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Saturn Station Direct: October 10, 2021

Saturn station is the second most important astrological event in a person’s life. It happens on October 10, 2021 and it will be the last time that this event occurs for another 20 years.

The saturn direct october 2021 is an astrological event that will take place on October 10, 2021. It is a day when the planet Saturn will be in alignment with the constellation of Scorpio.


Direct from Saturn Station 


10th of October, 2021


7:17 p.m. (PDT) 


Aquarius is the sixth sign of the zodiac.



Saturn’s retrograde phase, which began on May 23 at 13 Aquarius, comes to an end. At 6 degrees Aquarius, it is stationing direct. Back in the spring, I wrote about Saturn’s retrograde. Saturn is in a sign for around two and a half years, just to remind you. When the globe was put under lockdown owing to Covid, Saturn, the planet of limitation, entered Aquarius, the sign of community and technology. Before Saturn entered Aquarius, youngsters used the term ‘zoom’ to describe pushing their toy vehicles over the floor. Zoom is becoming a critical tool for workers, families, and communities who are just wanting to remain in touch. Aquarius, of course, is the sign that governs modern technologies.  



We may evaluate how we are managing our community as we enter a direct Saturn cycle. Have we discovered our peeps’ circle? Is a new circle required? Are there individuals we’re missing that we’ve taken for granted? Are we able to locate individuals who share our viewpoints? Are we collaborating to achieve a common goal? As we recover from the Saturn retrograde, there is a lot to consider. Perhaps some of the obstacles will be reduced. Perhaps the barriers we have built in our hearts and souls, as well as our strong views about why we don’t like others, will become more apparent. Of course, Saturn values prudence in friendships and communities, but isolating oneself from others aligns with a less productive Saturn in Aquarius, which may lead to a double dose of loneliness. Next summer, we’ll have another cycle of Saturn in Aquarius retrograde, so we’ll keep learning what’s essential to us in terms of community/friends/circles/like-minded objectives. I expect the darker side of technology to be in the spotlight, and it’s worth remembering that Facebook’s practices were in the spotlight during the retrograde. When Saturn goes straight, I’m sure there will be more to disclose. Meanwhile, Saturn is edging closer to its final square with Uranus, which will occur on December 23. Things are becoming more intense. What is it that works? What isn’t working? What innovative ideas and energetic activity piques our interest? The importance of game-changing events and situations will not be overlooked.   




The jupiter direct october 2021 is a planetary event that has been predicted to happen on October 10, 2021.

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