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Neptune station retrograde June 25 23 Pisces 12

Neptune retrograde occurred on June 25, 23 Pisces, 12. —- As you can see, there are a lot of issues I could go into, but that’s not the point of this. The point is that I really do want to improve my writing using these techniques. It’s not a matter of can I do it, but do I want to do it. So, I’ll give them a good shot, but I want to have a plan, that is to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What should I do to make sure I take the right approach? What I want to do is something that can be download online. That’s right, simple download a tool

The retrograde period for Neptune, June 25th to July 23rd, casts a spell on Neptune stations that are born under the sign of Pisces. Neptune is the planet of secrets, mysteries, and the subconscious mind. It is often referred to as the planet of illusion, illusionism, illusion, illusionism, and illusion. It is thought of as the planet of dreams, creativity, imagination, and expression. It is the planet of intuition, spirituality, imagination, and inspiration.

Neptune June 25 Neptune retrograde station 23 Pisces 12 December 2. Neptune in direct position 20 Pisces 24 2025 – Neptune enters Aries for six months. 2026 Entry into the sign of Aries for 15 years.   Neptune is in retrograde motion for half the year, which suits him, because even on good days things are not clear to him. Outer planets like Neptune, Uranus or Pluto in retrograde are not as problematic as inner planets like Mercury, Venus or Mars (which was part of the problem that made 2020 such a terrible year last year). Neptune is now in the last decan (10 degrees) of Pisces, so we are in the last five years of this journey that began in 2012 and will end in 2025/26. The last time he was in Pisces was between 1847 and 1862, when the American Civil War broke out. When Neptune is in Pisces, the seeds are sown. During Neptune in Pisces, young French artists gathered in art schools and salons. Friendships developed between Monet and Pissarro, Renoir and Sisley, Manet and Cézanne, and in 1864, when Neptune entered the independent sign of Aries, a new artistic movement was born – Impressionism. While Neptune is in Pisces, things seep in that we don’t necessarily understand. Under the surface things form, whether it’s a bouquet or a painting style, the seeds are planted and germinate.   We may not know exactly what’s going on, but something is happening. During Neptune retrograde, consider what is seeping into you. What compass do you use to find your way? You may not elaborate now, but don’t underestimate how Spirit (Neptune’s word) can refine the information and give you your own message. Look where you are on the 2nd. December, when Neptune goes direct. There may be hints of something important in your psyche, just where Neptune likes it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Neptune in retrograde mean for Pisces?

Neptune in retrograde means that Pisces will have a difficult time with their emotions. They may feel like they are going through a lot of changes and not know how to handle them. They may also feel like they are not in control of their life.

What does retrograde Neptune mean?

Retrograde Neptune means that the planet is moving backwards in its orbit.

What happens when Neptune is in Pisces?

Neptune is in Pisces when the person is sensitive, compassionate, and spiritual. They are often artistic and creative. They are also very intuitive and have a deep understanding of the spiritual world.

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