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Roxanne Psychic Astrologer Review- Is Roxanne Astrologer A Psychic Scam?

The astrologer has been accused of being a scam artist and fraudster. She is said to have taken money from her clients without providing the services promised.

A reader recently inquired about Roxane, a “psychic astrologer.” I wasn’t sure whether she was a genuine psychic or simply another con since I’d never heard of her before. I saw she had a sizable internet presence and decided to investigate more.

This was a bit tough at first since Roxane is a common name among psychics. It didn’t take long for me to figure out which of them was a complete liar.

https://www.astrology-psychic-reading.com/?media=BLOG&campaign=/ Roxane Psychic Astrologer It instantly struck me as a psychological rip-off.

Here are my justifications:

Roxane’s Backstory

Her website is quite similar to that of all the other phony psychics: She realized she was different from everyone else when she was quite little. She took the choice to pursue science in order to better understand her extraordinary abilities. She became well-versed in psychology and astrology. Then, of course, she had a life-altering experience that permanently altered her life.

This meeting was with an exceptional astrologer, whose name she would not disclose “out of respect” for him. That’s all we know about him—no further facts or information to persuade me of his existence. I think we’re simply meant to believe her…

This amazing individual is said to have taught her all she knows today. She discovered she could communicate with a different version of herself and started to learn how to manage her abilities. She then resolved to utilize her abilities for the greater benefit of humanity. She made the decision to earn a career by reading for others in order to assist them better their lives.

Aside from not providing more information about this mysterious guy who impacted her life, it all seems plausible. Everything else I learned throughout my investigation persuaded me that she isn’t a genuine psychic.

Is She Even A Human Being?

Roxane, like Master Abram, William Your Guardian Angel, Chris the Extraordinary, Psychic Esmeralda, and others, is a fraud. The only difference is that instead of using stock photos of psychics, Roxane utilizes her own picture.

Roxane Psychic Astrologer’s designers and masterminds took a sophisticated approach to her. They improved their game when they realized they couldn’t simply purchase a model’s stock picture and give him or her a psychic name. It’s obvious when they’ve done this, and it’s a dead giveaway that they’re a con artist.

Roxane’s management firm adopted a different strategy with her. They tracked out a real lady named Roxane who would pose as a clairvoyant for them. They compensate her for the use of her picture and likeness on the website and in all marketing communications.

That’s not to say she doesn’t utilize phony stock photos on her site! I’ll get to it in a minute.

Her engineers even went to the trouble of creating a social media presence for her. Her Instagram account may really persuade you that she is a genuine psychic.

They did a fantastic job of portraying her as a reliable lady with real psychic skills. If I hadn’t continued investigating, I may have been duped.

Why Can’t You Trust Her?

Roxane may be a real person with a believable social media presence, but that does not make her a genuine psychic. Her website is owned and managed by a business named Astroway Ltd, which I discovered.

The fact that they are headquartered in Gibraltar is a huge red flag. Tara Medium was developed by the same firm, Astroway Ltd. Tara Medium is a well-known psychic con that I’ve previously exposed.

Astroway Ltd is a private software and technology services business limited by shares, according to Bloomberg.com. This indicates that the business is owned and managed by a small number of individuals. They then split the profits evenly between themselves.

Over the years, they’ve begun and stopped many times. Each time they restart, they slightly alter their name to make it seem as though they are a new business. However, following the paper trail reveals the truth. They’ll most likely shut down when they’re about to or have already been exposed as a con.

One of the most apparent indications that they have unethical business practices is that they are located in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is often used as the headquarters of companies who do not wish to follow the laws or be honest.

Gibraltar is a tax haven where anything goes for companies who don’t want to do things the right way. Businesses that violate the law there also face no consequences. This implies they can take your money and no one will be able to stop them.

They have no one to stop them from taking your personal information and using or selling it. It is not possible to get compensated or take them to court. I usually advise my readers to stay as far away from psychics located in places like Gibraltar as possible!

Other psychics located in this area that I’ve examined include:

Psychic Esmeralda

Extraordinary Chris

Maria is a medium.

Your Guardian Angel, William

Mediumship of Angels Angela

Is There a New Lotus Web Psychic?

Her readings are generic and fake.1621979969_379_Roxanne-Psychic-Astrologer-Review-Is-Roxanne-Astrologer-A-Psychic-Scam

I usually join up for their “free” reading whenever I evaluate a new psychic. This reading, if you can call it that, was INCREDIBLY phony and generic, just as I feared. Free readings are nearly usually a scam, so I should’ve known. 

What I got was NOTHING like what I had expected. She essentially informed me that “lifetime luck” had arrived and that I needed to contact her AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to take advantage of it.

She then informs me that she received a virtual package at the conclusion of a worldwide video conference on “The Powers of Clairvoyance and Its Hidden Secrets.” That envelope included the names of individuals in desperate need of assistance, and guess what?

It just so happened to have my name on it!! She advised not to press her for an explanation as to how or why they got my name, but to just believe her.

If I’m being honest, this is one of the most absurd emails I’ve ever received. When it came to attempting to get me to pay her for a reading, she really went all out. She went on to say that she had found a curse that had been following me since I was a child.

The old’ curse scare technique is back, and it’s a goodie. Curses and spells don’t exist, and any “psychic” who claims they do is most likely attempting to deceive you. Please cease talking to them right now.

She then attempted to appeal to my money, hoping that I wouldn’t fall for the curse trap. She informed me that a large sum of money would be waiting for me today. All I had to do was fill out a paper requesting a “great miraculous intervention” and pay her $19.95.

This would usually cost me $29.95, but she lowered it for me and just me since she loved me so much and could see I was in desperate need of assistance. My eyes would be in the back of my skull if I continued to rotate them.

I also found it intriguing that she attempted to refer me to a different “psychic” called Isha at the conclusion of a couple of her emails. I’ll check into him and write a review on this psychic swindle as well.

I used a new identity and email address to join up for her readings. Exactly what I had predicted happened. Angela and I both received the EXACT identical emails and “readings” from her. I wish there were a method to sue businesses like these.

The worst businesses are those that profit on people’s emotions and weaknesses. Unfortunately, they are unable to do so due to their location in Gibraltar.

The Customer Testimonials She Provides Are False1621979969_706_Roxanne-Psychic-Astrologer-Review-Is-Roxanne-Astrologer-A-Psychic-Scam

As if all of the foregoing wasn’t enough to persuade me that Roxanne is a con artist, her website’s testimonials section did the trick.

Remember how I said that bogus psychics used stock photos of models? This is precisely what Roxane’s testimonials section at Astroway Ltd looked like.

All of the ostensibly “satisfied customers” are phonies. They are not real clients of hers, but rather models who were compensated for their photos.

They found photos of trustworthy individuals on stock photo websites, paid for them, gave them names, and then wrote a corny testimonial for them and posted it on the website.Roxanne-Psychic-Astrologer-Review-Is-Roxanne-Astrologer-A-Psychic-Scam

What does it say about a business if it needs to fabricate testimonials?

This indicates that she lacks genuine customer feedback and has no qualms about lying to potential new customers.

How can I trust anything else she says if she’s lying about this?

Roxane Psychic Astrologer, believe me when I say, is a psychic con artist who should not be believed!

Please save your money and seek for psychic assistance elsewhere, such as the ones listed on my psychic reviews page. These online psychic networks have been thoroughly verified and include genuine consumer feedback.

They aren’t some make-believe psychic business. Psychic Source is one of my favorites.

Thousands of clients have benefited from their services over the years, and they provide a satisfaction guarantee. This means you won’t have to worry about losing money if you’re not happy with your psychic reading.

If you need psychic advice, I strongly advise you to talk with one of them before going to a phony psychic like Roxane!

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