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New Moon in Pisces 2021 – and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

New Moon in Pisces. March 21, 2021. The focus shifts to the next chapter of our lives. The sky is clear, the air is fresh and clean. The ground is soft and forgiving. The stars are shining bright and clear, and the moon is beautifully illuminated. The sun is shining bright and warm, but still a few days away from rising. It’s a time when the soul is most receptive to all things new. The perfect day to begin a new chapter in your life.

It’s New Moon in Pisces 2021, and you may also be getting ready for a Full Moon in your own sign. You can find out more about the upcoming Moon’s influence in each sign here , or by visiting the exoticastrologies blog .

New Moon in Pisces 2021 – and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Pisces 2021 will occur on Saturday the 13th. of March at 5:21 EST, casting a dreamy and hopeful light on the day. Neptune’s conjunction with the Moon and Venus increases sensitivity, softness and romance. Words become poetry, emotions flow with ease, and intuitive signals can bring messages from the divine. The muses sing at the top of their voices and give creative inspiration to artists and musicians. Loved ones may discover a blissful connection with their soul mate. All in all, a day full of feelings and dreams that came true.

There are four planets in Pisces, which means the day calls for grounding. Give yourself as much rest as possible. Don’t forget good mental hygiene. Make sure your feelings don’t overpower you and keep your emotions under control. Although this dream energy promotes creative thinking, it can also put on rose-colored glasses in some people. If something or someone seems too good to be true, don’t pass judgment until you’ve had time to assess what’s wrong.

Don’t take drugs, keep your mind clear and, if possible, take it easy during the day. The new moon is great for making good intentions – it’s a chance to plant the seeds of what you want to grow. Make good intentions for intuition, creativity, healing, sobriety and compassion for this New Moon in Pisces 2021. What you dream today can be your reality tomorrow. (My favorite book on working with this energy is Ian Spiller’s New Moon Astrology).

Here is the mini New Moon in Pisces 2021 with the Natural Ink Tarot !


Aries: Lady of the Sword – This is no time to be quiet. Say what you mean and be clear! Taurus: Tower – A major turnaround will lead to a breakthrough. Don’t get stuck – be prepared to let go! Twins: King of Swords – Your coolness will lead you to victory. Trust your judgment. You know what this is about. Cancer: Ace of Pentacles – A new financial opportunity has come our way. Your finances are about to change for the better. Leo: Seven Cups – You have a lot to worry about – and a lot of decisions to make. Take a deep breath.

They got it! Virgo: Four pentacles – everything is under control. Bottom line: You’re responsible for everything. Scales: Inverted Sword Knight – If you are too rash in your words or actions, be prepared to fall on your own sword. Scorpio: Nine of Cups aside – you get what you want…. in part. There is a catch, so don’t get too excited. Sagittarius: Peace. The grand finale has arrived. You’ve graduated and are ready to move on to the next level! Capricorn:  Ace of Chopsticks – If you’re looking for a new job or creative pursuit, the gods are on your side. The door opens quickly.

Aquarius: Two Cups – A spark of attraction, a rush of excitement, a flirtation with possibilities. Take your pick, player. Fish: Ace of Cups – In love, all is fair and abundant. Open your heart and love will find its way. Blessing, Teresa Do you have a business? Want to know how to fire up the room to make your business the best year ever? Subscribe to Astro Business Digest, my exclusive weekly forecasts for entrepreneurs who want to make sure their business timing is perfect. Because in business: Time is everything. Subscribe to the Astro-Biz Digest website here.

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