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New Moon in Libra: Be a warrior for Peace

The New Moon in Libra is an opportunity to be a warrior for peace. This New Moon is all about balance and harmony, which can be found by working with your partner to create a healthy and happy life.

The full moon is a time when the Earth and Moon are in perfect alignment. This gives us a beautiful view of the night sky, which includes the full moon.

Things are heating up on the astrological front as the weather turns crisp and the trees turn golden. October is shaping up to be the year’s fastest-paced, most furiously changing month; dramas will peak, and many will reach new heights. How we react to the present zeitgeist will determine whether the rising energy levels inspire fear or trust, enthusiasm or despair. We may either follow the route of least resistance or go along the road less traveled. We have the option to pick.

Starting with Wednesday’s New Moon in Libra, which is accompanied by warrior planet Mars, we are beginning a new phase of this great cosmic change. The energies will be strong during the next three days, and what has been turned within will begin to flip over and manifest externally. The tension between Saturn (rules limitations) and Uranus (freedom, revolt, Awakening) will reach its ultimate climax when Pluto (death and change) turns direct, followed by Saturn (rules, authority, karmic lessons). The push-pull will intensify as the present social upheaval continues.

The continuing strain and pressure from Pluto/Eris is likewise reaching a climax in the background. Pluto is the deity of death and destruction, while Eris is the goddess of discord (transformation). Doesn’t it explain a lot? In the middle of the turmoil and discord of a world turned upside down, we continue to be confronted with our own mortality; it is critical to locate and maintain our center. This may be the turning point in our lives – or the breaking point.



The Sun and Moon in Libra concentrate on all types of partnerships; a New Moon signals a fresh start. The presence of the warrior planet Mars fuels powerful desires – as well as an increased desire to fight for, or fight IN, your partnership! There may be an extra push to break free from something, whether it’s the relationship or the habit we’ve fallen into. As Chiron in Aries resurfaces childhood traumas, many people may feel especially vulnerable. The desire to maintain control in order to avoid confronting our vulnerability is a common theme in relationship problems. Sudden departures and unexpected meetings are possible. It’s all a little OCD right now. Make a new start in your relationships with this dash of craziness. We have the opportunity to turn a corner or discover fresh approaches to our relationships with people right now.

Today, I received a call from a friend who has been living with her elderly mother throughout Covid, and the early tensions and disagreements have turned into deep learning and development for both of them. It hasn’t been easy – they’ve been utilizing Nonviolent Communication techniques to address their problems, and in the process, they’ve discovered each other in a whole new light. Her tale had such an impact on me that I was ready to move out last year because I was so motivated by it. There’s nothing like parent-child conflict to bring out our unspoken childhood problems!! There’s always a ray of hope.

Before we act or react, Mercury retrograde in Libra urges us to examine and ponder. Learn new talents, explore new avenues, and form new connections. At a New Moon, intention is key; in Libra, the emphasis is on bringing in love, beauty, and harmony, with a dash of Mars fire thrown in for good measure.

Become a peace fighter!

You know you want to, don’t you?




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