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New Moon Solar Eclipse: Something New on the Horizon

The New Moon Solar Eclipse, otherwise known as the Blood Moon, is the first and only total solar eclipse visible from within the United States since the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. The Blood Moon will be seen across the entirety of North America from coast to coast on the night of August 21. It is a spectacular and rare natural event that will be visible to all Americans.

When we think of the Moon, we think of its beauty and soothing influence on the tides. We appreciate the vast range of emotions it can invoke and the interesting way it changes from day to night. It’s a wonder of the universe. However, when someone calls the Moon ‘new’, you may take pause. It’s a curious word, and something new on the horizon suggests something different and far off. What will be?

I apologize now for the strange formatting of this post! Mercury retrograde in full force – I’ve written about this three times already. It seems that this publishing application is useless and I need to try something new next time. In the meantime… We’ve just had a very tense couple of weeks with Mars (the warrior) arguing (or two) with Pluto (power and control) sitting on the other side of the table. These ridiculous back-and-forths – projection and counter-projection, etc, etc. – are just so annoying! And yet we get sucked in every time (at least I do)!

Many are now seeking a way out beyond the polarities, and the energy of this eclipse may offer a new window or door through which to see the world. This Solar Eclipse in Gemini indicates that it is time to awaken to a more conscious understanding of the purpose and direction of our lives (North Node) so that we can become the captains of our ship! Two old ladies were riding, and one said to the other: Mabel, you just ran three red lights! Mavle looks around in surprise and says: О ! I thought you were driving! ‘ hehe Sometimes you can just laugh at anything! So many stories, so many projects. There is a central story, individual country stories, leadership stories and individual stories. And everything in between.

And each of these stories is made up of a selection of views and beliefs. It’s not always easy to get at the truth, because the people we rely on for facts and information are in the grip of various political agendas. So what’s to believe? What do I have to look out for? I think we should be prepared to say: I don’t know! Speaking of what we do or don’t know ~ the past year has seen the release of a lot of government information about UFOs – and no one seemed to notice because we were so distracted by Covid. I saw a short clip on the news, but that was all it was about.

There is a great documentary on Netflix called Phenomenon about these revelations, and it is very entertaining. These documentary stories can challenge our thinking and open us up to many possibilities. This is just one example of how new information can change the way we think. Meanwhile, we are still bombarded daily with many lies, manipulations and distortions, and it is difficult to make sense of it all in the midst of so much pain, fear and chaos. We all know politicians lie, but I’m surprised so many people believe them! This is the time to tell the truth, but no one knows what the truth is.

Of course, you think you know, and you will argue endlessly, but I would dispute that and say that there is much we do not know, and much more that needs to be discovered. Meanwhile, the world has gone mad and the prisoners have taken over the asylum! Wait, it’s always been like this. Maybe we’re just starting to realize that. But seriously: We need to start working together. Petty squabbles and bullies have no place in the new order. Gemini speaks to the diversity of the human experience ~ transcending time, political parties, gender politics, ideological positions, ethnicity, wealth, background and attitudes – to find common ground.

Everyone bleeds. Everyone suffers. Everyone’s laughing. Everybody cries. As we continue to dig into this labyrinth, the twins want us to celebrate our differences and move beyond all the bickering. At each eclipse, we are faced with a turning point where something is left behind to make way for something new. Whatever beliefs or ideas about the way things should be, have brought us to where we are today, they need to be blessed and then released – to make way for a new energy. A simple ritual – writing down what you want to let go of and burning it in a candle or fire – can help you do that. While we certainly sense that change is imminent, there is a certain ambiguity and uncertainty about the outcome, which requires a leap of faith when we venture into the unknown. If you enter your horoscope in astro.com, you can see which house/area has an eclipse to better understand where the release may occur. It can be a concept, a person, a place, a job, a habit (haha, I’ve become a hobbit!) If you have hobbits hiding in your closet, it’s time to set them free! New Moon Solar Eclipse: Something New on the Horizon

We all want to live with the hobbits in the woods of the Shire (at least I do!) We have all read the story or seen the movie.  When Frodo was summoned for his great adventure, he went reluctantly. But fate called, and he had to overcome many trials and obstacles before he could return home. In the transition from the old to the new era (a process that may take several years) we are in an intermediate stage.

The fog of Sedna has descended, and what awaits us is not yet known. It is very important to make clear resolutions in these times, but how can we do that if we don’t even know where we are going? Mercury retrograde advises us to take time to reflect and reconsider before making new plans. Neptune continues to bring uncertainty – we sometimes feel like we are working in the dark.

Just as the shadow of the earth temporarily blocks the light of the sun, it invites us to step outside our logic and turn to our intuition.  Probably 90% of our beliefs are in our subconscious. The first real step is to become self-aware. Witness your own self-programming. The Elaxis zeitgeist of the Gemini/Sagittarius node is ultimately about how we find the meaning of life (or the meaning of life!). By reconsidering, redefining and releasing old core beliefs and stories (South Lunar Node in Sagittarius), we can begin to see more clearly who we are and what we are here to do. It is rather shocking to discover that the ideas on which we base our sense of identity and belonging may not even be our own. Are we free? Are we aware of it?

Do we make conscious decisions, or are we driven by unconscious dynamics that we have inherited or developed in response to childhood trauma? If we are not conscious, we are not free. Gabor Mate Confronting our illusions can be painful ~ it takes courage to see things as they really are, and not just as we would like them to be.   This series of eclipses can reveal the truth about the old stories we have been told ~ and raise our consciousness to evolve beyond the hidden stories. We start a new chapter, and it turns out that each of us is actually the author.  It’s time to write your own story! You know you want it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an eclipse tonight 2021?

If you are interested in Astrology, you will be interested in this eclipse. As we move toward the New Moon, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun on November 3, 2021. We will see a partial eclipse as the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. This eclipse will be visible to all parts of the earth. Well, there’s a new moon in this sign, so it’s time to get excited as the eclipse is about to happen. The eclipse will take place on the 1st January 2021, and will take in most of the Earth’s surface. The eclipse will last for a total of 1 hour and 31 minutes (the longest known eclipse to occur since the invention of the telescope), and the eclipse will be a total eclipse for about 50% of the Earth’s surface.

Did the eclipse end already 2021?

The next major solar eclipse will be on April 8th of 2021, and it will be visible from all of North and South America, and some parts of Europe. Unfortunately, this will also be the last eclipse visible from the United States until 2024. So, what should you do? There are two options: you can go out and watch the eclipse from the comfort of your home with a lie-flat viewing bag, or you can go out and watch it with a cheap cardboard box. The phenomenon known as the “Total Eclipse” has been predicted to occur from April 11 to April 13 in 2011, which many people believe to be an omen of something new on the horizon. However, it is unlikely that anyone has predicted the date with any degree of accuracy, but still many people have decided to celebrate the event.