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Random Personal Update

I am glad to announce that I have started a new blog for astrology. I will be posting personal thoughts, experiences, and random musings on my interest in Astrology.

Sorry for the delay in posting! While I wasn’t able to get back to blogging as frequently as I’d like, I have been working hard at keeping my body healthy and fitness routine strong. Here’s a random update of what’s been going on:

Most of this blog on my site consists of game reviews, a few book reviews, and now that SKT III is in production, SKT status updates. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared any personal news with you. So let’s talk. Hello! How are you doing? Let me share with you what happened in my corner =)

The novel I started talking about… and didn’t?

In March 2020, I wrote the following: Adventures in writing a novel. And this: What it means to me to write and publish a novel about the problems of Asian-American children.

In 2013 I began this ambitious novel (I say ambitious because the plot and premise are really confusing and I wanted to achieve much more in terms of my own skill level than my technical ability or my ability to tell stories). I reached 37,000 words, after which I abandoned ship.

I went back to the same manuscript in 2015, threw out about a third of what I had written in 2013, kept going and got to 59,000 words, and then abandoned the project because it became too overwhelming.

In 2018, I threw out the 59,000 words of the previous manuscript, started over, wrote furiously for two years, and finished the manuscript in February/March 2020, just as the pandemic hit the US, with 118,000 words.

Deep down, I knew she wasn’t ready to give birth yet, but try telling that to an aspiring author who just finished the last sentence of her first novel, right?

I even received several requests for full manuscripts from prominent agents – I’m talking about the 1% frahlings – but each time I was turned down.

And I knew I’d be rejected too. I knew very well that my manuscript was not yet finished. I got the initial requests for the manuscript because I think I had a really good idea, a good plot, a pretty decent first 10 pages, but my execution in the middle and the way I tried to weave together two completely different timelines was sloppy.

The rejections troubled me, and yet – squirrel! – I concentrated on studying and learning the art and completed SKT III.

Now that SKT III is finished (well, the art part…. and James is in charge of the business part where we produce the game), I’m back to the novel.

I had to radically rethink the structure. And after going through an entire manuscript from a couple of writer friends, I decided to do something that hurts in my heart: kill my darlings. The novel of over 118,000 words has been reduced to 71,000 words. That’s right, I saved about 40% – and a lot of it (dare I say…. I mean, of course I would, but I’m an unreliable narrator here…) was well written!

Today, at 71k, I must rebuild, transform, build differently and try to succeed…. again. This time it also becomes more obvious that this is a Wuxia-style affair. It used to be, but not really. In this new attempt at a manuscript, we shall devote it entirely to the aspect of Uxia.

Career change

I also made a big change in my career. I went from private venture capital to public sector health law. I like everything about it so far. It’s a rewarding job that makes you feel important. In the previous incarnation of my legal career as an entrepreneur, I also reached a plateau and wondered what to do next?

This switch has become the perfect one for me. I am still corporate counsel and deal with transactions and regulatory compliance, but in a different capacity – this time for a public hospital organization that operates several hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare facilities. It was exciting to follow the learning curve of a new area of law. With the portfolio of experiences I brought to create political change, it was great to be part of important movements. The feeling of being emotionally and socio-politically invested in the work I do is very high.

I share this life story because it has implications for the Benebell Wen platform. Before that, in a previous job in business, I had reached a plateau, my career was on the decline, so I looked elsewhere for intellectual stimulation. This has led to more activity on my Benebell Wen platform. Now I feel really good about the work I do, and it takes up a lot more of my time because I want it to take up more of my time. This likely means less activity on this platform, such as. B. Making videos, etc.

The morning after our queen of the night blooms. Three full bloom periods this year 2021! Wow! A good omen…

Life Transition

In March 2021, James’ mother died of covidia. Her father, my father-in-law, is a full-time dependent. This left us with only one option: My father-in-law has come to live with us. James’s dad and I get along great, but I’m not the only one who admits that’s because I bit my tongue. He’s a tough old military man with a conservative ideology, who consumes fake news en masse, has no interest in what’s new or different, and simply has no filter. Zero filter. I joke with my mom that if I whisper mantras to myself these days, I’ll be a bodhisattva when this is over.

It was a contrasting experience to my own father. My father is by nature an academic, a philosopher and a scientist, but he is not just a scientist who invented and patented something that – joking aside, I am not just saying this because I am a daughter who admires her father – he is good at everything. That’s it.

He is a scientist, but also an incredibly talented artist and musician. I remember him picking up a guitar in my early childhood and playing the Moonlight Sonata effortlessly, and I said: Do you play guitar? Since when? He shrugged and made the comment carelessly: I’m not playing. Growing up with my dad, every two years we could discover a different talent from him. He never seems to run out of talent. He now grows several varieties of Vitis vinifera grapes for winemaking and cultivates ginseng. Like… Like what?

My father has a very gentle and thoughtful nature. He sits in silence, thinking, arguing, rationalizing and processing something before responding. It really bothered me as a kid because he always seemed to move so slowly. But I have to admit that when my dad started acting, all he had to do was hit and he was right on target. Boom! It’s done. Next.

The father-in-law is the opposite of that. Explosive, reactive, throw emotions out the window without really processing them or thinking about them. He has a short temper and swears a lot (even though I’ve never heard a swear word come out of my father’s mouth). He trusts everything he sees and hears in this short video app, which in mainland China is the government-approved version of TikTok.

Recently, during one of our family video chats, I asked my father what he thought of his father-in-law, what impression he had of him, and he told me the truth! Dad took his time, and you could see from his face that he was seriously thinking about it, and then he said in English: It’s simple.

What I can say about my positive experience with my father-in-law is that he seems genuinely impressed with everything I do. He’s seen some of the SKT Revelation work, and from his reaction, you’d think I just cured cancer. Unlike him, my own father is not at all impressed. He will carefully study the work I just sent him, look at it at length and then criticize it in very, very specific terms, tell me how I could have used the space better, that the light and shadows are not realistic and that I need to study the light again before I draw anything else, that the proportions are terrible, that I need to study human anatomy, and also guide me through your thought process and your inspiration – because what were you thinking when you drew this?

When James told his father how many SKT decks we had sold so far, his father beamed from ear to ear and exclaimed: See? And this doesn’t just apply to us! Everyone thinks she’s great! Everyone loves their work! And the father-in-law wasn’t just trying to be polite. His emotions are genuine. When I told my dad how many SKT games we had sold so far, he looked at me questioningly, took a moment to understand my words, and then answered: How did you convince so many people to buy an overpriced deck of cards?

You may have noticed that in 2021 I wrote and published mostly game reviews on my blog. I also made a page with a list of all the reviews of decks published on this site, which you can read here.

Bridge Reviews

Unfortunately, there are at least a dozen, if not more, reviews of this deck on this site that are not listed because I forgot to mark his deck review when I posted the review. This means that it is now virtually searchable. So at some point I have to go through everything, find those reviews, label them, and put them in that master list.

During my spring cleaning earlier this year, I found a lot of good, old-fashioned stuff in my collection that, for some reason, never made it into a game review, but wanted to. What you may have noticed about the reviews published so far in 2021 is a combination of highlighting old games and discussing new releases.

And that’s it. Thanks for stopping by!


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