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New Moon follow up – Acceleration

The New Moon on the 19th of January was a Lunar Eclipse, which is a rare occurrence. This eclipse is said to have caused an acceleration of change for people with planets in Libra and Scorpio.

The inverse square law of light is the idea that the intensity of light decreases in proportion to the square of its distance from a source. This means that when you double the distance, the intensity is reduced by four times.


I wanted to follow up on my last post on the New Moon. As the warrior planet Mars aligns precisely with the Sun and Mercury in Libra, there is a lot of turbulence in the air today, and some of us will be more readily provoked. Your emotions may be agitated, aggravating, and intensifying, and on top of that, the Moon in Scorpio is stimulating Uranus the Awakener. As it attempts to handle everyone’s demands, the Sun in Libra (harmony, balance, and how we connect to others) finds itself in a difficult balancing act; utilize this energy deliberately or it will use you. If they clear the air, sudden eruptions may be beneficial.

Mars is the planet of aggression, action, and rage.

Mercury is associated with communication.

Vitality = Sun

Uranus is associated with lightning bolts, unexpected occurrences, and awakenings. 



The strong New Moon energy from a few days ago pushed us into the last quarter of the year, and as the outer planets progressively turn direct, things will continue to speed. This follows a lengthy period of numerous retrogrades; retrograde planets channel our energy inward, forcing us to process the underlying dynamics of each archetype. For example, Mercury (communication) is now retrograde in Libra, urging us to consider our relationships and how we interact with others, with a focus on how we express anger. Things we’ve repressed or buried in the past may now erupt into the open at the least provocation. Diplomacy and tact are likely to be thrown out the window during this moment, but rather than causing harm, this may provide an opportunity for genuine honesty and perhaps a new start after the dust settles.

As this tight energy zig-zags back and forth, we may anticipate significant upheaval on many fronts, with the next zag culminating in December. The year’s greatest effect comes from the continuing conflict between Control and Freedom, which will last until 2022 when Saturn (rules and limitations) and Uranus (freedom) fight. Boundaries are important, but we must also be open to change – because change is unavoidable!





With Pluto in Capricorn messing up structures and upsetting the existing quo, all of this continues beneath a Neptunian cloud of turmoil and confusion, cheating and deception. Everything is aimed at bringing about significant social transformation. Of course, society is comprised of many people, and the energy we generate as individuals spreads out into the larger collective. If you’re worried about the number of interpersonal animosities and divisive narratives that are now pervading society, the solution starts with you! I’m with you. We’ve got you covered. As I said in my last article, be a peace fighter!


Pluto Direct (Tower Card): Unexpected transformation, upheaval, turmoil, revelation, and awakening. 

Personal transformation, fear of change, and avoiding catastrophe are all aspects of Pluto retrograde.


The picture depicts a burst of energy (Uranus and Pluto), as well as the insights that result, which may lead to breakthroughs and discoveries. It enters the structure from the top (self, society) and knocks it sideways, representing energy pouring down from the Universe via the crown chakra – crises connects us to universal life forces beyond our tiny ego self.

As a species, we are at a crossroads. Individually and collectively, we must decide which level of awareness we will invest in for our long-term survival. Randa Akeia (Randa Akeia)





We’re on the verge of a new epoch.

We want to be in this for the long term!

Make the world a better place by becoming the change you wish to see.

This is why we came!


The inverse square law examples is a mathematical equation that describes the way objects react to gravity. It states that an object with twice the mass will have four times the effect of gravity, but only if it is twice as far away from Earth.

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The acceleration of the Moon is one-sixth that of Earth, so it would be six times less than Earth.

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