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New Moon In Virgo – Is it useful? –

The new moon in Virgo is a time of balance, moderation, and self-improvement. It’s the perfect time to take stock of your life and make changes that will help you grow.

The when does virgo season start is a question that many astrologers and people who are interested in the zodiac signs would like to know. There isn’t an answer for this question, but it can be helpful to know when the zodiac sign of Virgo will be visible.

We have a very fortunate New Moon in Virgo on September 6th (in the US) or September 7th (the rest of the globe). 

At 14° Virgo, the New Moon is precisely trine Uranus at 14° Taurus. I like tight elements because they force things to happen. A New Moon in Virgo is, by definition, an excellent moment for action. Virgo is unquestionably the most industrious zodiac sign!  

And when Virgo and the God of the Sky are on the same page, good things happen.

We don’t simply do “things,” we do “stuff” the correct way. We’re no longer like a mouse on a treadmill, running and running and nowhere in particular. We’re here for a reason. Uranus offers us CLARITY on how everything we’re doing fits into the larger cosmic scheme of things. 

Mercury, the New Moon’s ruler, is trine Saturn. Pluto is trined by Mars. And now that Venus is in Libra, she is trine Jupiter. It’s hard to think of anything bad to say about this New Moon.

We do have a Venus-Pluto square, which is usually stressful, but since both Venus and Pluto form harmonious aspects with other planets, the square’s innate tension will push us ahead, allowing us to accomplish anything we set out to do! 

Remember that a New Moon lasts for the whole 29.5-day lunar cycle. So things aren’t going to happen precisely on September 7th. The Virgo New Moon energy will continue to affect us until October 6th, when we will have the Libra New Moon.

What Is Virgo Useful For?

We all know Virgo is a hardworking, industrious, service-oriented sign with a passion with precision and detail. Because Virgo is the last personal sign (from Libra onwards, we enter the domain of the Other), we reach a point of completion as individuals in Virgo. We are the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Mercury rules Virgo, which is one of the four “knowledge” signs (the others are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces). Virgo is a key sign in the process of knowledge transmission. 

The process of collecting information is Gemini (Air sign governed by Mercury). Mercury is an intriguing sign, and its function is to indiscriminately ‘notice’ everything, to collect and digest as much knowledge as possible. Gemini does not make a value judgment; instead, Gemini conducts study and gathers data. Gemini’s best quality is its eagerness to learn. 

The process of processing information is Virgo (Earth sign, also governed by Mercury). Not all of the Gemini data is worth saving. The job of Virgo is to determine whether or not a piece of knowledge is helpful. Is it really necessary to recall what you ate for supper on August 23rd? Most likely not.

If anything is helpful, Virgo will retain it (while Scorpio, whose symbol is quite similar to Virgo’s, will remove all the trash). Virgo will not only save what is useful, but it will also file it in the appropriate mental folder so that it can be retrieved quickly.

That is why Virgo is the sign that governs routines, habits, and rituals. Without Virgo’s capacity to cluster and classify knowledge, making it relevant and accessible, we would never attain mastery. 

Both the Gemini Mercury and the Virgo Mercury are required. When I compose anything, I start with my Mercury brain. I simply scribbled everything down without deciding if it made sense or not.

And it’s only when I use my Virgo brain that I can start to cut out unnecessary words, reorganize paragraphs, categorize material, and establish a general flow.  

Mercury signs are Gemini and Virgo. Sagittarius and Pisces, both governed by Jupiter, are the other two knowing signs. We then join the Virgo dots and discover the overall picture thanks to Sagittarius (Knowledge), while in Pisces we discover an even greater, cosmic order and achieve real Wisdom. 

Find What Matters With The New Moon In Virgo

Returning to the Virgo New Moon. The New Moon in Virgo is an excellent moment to take up the role of Virgo. And Virgo’s job is to figure out what is helpful and relevant. To exercise discretion. 

The New Moon in Virgo will assist us in answering some crucial questions.

Is there a reason for (…)/your project? Is it making your life easier? Is it assisting you in your development? Is it assisting you in becoming the greatest version of yourself? Uranus will provide us with the clarity we need to view things for what they are. 

Make sure you write down your goals for the lunar month around the time of the New Moon, since you want to make the most of this energy. You CAN make things happen on the rich Virgo soil.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Moon does Virgo need?

Virgo needs a Moon to make sure that the sun shines on the Earth.

Is Virgo a good moon sign?

Virgo is a good moon sign.

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