said, the goal of this cycle is to create a life that you can fall in love with. And it’s something I’m doing every day.

On the 14th, when Mercury and Jupiter collide for the second time, love may emerge from your everyday life or actually be found all around you. For settleds, recapturing that love may be your V-Day job. Have you been devoting sufficient attention to it? Make this a top priority. Some of you may be able to sense how loved you are right now via pals. Or you really believe you’ve fallen in love with where you live and the way of life you’ve created. Co-creating with someone or individuals with whom you work and live is another option.

Because of a lovely superconjunction in the 7th between Cupido (yep, the one with the bow and arrows! ), Ceres, and a sensitive, loved-up Moon, Valentine’s surprises regarding emotional fulfillment, living circumstances, or family may be your presents. All of these things line up in your 4th house with the mystical and cosmic Galactic Center. It’s possible that something or someone you care about is here to stay.

From the 18th, the Sun enters your 7th house, placing even greater emphasis on partnerships, double acts, and duos of all kinds. Of course, Venus governs this house, and it also arrives on the 25th. Virgo, you’ve been surrounded by a lot of passion, fire, and heat this month. It would have compelled you to make those regular adjustments. But it’s also igniting a need inside you for something larger, more liberated, and, yes, more thrilling. Don’t forget that this includes job and professional considerations as well.

Remember how I mentioned this was a unique Mercury retrograde? The 1st, when the Sun in your 6th intersects Mars in your 9th, and the 19th, when Venus in your 6th intersects Mars, are good days to push through barriers or pivot in your career. You don’t have to wait till Mercury returns to direct on the 21st to get started. Doing what you like is an important part of feeling good about your life on a daily basis.

Ceres’ entrance in your eighth house may force you to renegotiate a major deal, such as a new job offer, a raise in salary, or even your living circumstances. Perhaps this will allow you to focus on what you truly want to accomplish rather than what you have to do. Mars in your 9th trines Pluto, the last slow-moving planet remaining in your 5th, on the 25th, which may make the 25th hotter than Valentine’s Day for you. If you’re looking for love, today is an excellent day to double down on your attempts. You’re glistening with the power of attraction right now.

To sum it up,

The full Moon in your sign on the 27th is, of course, the perfect time to bring whatever you’ve started this month to a spectacular finish. The full Moon on the 27th is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also known as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

This is the point at which one cycle ends and the next begins. Especially when it comes to love, partnerships, and other types of relationships. It necessitates the participation in two linked activities. It’s possible that this Moon is reflecting on a certain individual. Or a void in your life that has to be filled. But, in some way, shape, or form, it will light on love. Someone’s love. A safe haven for love to enter. Or just a passion for what you do. This month’s overarching theme is to take care of the little things in order to create room for the big stuff. Love, in all of its forms, is really the greatest medication when it comes to daily well-being!

In a nutshell, you’re happy. Virgo, Now Age wishes you a daily dose of everyday love. However, the Sun’s entrance in your 7th house from the 18th may offer you something more intimate.



Concentrate on your goals.

It’s time to fall in love with life once again.

Accept the principle of joy!

If there was ever a month overflowing with love and creative promise from beginning to end, Libra, this is it. You are surrounded by new beginnings, concepts, creativity, romance, and possibilities. Yes, Mercury will continue to retrograde until the 21st. However, this Mercury retrograde is unlike any other. People and chances may reappear in unexpected places. There are many opportunities for second chances. Alternatively, alternatives to what you thought you desired may out to be much superior!

The stars will be ruled by love.

Libra, you are the sign where love reigns supreme during Valentine’s month, with Leo. What method will you use to communicate this? At the beginning of the month, Venus enters your enthralling 5th house. Consider the opposites of Covid-related restrictions: passion, love, creativity, freedom, music, art, romance, sensuality, enjoyment, fun, and perhaps anything else you can think of. This isn’t to say that you should disregard any regulations that keep you and others safe. Love entails not just looking for yourself, but also others.

This month, anything you’ve envisioned, thought about, or even dreaded may manifest to demonstrate the power of intention. We attract what we concentrate on. When you realize this is a force similar to gravity, you’ll realize not only how strong you are, but also how simple it is to react to like. So hone those ideas while also remembering that anything you attract won’t be anything (or anybody!) you can’t manage.

The intellect and the heart must be in sync.

This may not be a bad thing. However, it is possible that it may change, which will provide you with a problem at first. Especially if obtaining it means leaving your comfort zone! It will, however, require you to strike a balance between your emotions and your intellect. Examine the situation from all sides. The 1st, when the Sun in your 5th squares Mars in your 8th, is the best time to focus on this depending on what emerges. The 19th, when Venus, the ruler, performs the same.

However, try to postpone making a final choice until after the 21st. Yes, today marks Mercury’s return to direct motion. It’s also the day Ceres, the planet of fresh beginnings and compromises, enters your 7th house. You may be amazed at how quickly you can turn things around to your advantage (or mutual advantage!). On the 25th, Mars will trine Pluto, the last slow moving planet remaining in your 4th of home, family, living circumstances, and security, putting you in full power potential mode. Concentrate on the things that are most important to you. Remember, you may attract it, but you have the ultimate decision on whether to say yes or no.

Love is in the air, and the stars are shining brightly.

Do you have a fortunate feeling? This month, you should be in the mood to take a risk. Jupiter, the god of luck, is urging you to take a risk. Maybe it’s letting someone know you like them, whether on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Taking a risk may be related to your creative abilities, hobbies, or applying for that dream job. It’s possible to become lucky. Getting your name out there is also important. Concentrate on what makes you sparkle and shine. Now is the time to display this. This is the force of attraction at work once again.

This month, fate and time both play a part. On the 6th, Venus will collide with Saturn. Saturn is the god of destiny, time, karma, and all sorts of obligations. This means that now is the time for love, pleasure, or perhaps achievement.

Children, lovers, and romance are all ruled by your fifth house. Aquarius is the zodiac sign that governs the future. If you feel that children, whether your own or someone else’s, are an important part of your future, you may notice that young people, infants, millennials, or connections that may bring them into your life appear more often this month than normal. Particularly on the 8th, when the Sun and retrograde Mercury collide.

This is also an excellent day for resuming or restarting a creative endeavor. Perhaps it needs to be updated. Ideas are full of promise if you can fall in love with them, share them with others, and have others embrace them as well. Is there anything stuck in your mind that needs to be let out? For example, that website, blog, company, design, art, photography, or stand-up routine. If you can make anything, share it.

One word of caution, since Cupid is about to go insane, shooting arrows in all directions: if you do not want to become a parent right now, please take additional measures to avoid it. Jupiter enjoys expanding. In every manner. So, one way this may happen is via family growth. That’s great if you want it now, particularly because ruling Venus and Jupiter will unite on the 11th, the same day the new Moon will emerge in here.

This is a new Moon that heralds fresh beginnings in the future. It falls on the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Ox. This is also the day when the planetary activity peaks, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all present. It’s conceivable for big new beginnings to happen. Concentrate on the benefits that loving or doing what you love will bring you in the future. Above all, you now know what to do — it all comes down to your purpose.

Cupid has a habit of ringing twice!

On the 14th, when retrograde Mercury joins Jupiter for the second time, missed chances or a former love may resurface. Remember, Mercury will cross paths with Jupiter once again next month when it is straight. So, if anything emerges but then disappears, don’t be alarmed. It’s not over until March, when the Fat Planet sings!

This may be a day when you and your big love get to rejoice in some manner for many Librans. Alternatively, you may get news or a breakthrough about something you’ve been striving for, working towards, or desiring for a long time. In your 6th house, Valentine’s Day gives you a mega-love between Cupido, Ceres, and the Moon. In your third of news, trade, and communication, they align to the Galactic Centre. It’s possible that you’ll get something unexpected as a result of this. But in a positive manner. Plus, there are long-term advantages.

It’s possible that striking a new agreement or bargain will be a part of this. Especially if it has to do with your job, education, or overall well-being. Changes in the cosmos may make you feel the love on a daily basis. Astrologers are now recognizing the significance of the Galactic Center in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it! A supermassive black hole is at its core. The rules of time and space break down at this point. As a result, we may claim that everything we know or conceive is conceivable. See how this relates to the path your thoughts have traveled and what you’ve been focusing on? Concentrate on the possibility for amazement.

The Sun enters your 6th house on the 18th, bringing practical concerns to the fore. Once Venus comes on the 25th, infusing your daily routine, including self-care, with love and creativity will be your first focus. It’s not only about experiencing love once a year. But on each and every one of them. On the 27th, when the full Moon comes in your 12th, you have inspiration to draw on that pushes the limits of your creativity.

This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also named as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away. It’s that time of year when love blossoms in full force for you.

The power of your intuition and understanding will be amplified. Pay attention to it. Use it to build anything your imagination tells you to. Act if it provides you with knowledge about a person or circumstance. Something may start right now or be put in action between May and July. February makes you fall in love with something or someone. Libra, there will be more to come.

Fun, pleasure, creativity, and romance, in a nutshell. It’s time to reintroduce love and fun into our lives. This month, treat them as spiritual pursuits. Libra, you have my permission to spoil yourself and people you care about.



When you show love, it comes back to you multiplied.

Re-define what it means to live for you.

Where the heart is – or moves into – is home.

This month, Scorpio, give the spotlight to someone else. Alternatively, express your gratitude for them or what they do. Let me tell you, a little recognition or gratitude goes a long way these days. So, if you want to feel appreciated, make it a “we” month rather than a “me” month.

If you don’t have a “we” in your life right now, concentrate on job or friendships where you can help someone by showing them how important they are. While this is a month to show people how much they mean, you must also consider your own needs. There’s nothing egotistical about it. Especially when it comes to taking the measures necessary to take care of yourself.

Love is all around you this month, whether it’s Palentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, and this month wants you to concentrate on the love you already have rather than the type you may be lacking. As the month continues, keep this in mind. It’s a great time to think about home issues, family affection, people you live with, emotional stability, property, and what you and others you care about need for the future.

Mercury retrograde in your fourth house usually signals a halt to any real estate transactions, relocations, or even job decisions. This Mercury retro, though, is a little different from the others. I’m not claiming that the retro rules have been completely suspended. They must still be remembered. Returning opportunities, renovations, re-financing, or the one that got away may all lead to a fresh start and upward mobility.

Remember that your 4th home is about more than simply your lifestyle, family, and where and how you live. This home has a hidden chamber that only a few people are aware of! This is where you take control of your own destiny. Not your forefathers. Certainly not your parents. Your ancestors’ ancestors’ ancestors’ ancestors’ ance Yours. Now it’s possible that yours will be the same as theirs. When it occurs, it’s always great. If it isn’t, the Now Age of Aquarius, and February in particular, provide you the opportunity to claim it and make it yours for good.

The Return of Love

On the 1st, Venus will come, and on the 6th, Saturn will arrive. So, consider a commitment to a location, a lifestyle, or, yes, a route. But, since the Sun in here sears old ruler Mars in your 7th, the 1st is also a day when expressing your gratitude to someone is important. Don’t make anybody feel as though they’re being taken for granted right now. If disputes develop, it’s possible that they’ll be the result of someone feeling this way. As a result, your greatest strategy is to tell them how much or why they matter.

Later in the month, Venus will once again square Mars. This should make it simple for you to do this task. And on the 25th, the fantastic trine between Mars and modern-day ruler Pluto – the sole slow-moving planet remaining in your 3rd – is ideal for expressing how much you care. This involves telling that current or prospective customer or employer how much you want to be a part of their company. Sincere gratitude makes the world – or your company – go round.

This month, quality of life takes precedence above everything else. Not just today, but also in the future. Of course, our job and money are intertwined with this. Most likely, you’ve spent the last several years considering what needs to be done or let go of in order to attain a better work/life balance. On the 8th (Sun conjunct Mercury), and particularly around the time of the new Moon on the 11th, individuals searching for or seeking a job may go ahead with optimism and confidence, despite Mercury’s retrograde.

This new Moon falls on the same day as two significant occurrences. The Chinese New Year — the Year of the Ox – begins on this day. It’s a new year, which means it’s time to establish new objectives and make strong new starts. Second, it is on this day that Venus and Jupiter will collide. Both are interested in bringing you home-centered growth, solutions, and advantages.

On the 13th, Mercury will collide with Venus, and on the 14th, it will collide with Jupiter for the second time. So it’s not only about finding someone to love, but also about finding a place to love! If you’re established, you’ll want to celebrate privately and at home, even if you don’t have any limitations. If you don’t have someone particular in mind for your Zoom V-date, consider who among your friends would enjoy an invitation or just hearing from you that you are thinking of them.

Your connection with your money, as well as other relationships that you value — not just romantic ones – may be included on your V-Day gratitude list. In your second house, a superconjunction between Cupido—yes, the guy with the bow and arrows—Ceres, and the Moon aligns to the Galactic Center.

Astrologers are now recognizing the significance of the Galactic Center in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it! A supermassive black hole is at its core. The rules of time and space break down at this point. As a result, just appreciating what you have may be enough to put these forces in action. Especially when it comes to getting more people to admire what you’re doing. As a result, cherish your relationships. Also, inform them. Be thankful for all you have. What better method to get more people to fall in love?

This really prepares you for the arrival of the Sun and Venus in your 5th house of attraction and romance in the area of your day work, health, or routine. With Mercury being free of retroactive active shadows, which began on the 21st, promises and plans related to home and life should be realized or pushed ahead.

With the Sun and Venus in your fifth house, it’s time to rediscover romance, pleasure, fun, self-expression, and, yes, a little glitz and glitter. If you have children, they may appear, and if you are a parent who must home-school, search for methods to make it fun for both of you. Immerse yourself in your favorite hobbies and activities. If you have children, show them what you used to do to pass the time before the Xbox was created!

This, coupled with your 11th, is a magnet home. So, in whatever manner you can, increase your vibration right now. If you desire a relationship but don’t have one, do all you can to feel loved right now. Alternatively, you may believe you have what you’re looking for in some manner, shape, or form. Maybe getting dressed up to stay in entails putting your glam on? Do you want to treat yourself to a unique self-pamper? Showing off your newest artistic endeavor or something you’re doing with your kids?

Work on improving this, as well as those hobbies in which you get so absorbed that time seems to stand still. All the way up to the full Moon on the 27th. Consider this to be your ‘opening night,’ and prepare to go to the ‘stage’ and launch yourself.

Remember how I said that your 5th and 11th houses are associated with attraction? This axis in your chart is activated by the full Moon. It’s the eleventh, and it’s all about ambitions and the future. In other words, what you want to attract.

This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also named as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

So, as February draws to a close, consider what you’re ‘hungry’ for. What do you need for your future? This full Moon favors creative visualization, goal alignment with your energy, and digging deep into any obstacles that are standing in the way of achieving your goals. Read all you can about entrepreneurship, success mindsets, and the practical actions you’ll need to take to achieve your goals. This full Moon encourages you to combine emotional desire with a practical strategy. If you do, you’ll leap frog across blocks and into March. Scorpio, take control of your destiny!

In a nutshell: Are you looking for love or want to spend more time with the people you care about? Tell them how much they mean to you, no matter who they are. This Valentine’s month, the more you give, the more you get.



You can go anywhere with your ideas.

Say it with affection.

That dream should be given a cosmic order!

Mercury is retrograde in its governing 3rd house at the start of the month. But, as you are aware, this is a retrograde unlike any other, due to ruler Jupiter. There will be more on this later. This month, you must make a public statement about yourself. Because, whether you realize it or not, you have a captive audience eager to hear what you have to say.

In your Now Age home, there are a lot of planets. Venus joins the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn on the 1st, creating a total of five planets. When the new Moon comes on the 11th, the total number of stelliums will be six! Let’s speak about you and your ideas now. The conjunction of Venus and Saturn on the 6th gives structure and strength to them. Just assume that whomever you’re speaking to understands what you’re saying. Consider that interview, pitch, proposal, big discussion, or even enlisting the help of others to serve as your messengers. Because they will now support your views.

Entrepreneurship, business, commerce, and the internet are all possible topics. Find methods to promote your brand, website, social media feed, and any other professional services you may provide. This is also an excellent time to study (or apply for that course), send out that article, complete that thesis, and put together that portfolio.

Consider Expanding Your Horizons

This month, success may knock on your door, and you may get favorable responses. Your workload may also grow, which you may appreciate, but you should be aware that this may have a financial impact. Just keep in mind that some individuals may not be as pleased with how things are progressing for you as you would want or anticipate. Furthermore, some of your ideas may provide a problem to individuals who have a mindset that is trapped in the past. It’s also not worth wasting your time and energy attempting to persuade them! Instead, concentrate on all of the individuals who ARE interested in hearing what you have to say.

On the 1st, when the Sun in your 3rd squares off against a stubborn and sarcastic Mars in your 6th, be mindful of this type of resistance. On this day, avoid butting heads with employers or authority figures. If you wait until Venus makes the same angle on the 19th and re-present your argument or concept slightly differently, you may receive an altogether different result.

On the 8th, when the Sun and Mercury retrograde meet, it is also a good day for reviving, rewriting, or reapplying for anything. In addition, on the 13th, Mercury will connect with Venus. It’s possible that the news you’ve been waiting for will come.

However, the 11th is your true ‘star date’ of the month. This is a day for fresh beginnings and for launching or perhaps realizing objectives. It’s the day that Venus collides with Jupiter, as well as the commencement of the Chinese New Year of the Ox, which occurs on this day. As a result, this is a crucial moment for fresh beginnings on all levels.

Tune in and request from the cosmos a panoramic view of what your future might be right now. Explore the possibilities of your ideas and where they may lead you. But don’t abandon them! Something has to be done with them. You may tap into more creativity and direction by thinking about where they might lead you right now. Make a mental note of any individuals or organization names that come to mind, then conduct your due research and act when Mercury returns to direct on the 21st.

Order Your Love on a Cosmic Scale!

Sag, you’re in luck because this Valentine’s Day comes with a Hallmark card personalized especially for you. On this day, retroactive Mercury aligns with Jupiter, the ruler of the zodiac. Cupid may go berserk especially for you, but Valentine’s Day may be about more than cards and flowers. In your 4th house of long-term emotional pleasure, we have a super-conjunction between the Moon (which governs this house), strong Ceres, and Cupido. With his bow and arrow, the Valentine’s guy himself!

In your first, all three will square the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is no longer moving. It is the center of our galaxy. You should look at your chart to see where your Sag factors are located. Do you have anything that will keep you warm at 26 degrees, which is the current temperature? If that’s the case, this Valentine’s Day is going to be very wonderful for you. If you have any questions, one of our astrologers will gladly assist you.

Astrologers are now recognizing the significance of the Galactic Center in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it! A supermassive black hole is at its core. This is when the rules of time come into play.

and the collapse of space In reality, what seems impossible or unlikely becomes the exact opposite. Is it time, Sag, to consider what has been beyond of grasp in terms of love or perhaps success? Imagine throwing your cosmic command into the galaxy’s core, knowing that something will return back to you.

Ceres will come in your fifth house on the 21st, and you may get a fresh deal on love, children, parenting, or a skill that helps you stand out and shine. Mercury returns to direct motion on the same day. The Sun (18th) and Venus (25th) are both moving into your 4th house of home, living arrangements, family issues, and what you need to keep you going in the long run.

Property and professional issues will be in the spotlight, and you may notice favorable changes in these areas. Or even the resources available to you. Especially on the 25th, when Mars in your sixth house trines Pluto, the last slow-moving planet remaining in your money zone. This may see you actually bank the benefits of those thoughts or what you’ve been’sending out,’ Sag!

The full Moon on the 27th shines brightly from your tenth house of profession and prestige, Virgo, a fellow changeable sign. This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also named as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

So, now is the time to put such thoughts to rest. Make your pitch and, if possible, bring any professional issues to a close or to a critical point. Above all, appear professional under this full Moon and portray an air of someone who understands what they’re talking about and what they want to achieve. This month, Sag, you should see those thoughts offer you a fresh start on some level. It’s possible that spring may arrive early for you.

In a word, Jupiter, the ruler of Sag, is Fat Cupid during Valentine’s month. Opportunities come knocking. Love and other great concepts catapult you ahead into something larger and more heartfelt. Aim for the stars!



Your love superpower is gratitude.

Decide where you want to channel your enthusiasm.

It’s time to take a deep breath and appreciate what you have.

It’s time to join the realm of Now Age money, values, and that all-important self-esteem, Cappy, as Venus enters its governing 2nd from the 1st.

This month, though, you’ll get a lot more. It allows you to take a breather. Stop feeling that you’re always at the mercy of fate’s winds. Relax, look inside, and most importantly, enjoy what you have rather than going for more. Gratitude is, in fact, the secret to getting more. It just creates additional reasons to be thankful.

Allow yourself to relax and unwind.

Take a deep breath and take a minute to appreciate all you’ve done and achieved. This is particularly important around the 6th, when Venus collides with your ruler Saturn. Examine your soul from the inside out. Add up not just the tangible things, but also the personal gains you’ve achieved in the last three years. You’ve become stronger as a result of the difficulties you’ve faced. Consider all you’ve achieved, not only professionally, but also in terms of personal development. When you add it all up, you’ll experience a feeling of accomplishment that will warm you from the inside out. Doesn’t it feel good?

It’s likely that now that you’ve taken the time to accomplish this, it adds up to more than you anticipated. Especially on the 8th, when the Sun collides with retrograde Mercury. This month is all about checks and balances. Knowing someone or what is deserving of your time, affection, attention, talent, and emotional commitment. If there is a current deficit, you will handle it in some manner. The decisions you make and the requests you make are reflections of your own self-worth.

This covers your personal connections as well as the places in which you channel your enthusiasm. This month, you’ll have a couple of pivotal moments when you’ll have to make choices in these areas. The Sun is here on the 1st, and Mars is asking you where you find passion or take-out in a person, relationship, or endeavor. Your response may take a few days to emerge, or you may spend your time considering the benefits and drawbacks, as Capricorns do.

From the 19th, when Venus makes the same angle to Mars as Mars, the path ahead will be obvious. And, most likely, by the 25th, when Mars trines Pluto, your sign’s sole slow-moving planet. Also, when it comes to love and money, break through boundaries and put out that extra effort today. And don’t accept anything less than what you feel you deserve.

February offers answers, solutions, and possibilities in financial concerns, as well as a renewed appreciation for what you currently have. With Mercury retrograde in effect until the 21st, they may take some time to manifest. However, this is unlike any previous retrofactor activity. Yes, the same retro rules apply, and please remember them. But, at the same time, money-related offers and breakthroughs are all around you right now.

Because this is also your home of self-worth and is governed by Venus, it also pertains to love. Plus, because of the retrograde cycle, whatever you’ve been waiting for or missing out on may reappear. Anything from a debt, a response, or a lover! Look for signals between the 6th and the 8th, as when Venus joins your ruler on the 6th, the Sun and Mercury connect on the 8th, promising news about anything that has been stopped or postponed.

What Money Can’t Buy

The 11th – 14th are the most enjoyable days for you. New beginnings emerge or are put in motion around the middle of the month. Or something that money can’t buy but makes you feel like you’ve made it to the top! When it comes to money, resources, or self-esteem, the new Moon on the 11th provides an essential fresh start. Or, due to Venus and Jupiter colliding on the same day, a fresh beginning in love or a soul-boosting relationship. The Chinese New Year of the Ox begins with this new Moon. And it’s usually associated with making plans for the future.

In this case, turn to people who have enough in all areas. Investigate what you’ll need to achieve your goals. It’s not just about the money. It’s all about having the right connections, having the right abilities, having the right skills, and being ready to accept it. Is it worthwhile? You are, of course!

The second of three encounters between Mercury and Jupiter in here occurs on Valentine’s Day. Today, tune in to the spirit of the Tarot’s 8 of Wands card. This card is about more than just messages, updates, and activities. However, the wands also symbolize passion and love’s arrows. That is the one who shoots these? Of course, Cupid! Cupido, new morning Ceres, and the Moon all meet in your communications area today, and something finds its target.

In your enigmatic 12th of psychic powers, destiny, and the past, all three connect back to the Galactic Centre. Astrologers are now recognizing the significance of the Galactic Center in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it!

A supermassive black hole is at its core. The rules of time and space break down at this point. This may be a sign that something significant in your life is about to happen. It may also be that anything comes back with your name on it. What you don’t believe is conceivable turns out to be so.

Before you conclude that nothing is occurring, wait until the Sun (18th) and then Venus (25th) arrive in your 3rd house. Some of you, though, may not have to wait that long. Mercury stations direct on the 21st, the same day Ceres enters your 4th house. When it comes to household issues, now is the time to take the initiative. This involves examining the work-life balance as well as who is responsible for what in the household. Is it time to try a new approach, one that is based on what you now know to be fair?

At the time of the full Moon in your 9th on the 27th, you’ll be able to see a clear route to freedom, away from anything limiting that has been holding you back. This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also named as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

Correct now, your emotional compass is pointing in the right way. Examine what you’re not doing because you’re afraid under this full Moon. It’s possible that this is due to a fear of offending people. The fear of failing. Fear of success, for example. Sometimes we are just afraid of attempting since it would require us to leave what we know and are emotionally comfortable with. Humans are hard-wired to stick with what they know. Even if it no longer serves our best interests. Or, for that matter, has never been.

This month has taught you a lot about yourself and what you really deserve. By the time we get to this full Moon, Capricorn, settling for less should no longer be an option.

In a nutshell, Capricorn, this month may see you slow down, take a deep breath, and finally let go of the weight you’ve been carrying for years. Feel thanks and appreciation pour in as you lighten your burden. It’s possible that love will follow.



It’s a commitment you make to yourself that the future is more than a “someday.”

What is the name of the objective that you have set for yourself?

The Now Age isn’t going anywhere!

Aquarius, you’re on a learning curve for the Now Age. Consider it this way: The curriculum and ultimately the test are established for you by Saturn in your sign. You make a commitment to this. Then Jupiter bestows the benefits on you. If you run into any learning curves, roadblocks, or difficulties, think of them as exams to pass in order to reach where you want to go.

This is one of the most exciting times of your life, so enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t be put off by the occasional stumbling stone along your way. You won’t realize how strong, competent, and deserving you’ve grown without it!

Make a promise to yourself for the future.

Making a genuine commitment to a goal this month – one that is profoundly personal and a part of who you are – is likely to be one of them. This cycle has your name written all over it. There’s a good explanation for it. It wants you to prioritize yourself. To become the main attraction in your own show. As a result, prioritizing your goals is an essential element of your Now Age development. This month is all about fresh starts and rebirths.

It starts with Venus entering your sign at the beginning of February and ends with the new Moon on February 11th, when we will have six planets in your first house – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Now is the time for a Now Age House Party!

Get back to the essence of who you are.

The Now Age planets and Mercury retrograde in your 1st may help you reclaim lost aspects of yourself, rekindle your fiery side if it’s been muted recently, and see something essential kick-start or return for you.

It’s unlike any previous Mercury retrograde. It allows you to recreate yourself. Rebrand your appearance, image, message, and priorities. You’ll be solely focused on what matters now, and you’ll be loyal to yourself. As a consequence of all of this, you’ll be able to identify who is on your side and who isn’t.

Sure, the same vintage rules still apply. However, because this is a retro period unlike any other, new beginnings are possible. On the 8th, the Sun will collide with retrograde Mercury. This might be the moment you get the news you’ve been waiting for. It’s possible that anything was put on hold or was moving back and forth. This could be the start of your comeback or a sign that you’re on the right track.

Start now, for the Now Age.

The new Moon in your sign on the 11th will usher in exciting new paths, possibilities, and advancements. They may not completely crystallize until until the 21st, when Mercury returns to direct motion. However, you should have a good idea of what the future holds for you around this time. This new Moon has long been linked with new beginnings and establishing goals. It also marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox, which gives it further significance when it comes to starting new projects or establishing goals for the future.

It’s all about big goals and doing what you love. For you, this is one of the greatest times of the year. Venus and Jupiter in our 1st house may sometimes provide a more strong cycle of attraction than Venus and Jupiter in our 7th house when it comes to relationships and attracting love and passion! These two also meet in your sign on the day of the New Moon. Butterfly, spread your wings! Show your true colors and let your light shine. Keep in mind that we attract what we are or believe we are!

You should feel unstoppable, hopeful, and most importantly, secure in your inner and outward attractiveness, and fearless to express who you really are. The more you communicate this, the easier it will be to put this cycle in action. Keep in mind that this is intended to be a pleasant experience! The 13th sees Venus collide with the retrograde Mercury, which may deliver exactly that for some of you on Valentine’s Day.

The 14th brings you the second of three Mercury-Jupiter encounters. This may be the reintroduction of an opportunity. Alternatively, it may go to the following stage. You may decide to pursue something you’ve desired for a long time on your own. As I have said, the Mercury retrograde allows for such maneuvers. This day also helps you get back on track with your most essential objectives and ambitions. As well as the means or resources to get there.

V-Day brings a superconjunction between Cupido (the guy with the bow and arrows), Ceres, and the Moon in your home of assets and self-worth, angling to the Galactic Centre in your house of the future and friends.

Astrologers are now recognizing the significance of the Galactic Center in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it! A supermassive black hole is at its core. The rules of time and space break down at this point. Consider it as though you’re experimenting with quantum mechanics. When it comes to your future, your superpower of being able to think differently is required. You’re transforming into the person you want to be in the Now Age. Isn’t it true that your objectives are the same?

During Jupiter’s transit through your sign, people will always be your most valuable asset. As the Sun moves from your 1st to the 18th, you’ll be considering material possessions. The planet Venus, who governs this house, arrives on the 25th. Any money, business, job, or financial problems that have swung back and forth should be resolved by the 21st, when Mercury goes direct in your sign and win/win Ceres arrives in Mercury’s governing 3rd house. Expect transactions to be finalized and agreements to be made.

Any modifications to your house or living environment are also included. Property issues, or just your living space, may have been another point of contention or dispute during the month. You’re finally in a position to close or declare your own terms, thanks to the trine between Pluto in your 12th and Mars in your 4th on the 25th.

On the 27th, the strong full Moon in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th – will emerge. This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also named as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

It’s time to tap into your regenerative and reinventive abilities. To reflect on how you have overcome obstacles or just bounced back in the past. Under this full Moon, stay away from the ‘evil side.’ Don’t give in to gloomy ideas or the notion that you can’t alter things, by that I mean. You can because you can.

The second feature of this Moon is that it may connect you to deep inner reservoirs of empowerment. It may reveal that you have more options or resources available to you than you previously believed. This is true if you look deep inside yourself. Under this Moon, a more powerful version of yourself for the Now Age may emerge. This is the person you were created to be in the Now Age.

In a nutshell, Aquarius, this month urges you to make a commitment to yourself about a major aim, desire, or ambition. It’s also about valuing all you have to give in the Now Age. Be your own Valentine – after all, there isn’t anybody like you anymore, is there?



Get rid of those stale 12th house expectations.

Step into the realms of healing, dreaming, and imagining the future.

Pisces, have a wonderful birthday!

For you, the Aquarius Age is all about what lies underneath. Your history – your secret depths and aspirations – your creativity and psychic abilities Not just in this lifetime, but in others as well. This month’s theme might be secrets. Secret desires and aspirations. Maybe the things you desire but won’t acknowledge to yourself. Whether it’s to others or to yourself.

This month, working behind the scenes or on something you aren’t ready to disclose is recommended. Investigations, healing, charitable work, occult studies, and the reappearance of something or someone from your past are all possibilities. Especially if you believed this was the end of the chapter.

Wrap the past in a ribbon.

It’s also a good time to finish tasks, tie up loose ends, declutter, and think about what you want to carry into the new 12 months with you. While the past may resurface now and again, be sure that the only aspects of it you carry into the future are those that support, inspire, and elevate you.

Traditional astrologers would have you think that your Now Age 12th is a completely different location. Let go of the doom and gloom regarding self-destructive behaviors and denial. Institutions and unspoken enmities. Instead, if you utilize your intuitive abilities, you may experience profound pleasure, inner knowledge, and a touch of enchantment. You have the ability to heal right now, to reconcile your past, and to seek out not just spiritual truths, but also relationships!

Self-care, meditation, reconnecting with what really energizes you, and letting go of what doesn’t — think of it as a present to yourself to get you ready for the next cycle. Returning to flow and optimism after a period of stagnation. Allow your imagination to go wild. Allow your instincts to go wild. Allow yourself to suspend your disbelief. If you write down how you feel, you may be astonished at how accurate you are.

Above all, pay attention to how you feel and how things impact your energy on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. What motivates you and what holds you back? Who makes you happy just by chatting with them, and who drains you? Again, you may wish to scribble everything down in your notebook and search for patterns.

When Venus enters your 12th house at the beginning of the month, you’ll sense a pull of destiny, time, or karma. On the 6th, it will collide with Saturn, who controls all of these topics. Something may come full circle or return. If it’s meant to be, doors will seem to open by themselves. Alternatively, things may just fall into place without effort. Saturn, on the other hand, says: Time’s up! if it has been lived out.

Self-Tenderness is a good thing to try.

This month, take responsibility for your previous decisions as well. And please be kind to yourself if you regret them if they don’t turn out the way you planned. Your 12th house also represents self-forgiveness. At the time, you did the best you could. Now is the time to move on. Especially if you’re looking at fallout from previous acts in the 1st and 19th centuries. The Sun and Mars (1st) and Venus and Mars (2nd) make tight angles on both days (19th).

That said, old debts might be paid, good karma could catch up with you, someone from your past could appear, or something you believed was over could come back to life in a spectacular way. Mercury retrograde in this area is all about second chances. In addition, the past is being reworked such that it has new significance. Alternatively, it reappears in a new form as something better.

The 8th, when the Sun and Mercury connect, and the 11th, when the new Moon in here coincides with Venus and Jupiter meeting, are dates to watch for what is paid forward or starts again for you. Because, although Mercury will remain retrograde until the 21st, this is unlike any previous Mercury retro. When you act on intuition, instead of red or amber lights, you get green ones.

This new Moon is usually linked to significant new beginnings. To chart our path toward our objectives. It also falls on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. Another reason it’s associated with promise. As a result, make new objectives based on your innermost desires and aspirations. Begin a new creative project. Take the first step in achieving your goals.

On the 13th, Venus and Mercury will collide, and on the 14th, Mercury will collide with Jupiter for the second time in your 12th. Whether you realize it or not, you’re about to start on a trip into a new reality for yourself, one that will color the next year as well as your relationships.

Valentine’s Day may conjure up memories from the past. Or are they the ghosts of former loves, Pisces? One thing is certain this V-Day month: the period following Valentine’s Day will be the greatest for you in terms of love. In other words, starting on the 18th, the Sun will light your birthday candles, and on the 25th, Venus will arrive in your 1st house.

In addition to the Mercury/Jupiter Palentine’s Day date in your 12th, you also have an extremely intimate love-in in your 11th between Cupido (yep, the one with the arrows and the insane aim! ), Ceres and the Moon, and the Galactic Centre.

The Galactic Center is no longer moving. It is the center of our galaxy. You should look at your chart to see where your Pisces components are located. At 26 degrees, do you have anything? If that’s the case, this Valentine’s Day is going to be very wonderful for you. If you have any questions, one of our astrologers will gladly assist you.

Astrologers are now recognizing the significance of the Galactic Center in our horoscopes. Its gravity is so strong that it is known as “the marvel that keeps the stars apart.” To put it another way, our whole cosmos revolves around it! A supermassive black hole is at its core. The rules of time and space break down at this point. In reality, what seems impossible or unlikely becomes the exact opposite. It’s a question about what you believe is out of reach for you. Maybe in a previous, present, or future relationship? Because the lesson here is that your ideas are the only thing standing between you and what you desire.

Your first birthday for the Now Age is brought to you by the Sun in your sign from the 18th. Take a look at what’s come up for you in the last three weeks. Or is displaying indications of a fresh start. This is a sneak peek at what will hit you full force between May and July of this year.

If you did a brief vanishing act for the first half of the month due to your deep dive into secrets and mysteries, your birthday cycle and Venus’s arrival in your sign on the 25th will see a new you emerge. During this period, you should have gotten important knowledge about your history and previous decisions. It’s possible that new insights on past and current linkages have surfaced as well. Now, when Mercury enters direct motion on the 21st and Ceres departs your sign for the 2nd, utilize these energies to concentrate on building a new reality for yourself in terms of love and the future.

As the full Moon in your 7th emerges on the 27th, go back to those notes you’ve been keeping on the effect people, circumstances, places, and even what you think, eat, or do have had on you this week. For you, it may shine on a certain connection or person. Examine your writing to see if anything you’ve written may be related to them.

This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon,’ but the full Moon in January is also named as that. Some aboriginal tribes refer to it as the ‘Hunger Moon,’ owing to the fact that food was scarce. In Romani tradition, February is known as the “Little Black Month,” a reference to its short length as well as the depths of winter. However, keep in mind that the spring equinox is just a month away.

This full Moon reflects a bit of you in the person it lights. They may even show you what you’re becoming into. Or, should I say, are capable of. Is this someone you look up to or admire? Someone who, in your opinion, punches above their weight? Or as someone who is more brilliant, attractive, or worthy than you? If that’s the case, keep in mind that all they’re presenting you is yourself.

Or maybe this individual is demonstrating how much you are adored? If that’s the case, that’s what you’ll be doing in your new cycle. Pisces, or the potential to obtain precisely that.

In a nutshell, Pisces, weave some 12th house magic for the Now Age. You, more than any other sign, understand how much potential you have for your new cycle. You can have anything you want if you can envision it. Greetings on your special day!




Each month, you will get a horoscope based on your birthdate and time of the day, including the planetary positions and 12 zodiac signs. No matter which time zone you’re in, you are sure to find a good reading. Horoscope of the month: it will give you a general analysis of your month and will also help you know how the month will end for everyone who is born on the same day as you. Monthly astrology: astrology is a science that explains human behavior and destiny by studying the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets in the Zodiac. Nowadays, the astrology is called as astronomy, because it is not only concerned with the stars but also with the Sun and the Moon. ~~. Read more about monthly horoscope 2021 by date of birth and let us know what you think.

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What sign is February 2021?

The sign for February 2021 is the Pisces.

Which signs will be lucky in 2021?

The signs for the year 2021 are not yet known.

Which month is which zodiac signs 2021?

The zodiac signs for the month of January are Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

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