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New Moon In Cancer – A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony –

The Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, the Moon being in the Earth’s shadow. It can be a powerful cosmic event that influences us in different ways. The Full Moon in Cancer occurs November 12th and is an important time that can bring us challenges. It’s a time for self-reflection and a time of change. It’s a time to step into our power as women. It’s also a good time to seek counseling and mentoring, and to discuss our dreams and goals with a trusted mentor. The Full Moon in Cancer is a time for healing, and this energy can bring us closer together.

Although every day is a new day, we can often see a pattern repeat itself, such as in certain news cycles over years in a row, or certain people in some circles working the same patterns over and over. In our world, everyone has a zodiac sign, but are you aware of the Sun Sign of your birth? Although there are no rules or patterns that hold true for everyone, there are certain patterns that repeat themselves over and over, such as the Sun Sign of Cancer being the most fertile, or the Sun Sign of Capricorn being the most stable. And the only way to find out what your Sun Sign is is to know someone who has already known.

The 9th. In July 2021, we will have a beautiful New Moon at 18° Cancer.

By default, Cancer’s New Moon is a special new moon because Cancer is ruled by the Moon. We’re talking about our favorite new moon of the year!

Cancer is the sign of conception, and the New Moon in Cancer is ideal for giving birth to personal projects that you’ve been cherishing and working on for a while.

The good news doesn’t stop there. The new moon is supported by Neptune and Uranus. The New Moon is in trine with Neptune in Pisces, in sextile with Uranus in Taurus, and in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn.

The new moon makes aspects with all the outer planets. In the aspects of the outer planets we always feel destiny, as if higher forces are at work, as if there is a divine orchestra guiding our actions.

Therefore, this new moon in Cancer will have an almost magical effect. Things are finally coming together.

The outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) operate on a subtle level, but they affect us at every moment. Maybe nothing will happen, but we will feel the direction, the rightness, the sense that God is on our side.

New Moon in Cancer – what feels good

Of course, this is the new moon in Cancer, so we are in the realm of the senses.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, a water sign. Just as a river intuitively finds its way to the sea, our feelings always lead us in the right direction.

If you’re more of an intellectual type, it can be hard to trust your gut; you may not even know where to start.

Well… the good news is you don’t have to start anywhere! The New Moon in Cancer is not the 7 phases on …. (fill in the blanks).

The New Moon in Cancer has nothing to do with fixing anything, following a plan, etc., even in the context of meditation or any other form of spiritual practice. I mean, it may have something to do with meditation, but the main point here is that there is no process, no best practice, no how-to for the New Moon in Cancer.

With the new moon in Cancer, all you have to do is what feels right. That’s it!

Easy? This is why the Moon is native to Cancer, because the Moon and Cancer speak the same language – the language of feelings.

The New Moon in Cancer is a time to honor your feelings and pay attention to how you really feel. In the cardinal waters of Cancer: If something seems right to you, it probably is.

And so comes the task of the new moon in Cancer: This task can be both incredibly easy and incredibly difficult. Can you welcome your emotions? Can you be guided by the waters of Cancer? Can you act on your feelings?

Some will say: If I really act on my feelings, someone will get hurt. But resentment in a bottle isn’t really something inherent to Cancers (it’s more suited to a Scorpio with solid water).

Cancer – Cardinal Water – Cancer is the first emotional entry rooted in the truth of who we are.

Moon in Cancer – womb of creation

In astrology, Cancer is associated with our home and family, our security and comfort zone.

Cancer is our root, the womb of creation, the safe and nurturing space where life is born.

Cancer is the source, the root cause, the underlying truth. When we recognize, when we connect with our Cancer genius zone, when we trust our intuition, we automatically do the right thing.

It is interesting to note that in the safe womb of creation, cancer can only give birth to new life if there is a chromosomal match, if the mother’s and father’s genes are evolutionarily similar.

If there is a match, a new life is born. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Similarly, when we trust our emotions, when we trust our feelings, everything comes easily to us. Nothing good can happen if it is not based on our intuition and feelings.

New Moon in Cancer – Priest performs marriage ceremony

The Sabian symbol of the -New Moon in Cancer is the priest who performs the marriage ceremony.

This Sabian symbol perfectly describes the energies at work. The New Moon in Cancer is associated with the birth of something new.

And the outer planets that are in aspect with this new moon are a divine orchestrator, a priest who gives us a ceremonial blessing and ensures that we are in harmony with the higher forces of the universe.

The wedding ceremony involves three actors: the two people who want to get married and the priest.

In all times and in all cultures, people have always needed a third party, an intermediary, such as a mediator. B. a priest or master of ceremonies, someone who can ritualize the experience and help us connect with God/Universe/Source.

We feel the need to involve a third party, perhaps because we know that we are never alone in the sacred process of creation. There is a third entity that guides us, makes things happen and gives us its blessing.

During the New Moon in Cancer, let your intuition and instincts guide your actions and become your inner priest. When you feel the alignment, you know you’re on the right track.

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