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 Planet Saturn in Astrology – The planet of Karma

When Saturn enters your natal chart it can mean that you are about to experience a period of self-examination and karma. This is the time when you must look close at your own life, especially your past and childhood. Saturn is the planet of karma – Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and Saturn has the qualities of the sign Capricorn – serious, introverted, patient, a dreamer, and ultimately, the sign of Capricorn relates to your personality, your temperament, and your karma.

If you’re looking for a horoscope reading, you probably know that the stars can tell you an awful lot about your life. Not only do they indicate the year in which you were born, but they can also tell you about your past, present and future.

In astrology, the planet Saturn is the planet of karma. Skip to content Saturn, the last important planet in Vedic astrology, is also the most misunderstood planet in astrology. People are wary of Saturn and often worry about the negative effects of Saturn’s aspect. However, this is far from true, as Saturn is the most beautiful planet in Vedic astrology. Saturn represents the fruits of our deeds. A righteous person is rewarded with good results, while a wrong action has bad consequences. He is supposed to be Karm Fal Daata – the one who rewards or gives results according to one’s actions, without benevolence or ill will. Saturn is associated with obstacles and delayed progress. It does not block progress, it only blocks the path that can be overcome through hard work. Any reward is delayed rather than denied, and people receive the consequences of their actions even though many years pass. He can turn a leader into a beggar and a beggar into a leader. word-image-9617 However, this unlucky planet is also known to bring people great wealth and happiness. It gives prosperity, but also humility and responsibility.


Saturn or Shani is the son of Surya and his dark wife Chaya. He is the slowest, having been hit in the leg by the children of Surya’s first wife. It is also believed that he once hit his mother in a fit of rage because she would not give him food until the ritual was over. He is also the brother of Yama and is considered the most beautiful among the Navagrahas. Shani received this blessing because he was a devoted follower of Shiva and had been wronged many times. Shani is black, and has been since birth. It is believed that her mother Chaya was so devoted to her husband Surya, that when Shani was in her womb, he was severely burned by the heat of her father. This made him black from birth, and he was disowned by the Sun God, who doubted that Shani, who was so dark, could be his son. Shani was also considered inferior by the other gods, who despised him because he was not as beautiful as the other gods and had very dark skin. It is also believed that when Shani arrives, the other gods of wealth, prosperity and happiness leave. Only truth remains until the end, and with it all other divine and good virtues return. However, this only happens after the person has already suffered enough.


Saturn is the 6th. Planet of the Sun, and it takes the longest to complete a solar cycle – 30 years. He is staying in 1 Rashi or house for a transit period of two and a half years. Saturn is the ruler of the 10th house in astrology. Home of career and profession and therefore Karma Karaka. He is also the ruler of the 11th century. House of results and consequences and is Karma FalData. Saturn rules two signs in astrology, Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn’s Multitricon is in Aquarius. He is exalted in Libra and weakened in Aries. Saturn wins in the 7th. House of directed power. Saturn’s mahadasha lasts 19 years. Saturn’s friendly planets are Mercury, Venus and Rahu and Jupiter is a neutral planet for Saturn. The Sun, Moon and Mars are in opposition to Saturn. The day of worship of Saturn or Shani is Saturday. The direction of Saturn is west. The color associated with Saturn in astrology is black and blue in deeper shades. The metal for Saturn or Shani is lead. Saturn is the greatest of all evil planets because he is insensitive to people’s feelings. Far from the warmth of the sun, he remains cold and distant. It gives people the result of their karma without thinking about their happiness, and often leads to a decline in social status, wealth and happiness. It also creates obstacles in one’s path. Saturn is neither male nor female. He is bound to a eunuch. It is believed to contain tamsikguna. Of the elements, Saturn represents air. Saturn represents the elderly, servants and subordinates. He is the servant in the heavenly office. In the professional sphere, Saturn rules the service sector. They could be housekeepers or high-level IT professionals. It includes the services of all the people we need in our daily lives. Saturn in astrology means justice. There are rewards for a person’s actions. Someone with good karma is rewarded with good results, while someone with bad karma suffers the wrath of Saturn. They face obstacles in many areas of life, and they cannot easily accomplish all tasks. Justice can be long in coming, but is never denied. Saturn in astrology is therefore representative of the legal system. The slow pace of justice mimics the slow motion of Saturn in the solar system. Under the influence of Saturn, people are often held accountable only after 30 years. Saturn rewards good deeds fairly and punishes bad deeds severely. In astrology, Saturn, with all its rings, represents boundaries and limits. If you try to push your boundaries, you will encounter obstacles and defeats. Saturn will see to it that you pursue what you are best suited for. Saturn is the planet of extremely hard work. Because it creates obstacles, it causes delays in every task people try to accomplish. They face many setbacks before reaching their goal. Therefore, Saturn forces you to work very hard to satisfy your desires. This is karaka karma because it forces us to work to achieve something, and under the influence of Saturn nothing is achieved without hard work. Saturn is also a Karm FalData in astrology, which rewards us when we work hard to achieve our goals. This gives good results for the work done. People who do not exert themselves under the influence of Saturn must face the negative consequences of their inactivity. Humility is Saturn’s greatest virtue. In astrology, Saturn destroys the ego and makes people humble. Saturn causes the downfall of selfish or excessively proud people. Under the aspect of Saturn, difficult situations and obstacles stand in their way. Since Saturn has a very slow pace, it is also representative of the habits you develop over the years. Saturn in astrology also represents knowledge gained through experience. There is no innate knowledge in us, but man learns only when he makes mistakes under the aspect of Saturn. Those with strong Saturn are not overtly intelligent from birth, but acquire it gradually through experience. In medical astrology, Saturn rules over everything that moves slowly in our bodies and as such it is representative of the bones, teeth, nervous system, legs, etc. Under the influence of Saturn, people develop a number of bone disorders, especially arthritis and osteoporosis. People also have dental problems, and in most cases, toothaches occur early. You may even have a fracture under Saturn’s dasha or rheumatism. Leg injuries, which can lead to difficulty walking or even lameness, are also common under Saturn’s influence. This planet is also the cause of old age ailments or things that cause difficulty in walking or moving.


Humility is Saturn’s greatest virtue. Because of its slow pace, Saturn in astrology also teaches patience, perseverance and hard work. When Saturn is well placed in astrology A well placed Saturn in astrology makes a person extremely humble. These people are not known to be driven by false pride or anger, and despite their achievements they are very down to earth. A well-placed Saturn also makes a person wise and mature. Despite their mistakes, they show extraordinary maturity, learn from problems and eventually become intelligent people. People with good Saturn are very patient. When Saturn works, tasks are slow under his influence. This leads to delays in many cases, but these people do not give up easily and persist in their efforts. A good Saturn gives people a great sense of responsibility. They are aware of the challenges and know what is expected of them. They don’t do anything to get others in trouble. When appointed or transferred to a higher position, they shall perform their duties in a responsible manner. A well-placed Saturn in astrology makes people very dedicated to everything they do. Even when the going gets tough, they don’t give up and finish everything they start. People with well-placed Saturn are very focused and hardworking. Despite the difficulties, they do not lose sight of their objectives and redouble their efforts when necessary, so that no task remains unfinished.

When Saturn is in an unfavorable position in astrology

word-image-9618 A misplaced Saturn causes arrogance. These people look down on others and are very inconsiderate in their actions. They think they are the best and that no one else can match their level of performance and size. They are facing many problems, and are very distressed by this situation. They face many obstacles and their task is rarely accomplished. They have to overcome many delays and difficulties in everything they want to achieve, but instead of taking the lead, they complain about their losses. Faced with many failures, they are easily discouraged and tend to depression. They prefer to cry about their problems and difficulties instead of doing something to improve the situation. They are constantly frustrated with life and the way things are going. Obsession is a major characteristic of people with negative Saturn. They are obsessed with what is theirs and extend their right and power to everything and everyone around them. It is not easy for them to relinquish power and prestige, even if they have to resign rightly. An unhappy Saturn makes people excessively materialistic. They are always looking for wealth and fortune. They think only of the things they need, often at the expense of those around them. They are not afraid to sacrifice people and relationships for material benefits, and they will do anything to get the same. word-image-9619

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the planet Saturn mean in astrology?

When it comes to Saturn in astrology, it’s all about your karma, and how it will take effect on your life. Saturn, as we know, is a planet of great old age, and it is also a planet of discipline. Therefore, Saturn in astrology, as a symbol of discipline, is also a symbol of duty, a symbol of obligation. For instance, your Saturn will affect your career and success in your job. It will also affect your relationship and marriage, among other things. Saturn’s placement in the traditional astrological chart is always a bit of an enigma. Every book, astrological website and chart suggests a different placement for this planet. Some say Saturn should be in the 4th house, some say in the 5th, some say in the 2nd, etc. No matter where they place Saturn, astrologers agree that it is the first point in the horoscope where the ascendant and other planets begin to interact with the native’s life. Saturn is the planet of Karma – the law of cause and effect – and karma is the law of cause and effect. While some people are good karma generators, others are bad karma generators.

What does Saturn mean spiritually?

The planet Saturn is an extremely powerful and important planet in Astrology. Saturn rules our Karma and is an extremely powerful and important planet in Astrology. Saturn signifies the results of past actions and the lessons that need to be learned, Saturn is also the planet that teaches us how to be humble and gives us lessons of discipline and patience. Saturn also rules over our Karma, it is the planet that teaches us that we all have to earn our way in life. Saturn is the planet of Karma. Saturn tells you  what you have done in your past lives, and what you will be responsible for in your present life. Saturn in astrology is also known as Saturn of Fates – Saturn is the personification of the three Fates: hope, time and wisdom.

Is Saturn return karma?

Saturn is a force of karma and destiny. Saturn is often considered to be the sinner, the bad guy, and the one who punishes. Saturn is also considered to take responsibility for all that has gone before, and in this sense is considered to be a karma planet. If you’ve ever wondered why your life is the way it is, or why you chose certain people or events in your life, chances are that Saturn is involved. The planet Saturn is known as a planet of karma and Saturn return, which is the point where Saturn retrograde occurs after it has completed one full cycle of retrograde motion. Saturn’s retrograde occurs every 29.5 years, and it is always the same exact day: the first day of every sign. In astrology, this is known as the Saturn return.

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