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Sapere Aude Magnets with the SKT Revelation Decks

We know the sun is the source of all life and that it rules human reason, but we also know that the sun has a partner, and it’s a galaxy named Sagittarius. The relationship between the two is symbiotic, and the facts that they are both Scorpio and they share the same symbology on their shared zodiac sign cards is no coincidence. In fact, we believe there are many astrological aspects we can use to gain insights into the relationship between the two.

Using the “Sapere Aude” method of using one’s intuition to make decisions, I have been using the SKT Revelation Decks. I have been astonished at the accuracy of the information in this deck. I asked a lot of questions about the tarot and received a lot of information that I now know is true and accurate. The SKT Revelation Decks are an amazing tool for anyone interested in astrology or the tarot.

The 5H of the Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. They are the most important signs in the zodiac. They each hold a powerful energetic force in the galaxy. The powers that be know this, and use them for their own selfish purposes. The Aries sign is known as the sign of the warrior, a power that is fierce and intense. The Taurus sign is known as the sign of the bull, strong, masculine energy. The Gemini sign is the sign of communication, the sign of a communicator. The Cancer sign is the sign of the crab, a weak energetic force, but with a strong need for protection. The Leo sign is the sign of the lion, a powerful,

. Sapere Aude Magnets with the SKT Revelation Decks


This illustration shows Mary of Judea (Mary of Hebraism or Mary the Prophetess) of the Six Swords (Key to Serious Success) and the 18th century motto. It is an illustration of the 18th century Enlightenment – Sapere Aude, dare to know, that is, to have the courage, the bravery and the inner strength to come to one’s own understanding of things. Mary the Jew was one of the first female alchemists and scientists in ancient history. The image of the magnet expresses Mary’s axiom: One becomes two, becomes three. word-image-15273

On this illustrated magnet you will also see the white dove of the Ace of Cups (Holy Grail), four triple rays of golden astral light from the key 12 : Birdless (Hanged Man tarot card, the main key to understanding the tarot, see Rachel Pollack), and the Full Moon of the Three Cups, the key to abundance (and was also in the background of the Six Swords card, both keys lying under the decanal ruler Mercury). word-image-15274 The star-shaped halo around the dove is the halo of the four archangels. There are a few other details in the magnet illustration that reference both the art of the game and me as an artist. I have deliberately chosen the emblems of certain cards in the deck, so that the illustration itself, as a composition of these cards, embodies the layout of the cards when reading the Tarot. word-image-15275 In the center of the red seal is the shining stone of Abraham, a gemstone called Tzohar, which is mentioned in the book Five Spheres, Wanderer. Binding of the book Azot (1659) by Basilius Valentinus (or Basil Valentinus). Azoth, or the means of making the hidden gold of the philosophers, by Brother Basil Valentinus ; Christofle Perier ; Jeremie Perier. Paris: Chez Ieremie & Christofle Perier, au Palais, MDCXXIV 1624. The Red Seal is not my original work. But I think it’s pretty clear. This is from Basil Valentine’s Nitrogen (1624). word-image-15276 word-image-15277 The outer ring represents the sentence: Visita Interiora Terræ Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem, or Visit the interior of the earth and, purified, thou shalt find the hidden stone. This is the alchemical spell V.I.T.R.I.O.L. It is the marriage of opposites, when the Sun and Moon merge in this central shell, and just below it is the glyph of Mercury. Around the bowl are the glyphs of the Holy Seven. Then you have the eagle, the lion and the seven-pointed star. The two hands in the sign of the blessing are a blessing. It is also possible that the red seal is the emblem of VITRIOLVM, with two extra letters at the end of VM, meaning Vera Medicine or True Medicine. The V.I.T.R.I.O.L. expressed by the Green Lion is also found on the Two Scales (Keys of Perfect Love). word-image-15278

The vitriol was already at 600 b. Chr. in Sumeria. In medieval alchemy, vitriol dissolved all substances except gold. And so it symbolizes spiritual purification. word-image-15279 The magnet depicted expresses the desire for such spiritual purification, which is achieved through mastery of the astral light. Click on the image file to download it. word-image-15280

All of this is listed on the front of the LWB (little white book), which is key 20: Apocalypse (also known as Revelation), as well as the addition of four sacred relics representing the four elements and the four colors of the Minor Arcana. The staff, chalice, sword and sphere are also depicted on the magnet. word-image-15281 It’s no different to think of what you can give as wrapping gifts than what you can give as wedding gifts (that comes to mind because my sister is getting married this summer). The bride wants personalized items with her name on them, but let’s face it, how many guests will use an item with someone’s name and birthday on it in their daily lives? In the business world, it’s pretty much the same thing. If the brand, logo or name of my tarot deck is on it, who is going to do anything with it? Or will it just be a waste product? Nevertheless, the importance of this type of product is branding and marketing, just as the importance of wedding favors is that guests can keep a souvenir of the event. So what do you do? I hope those business card sized magnets aren’t made for free. The magnet is supposed to be a talisman that draws deserved success, abundance and perfect love to you. For me it’s also a memory: Don’t be intellectually lazy. Mastery and spiritual purification require work. If you don’t decide, you won’t know.

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