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Psychic Appreciation Week 2020 | California Psychics

Psychics and astrology enthusiasts alike will be in for a special treat this week. California Psychics, the leader in psychic readings and consultations, has announced an unusual event to celebrate its tenth anniversary: Psychic Appreciation Week 2020.

Please express your gratitude to our psychics.

This week is Psychic Appreciation Week, and we at California Psychics want to show our heartfelt appreciation to all of our amazing psychic advisers. We are very grateful that so many brilliant people have decided to share their tremendous talents with us and you, our lovely clients. Our psychic advisors are the reason California Psychics is so successful and respected, and we can’t thank them enough for their devotion and affection, not just for us, but also for you, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

We’ve put up a few brief stories from four of our psychics who you may have read with before as a little thank you and to help you get to know them better. We’ve also prepared a list of some of our favorite client tales from following one of their own psychic readings. We hope you like these tales as much as we do.

Psychic Accounts

Nevada, the Psychic

Do you have a particular pastime or recreational activity that you like doing in your spare time?

Hiking, bicycling, gardening, and tennis are all hobbies that give my spirit a natural high. Furthermore, communicating with animals is usually a lot of fun.

Have you ever provided a remarkable service to a client?

I talked with a client who wanted to go abroad to meet a love interest and get away from family, but the reading indicated that the person on the other end of their interactions was manipulative, controlling, and narcissistic. This confirmed their suspicions that their love interest was possibly dangerous, and that they could even make it difficult for them to return home.

Psychic Gavin | California PsychicsGavin, the clairvoyant

What impact does being a psychic have on your daily life?

Using my psychic talents in daily life has taught me to be fully present in every encounter, whether it’s at the grocery store, with a stranger, or with a friend. Even if the contact is just fleeting, being really present may have a significant effect on another’s life. Sharing a bit of oneself may assist someone else in navigating their life journey. In exchange, I often learn from others to assist me in charting my own course in life via their compassion and reactions to their own circumstances.

Have you ever provided a remarkable service to a client?

I have too many tales to count after more than 40 years as a psychic. I was once involved in a missing persons case when living in Colorado many years ago. My most memorable customer, though, was someone I’ll refer to as “Q” below. Q and his children were involved in a narcissistic sociopath’s abusive relationship. I was able to offer Q the skills he needed to alter the situation after working with him for a while. Q and his children are now happy and healthy.

Psychic May | California PsychicsMay is a psychic.

What methods did you use to hone your psychic abilities?

I spent a lot of money and went a long way to learn and obtain answers, but I eventually gave up, disillusioned and disheartened. I met a well-known Medium about a year later and gave her my whole sad tale. Spirit wants me to collaborate with them, she said. She advised me to return home and work on myself, to sit at the same time every day and, rather than simply meditating, to begin delving inside. That portion, it seems, had never been explained to me previously.

I met my guide Kamal after four months, and things only got better from there. I’ve had an incredible connection with him for almost forty years now. I’m very fortunate!

Have you ever provided a remarkable service to a client?

Not long ago, a well-known celebrity for whom I now frequently write was going through a tumultuous divorce. She suspected that her boyfriend wasn’t being truthful about his money, so she requested me to tell her what I observed. I informed her that I could see an island where her husband was stashing cash. She enlisted the help of a private investigator. He’d kept $3 million concealed from her. He had a hidden bank account in the Isle of Man, she discovered (a tax haven).

Psychic Almondine | California PsychicsAlmondine Psychic

Did you intend to pursue a different professional path?

I had big dreams of being the greatest hairdresser in the world and working on cruise ships! That wasn’t going to happen after six weeks of training and a case of contact dermatitis! I went into nursing instead, despite the fact that I was very young and already delivering messages to people, and I kept fainting at the sight of blood. Obviously, it didn’t work either, but I continued to send messages to everyone around me.

I was determined to have a real career, so window dressing came next; it was lovely and creative! Regrettably, the area was inundated. Surprisingly, so did the next location I worked as a window dresser, salesperson, and customer service representative! Giving psychic advice was the very last thing on my mind. My actual role, though, is to guide others and provide proof that we are alive.

Have you ever provided a remarkable service to a client?

I’ve been lucky enough to see many lives transformed as a result of spiritual readings, but two individuals in particular stand out. I don’t recall their names, but I do remember their tale.

A lady came to me for advice since she was extremely sick at the time. Because she had such a strong connection to spirit, it became a spiritual lesson for her. She discovered motivation and the skills to assist herself after I offered her a consultation. Even better, she is still alive today, despite her sickness. The second was a very intimidating-looking guy who professed to be unconcerned about psychic abilities. He was in tears shortly after the reading started because I was able to link him with his mother and also tell him that he had a talent. What’s more, he’s developed into an incredible voice for spirit, which is really work pleasure!

Some of our customers’ stories

“I’m nearly speechless! I just gave Psychic Pilar my name and birthdate, yet she quickly recognized my ex’s name (a very unusual name) and my current POI. She was spot on with everything! I have faith in her timing. She has a rare talent. There are a few of other gifted psychics on here, but she is the greatest, hands down.” -Baltimore resident C.M.

“Psychic Rosanne is the greatest psychic I’ve ever met, and I’m eternally thankful. She always tells it how it is, even if it is terrible news. Six of your prophecies have come true. Your timeframes are really incredible. You predicted a breakup in a ‘9′ and it occurred in precisely 9 days; you predicted a breakup in a ‘4′ and it happened in 4 months. Someone wanted to look at vacation photos in ’10,’ and it occurred around 9 a.m., as you said. Your precision is unrivaled. Thank you very much!” -Anonymous

“Jeremiah the Psychic is incredible. He never asks any questions and double-checks that you comprehend what he says. He is very thorough with all of his information and is both honest and upbeat at the same time. I can’t wait for all of the wonderful things to start happening with my POI. Jeremiah is a delightful person to converse with. He is really talented and one of the finest. I’ll always call him since he never lets me down. Fantastic! Jeremiah, thank you!” -Uxbridge resident Karen

“It doesn’t get much better than this for a reading!” Charlotte is a gifted psychic who is both accurate and sympathetic. She goes right to the point without missing a beat while being compassionate. She delivers without being harsh or unpleasant, and she makes the most of your time! Your reading will go easily with Charlotte, and you’ll be looking forward to the next one! Charlotte is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. I know I’ll never be disappointed with her as my reader.” -Pasadena resident Omer

“I contacted Psychic Tara in a panic this morning, and she was very kind and helpful in guiding me through my worries and anxieties. She never makes me feel self-conscious about who I am! She encourages, but she does not impose… She has earned my trust and admiration. She is very gifted, and her predictions for me have always been spot on! If you want honesty and a lot of excellent information, I recommend getting a reading with Tara. You will not be disappointed!” Farmingdale, Farmingdale, Farmingdale, Farmingdale, Farmingdale, Farmingdale, Farmingdale

Do you want to express your gratitude to our psychics? In the comments, tell us about your experiences. Read Psychic Kallista’s Psychic Appreciation article here to learn more about how she thinks about California Psychics.

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