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Planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Mercury (the planet) is traditionally considered the ruler of the mind, intellect and intellect-based activities. It is a planet that rules over communication, news and information, education, science, technology, and also literature.

The planet Mercury in Vedic astrology represents the mind, intellect, intelligence, and intelligence in general. Mercury rules the brain and is associated with communication, logic, imagination, and learning. Mercury is highly associated with the mind, and is considered the ruler of communication. It is also considered to be the ruler of the throat, the tongue, and the voice. Mercury rules speech and the mind, the intellect, and learning.

Planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology According to the Astrological texts, Mercury is considered the planet of quick thinking and communication. It is the means of communication between all the 12 other planets. Mercury is known as the planet of the mind, the mind that is alert and read. It is the planet that is connected to the mind, the mind that has clear thinking. Mercury is the planet that is connected to the mind, which is alert and clear. Mercury is the planet of instantaneous communication. Mercury is the planet of quick communication. Mercury is the planet of the mind, which is alert and clear.. Read more about strong mercury in horoscope and let us know what you think.

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Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, and it lies between our world and the Sun, the source of all life. Mercury, as a result, has a prominent position in our astrological charts, since it has a major impact on our physical well-being. Mercury is a neutral planet, and its relationship with the other planets is crucial since it acts in lockstep with the planets with whom it is paired. Mercury is helpful when it is paired with benefic planets, but when it is paired with malefic planets, it has a negative effect on humans. Mercury, often known as ‘Budh,’ is a symbol of intellect. It symbolizes the thinking mind, but unlike the moon, which just represents awareness, Budh is what lets one distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil. It symbolizes intelligence, wit, humor, critical thinking, education, business, and, most importantly, communication. A good Mercury makes one a strong communicator, and such individuals may frequently achieve success in both personal and professional arenas. Mercury is given a particular position in Hindu religious rituals as well. Mercury is known as the Lord of the Planets, or Grahapati. 

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Because Mercury governs so many areas of our lives, it is critical that we study about Mercury in astrology so that we may better understand its movement and how it is likely to impact us. If Mercury is weak or adversely positioned, we may need to use certain treatments to improve our outcomes. MERCURY IN THE VEDIC STORY Mercury, or Budh as it is known in Vedic astrology, is the Gods’ messenger and the Celestial Cabinet’s Prince. Mercury’s birth narrative is very different from those of the other planets. Mercury is the offspring of the Moon (Chandra) and Tara (Star). Tara, Dev Guru Brihaspati’s wife, fell in love with the charming Chandra. The Moon god fell in love with Tara as well, and the two married shortly after. Budh, or Mercury, was born as a consequence of the marriage. Brihaspati had questioned the child’s paternity, but Tara had refused to comment. Many attempts by the Devas to get Tara to disclose the father’s identify failed, and it was only when the unborn child asked the same question from the womb that Tara revealed the father’s name. As a result, the unborn kid, who was already clever in his mother’s womb, was given the name “Budh,” which means “smart one.” Budh, on the other hand, is neither a man nor a woman as a consequence of Brihaspati’s curse. Mercury is therefore seen as a neutral planet that takes on the characteristics of the planets with which it is associated: with benefic planets, Mercury is benefic; with malefic planets, Mercury is malefic. Budh is also known as Vishnu-Rupi, because to Mercury’s beauty and physical resemblance to Vishnu. As a result, Lord Vishnu is Mercury’s ruling god. 


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo in Vedic astrology. It is the planet nearest to the Sun, and it is usually seen in the same house as the Sun, or one house before or after the Sun. Mercury is the prince of the celestial cabinet, and since it spends 25 days in each Rashi or house, it takes 10 months to transit through all of them. Mercury’s Mahadasha cycle lasts 17 years. Mercury is exalted at 15 degrees in Virgo, making it the only planet to be exalted in its own sign. At 15 degrees Pisces, it is debilitated. The 1st house of astrology is where Mercury derives its directing power. Wednesday is Mercury’s day, and it is linked with the color green. As a preventative precaution, those with a weak or ill-placed Mercury are advised to wear green-colored clothes. The emerald is the gemstone linked with Mercury, while metals connected with Mercury include alloys like brass. Mercury is in the northern hemisphere, and its nature is ‘Vata,’ meaning airy. Vishnu is the main god worshipped for Mercury’s favors. Mercury is amicable with the Sun and Venus, but antagonistic with the Moon. It is unaffected by Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn. Mercury has no characteristics of its own since it is dual-natured. It is seen to be a helpful planet in general. However, the consequences on an individual are determined by Mercury’s position in the astrological charts. When Mercury is aligned with benefic planets like Jupiter, it takes on their characteristics and produces successful outcomes. Mercury, on the other hand, when combined with malefic planets such as Saturn, produces negative consequences. Mercury is linked to intellect, education, reading and academic habits, business, communication, and humor in astrology. Because the planet Mercury represents analytical talents, individuals with a strong Mercury make excellent astrologers, mathematicians, and other professions that demand strong analytical ability. They have a much easier and more accurate way of analyzing things. They are also excellent students with a strong desire to study and learn. People with a strong Mercury shine in related professions such as attorneys, media personnel, news reporters, authors, and so on, since Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury is also in responsible of modern communication, which includes telephones and the internet. Mercury has an effect on those who work in the computer industry. Mercury also makes an excellent software engineer, and individuals in any job that requires contact with a large group of people or a large audience are influenced by Mercury. Mercury, the planet, has a way with words. It makes individuals clever and funny, and many comedians and performers have Mercury in their birth chart, which helps them make others laugh with their wit. Mercury is considered as a light-hearted person who loves jokes, even in Hindu mythology. Mercury is believed to be of the Vaishya varna and possesses Rajsikguna in Vedic astrology. As a result, it is in charge of trade, commerce, business, and finance. Under the influence of Mercury, professionals such as bankers, chartered accountants, dealers, brokers, salespeople, and businessmen are successful in their professions. Mercury symbolizes the skin and neurological system, as well as the lungs, mouth, and digestive system, particularly the intestines, in medical astrology. Any affliction to Mercury may cause issues with these organs, such as eczema, mental breakdown, brain disorders, giddiness, and lung illnesses including asthma, speech abnormalities, and digestive disorders involving the intestines, such as constipation. 


Mercury is the planet that controls speech and communication, therefore individuals with a strong Mercury are good communicators who have no trouble expressing their feelings and ideas to others. 

When Mercury is in a good astrological position: 

Mercury is a powerful planet that bestows tremendous intellect on those who have it. They have a keen intellect and can tell the difference between truth and deception, as well as right and evil. They are not easily misled people, but rather people who consider a lot before making a choice. A favorably positioned Mercury bestows mental brilliance, and individuals are endowed with excellent logical and calculative skills as a result. They excel as mathematicians, and many well-known mathematicians have strong Mercury. Mercury also bestows a strong communication ability. People with a strong Mercury can easily establish communication of any sort, making them skilled negotiators. They also make excellent writers, columnists, and even journalists. In astrology, a well-placed planet Mercury makes individuals extremely vocal in their views. They find it simple to express themselves. When kids can tell the difference between good and evil, they don’t hesitate to speak out and make themselves known. People listen to them and trust them since they are renowned for being outspoken about their views and not keeping anything hidden. Mercury is responsible for one’s sense of humour. People with a favorable Mercury are cheerful and have a nice demeanor. They have an uncanny ability to make people laugh. Others like being around such individuals because their mastery of the spoken word makes them appealing. People exhibit great adaptability when Mercury is prominent in astrology. Given their quick intellect and clear reasoning, they excel at many things and can effortlessly juggle between activities. A person with a strong Mercury is also humble. People become more grounded as a result of it, and they are quick to show appreciation. Despite his superior intellect, there is no hint of arrogance. It makes a man intelligent and of great character, as its name suggests. 

When Mercury is in an unfavorable astrological position:

People are gullible when Mercury is in an unfavorable position. They have no intellectual characteristics and are readily persuaded by others. They are unable to think for themselves and often do what others direct. As a result, they are unable to take on any significant tasks that need them to make quick choices. 

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The majority of individuals with Mercury in an unfavorable position are indecisive. They consider many alternatives but are unable to reach a definitive decision. They can’t stick to their decision since they’re afraid that the other option may be better and they’ll miss out on greater opportunities. In astrology, people with a weak Mercury are very fickle. They switch rapidly between choices, and if someone shows them something better, they alter their minds and begin doing the opposite. Mercury in an unfavorable position is also a significant cause of worry in individuals. Many individuals are concerned about what is to come as a result of their indecisiveness. They are scared of the bad repercussions of their actions, therefore they don’t act when they should and lose out on excellent chances because they are afraid of what may happen. In their approach, they are skeptics and pessimists. People get agitated and restless when Mercury is weak. They have a continuous need to accomplish something, yet they get irritated in the process. They lose their cool quickly and often lash out at others for insignificant reasons. They have a hard time dealing with rage and are ready to respond in such circumstances. People get extremely haughty when Mercury is ill-placed in astrology. They are unconcerned with other people’s feelings or emotions, and they are unappreciative of whatever they get. They believe they are entitled to everything good and disregard others’ contributions to all they get or accomplish. 

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We all know that Mercury (the planet associated with communication and trickery) is the planet of quick wit, mind tricks, and putting on a good show. It is also the planet of quick and easy communication, and the planet of short-lived relationships. Mercury is synonomous with the mind and the outer world, and is considered the ruler of the throat chakra.. Read more about benefits of mercury planet and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mercury a good planet astrology?

Mercury is a planet in the Solar System. It is not an astrological sign.

Which Nakshatra is good for Mercury?

The Nakshatra of Mercury is Virgo.

What happens if Mercury is strong?

If Mercury is strong, the planet will be closer to the sun and it will be hotter.

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