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Rising Up and Gaining Independence from Turmoil

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The word crisis comes from the Greek, krisis, which means a turning point in the future. And a crisis, as you may have guessed, is a wake-up call to get moving and turn the tide towards a better life. In the past, a crisis was a time when the future looked bleak, something that was hard to see coming. Then there were times when the future looked so bright that we couldn’t imagine life without it. Those times when the world looked like the best place to be.

Rebellion and independence from agitation

According to Dictionary.com, independence means that a person is not influenced or controlled by others in terms of opinions and behavior. It also means to think or act for yourself.

This includes health issues or problems that a person may have.

This, my friends, is about letting go. You absolve yourself of responsibility and let great things happen because you KNOW, without a doubt, that they will happen.  You no longer have to worry about tomorrow and what it will bring, because you know that everything will be okay. Then you wake up in the morning with a pure and open heart and not with the same Oh great, now I have to get up.

Now you can ask me, as you all did before: Well, uh… How can I let go? What does it look like, and how do I know it’s happened? Maybe you’ve already tried to detach yourself from the situation, but no matter what you do, nothing works. It’s not your fault, you just didn’t have the tools or anything to compare it to. Are you ready for the answer?

Have I worked with any of you on your energy field and your chakras? When you did the breathing exercise, did you feel a breeze? It’s very similar to this experience. Time to save and upload…. However, it is much more intense than this light breeze. You get goose bumps all over your body….. That’s for sure…. It feels like an orgasm. That’s right, I said it. So it looks like… When you visualize letting go of everything, it feels very much like a state of gratitude. You begin to feel such joy, such excitement about your new life, that you get goosebumps, all those butterflies, maybe even tears of joy that you have finally, finally, finally accomplished your first mission!

If any of you are still having problems with this, I have a solution. Visualize your authentic self as you approach orgasm. I realize this may be sacrilege to some.  No offense or funny intended, but it is a natural function of our bodies and we should take it easy. It is a wonderful thing when you are in that moment of oneness with God and in that place of gratitude. That’s not bad… and for some people it works, at least at first, until you learn to let go. It’s a place that many people miss in their lives, and it shouldn’t sit idle for several seasons at a time. That doesn’t mean you have to have multiple partners and have as many orgasms as possible to be creative or get ready. You don’t need a partner for this, and it’s even better if you don’t have one, for the independence of your newborn. Learn to enjoy being alone with your body. It’s sacred.

Work with this key for about a week before moving on to key 7.

Celebrate your independence

To fully enjoy your independence, you need to be able to embrace it like any other asset you want to bring into your life.

To understand this, let’s look at what it really means to get.

Receive – acts as a receiving container. Ingest and use as food and absorb into the body. Take your mind and understand well with your mind or with your senses. (Free dictionary summary)

We are meant to enjoy life and celebrate constantly. Most of you should know by now that joy and happiness get you much further in life than being angry or depressed all the time. Do you ever go out and look at people? There were times when I would spend eight hours without seeing a single smiling person! It is indeed a sad state of affairs.

We were created to be happy and joyful….

I’m not saying you should never feel sadness or anger ….. Feeling these emotions is human. I just say feel it, let it go and enjoy the new day. I look back on my life when I was like many of you ….. Angry, full of self-hatred, full of others, without any joy. I was so busy being bored that I wasn’t enjoying life.

But she didn’t come to me without my job. I had to allow the joy to come to me and fill me. This is a wonderful part of that final step, all it takes is a willingness to sit back and embrace it. …. and be contained.

How many of us enjoy our lives? Many of us work from sunrise to sunset and beyond. For many of us, our home is our job. We say we work to live, but is it really living? Working so hard, sometimes eating next to nothing (how ironic), just to make the money so you can eat? So that we can enjoy the best things in life. And yet we don’t enjoy life because we’re too busy, we work too hard, we try to keep up with Jones or his ideas of what life is really like.

Take the time to… Smell the flowers, walk barefoot in the grass, moms and dads enjoy their kids….. They’ve only been young for a while…. Life is only here for a little while. So embrace it, embrace everything, make fireworks for yourself… and embrace your independence. Even in adversity, embrace it.

To get you started, I’ve created a mantra that you can say whenever it comes to mind.

I now have my strength and authenticity back! I’m whole, I’m beautiful… I am at peace.

In the next section I usually have people work on a breathing exercise, aura and grounding before I give them the next section. Some of you may have already received these exercises; others may be ready to begin. It’s as simple as saying it. Some of you will have difficulty with this exercise. If so, send me an email via the app and I’ll be happy to send you more exercises.

  1. My aura is unlimited.
  2. My chakras are completely balanced.
  3. My 120. The chakras are unlimited.
  4. My vibration is the vibration of the spirits, of the universe or of God.

With love and light…

Your friendly neighborhood psychic,


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