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Secrets of the Jewelry Box Tarot by Timea

This is an article about information you need to know when you’re reading the Tarot cards.

As many of you know, jewelry boxes are not only a means to keep our pretty shiny jewelry, they are also important as a means of divination. Some of you amateur dreamers might have resorted to using the Jewelry Box Tarot to get insight into your future. If you have done this, you have probably been disappointed by the lack of detail, with the exception of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana, which represent the four suits of the Tarot, are generally thought of as most important.

I was lucky enough to preview Timaea Mehe’s book, The Secrets of the Jewel Box Tarot. Mehesh is a goldsmith and jewelry designer who has been interested in mysticism and esoteric arts since his early childhood.

This game intrigued me because I’ve never seen anything like it. The concept is ambitious. Mehesh is a goldsmith and jewellery designer. She makes jewellery from recycled materials. Secrets of the Jewelry Box is a photographic collection of her beautifully crafted jewelry, each inspired by a tarot card. What if you opened your box and each gem was connected to one of the Tarot keys?

According to Mehesh, recycled jewellery carries memories, tells stories and preserves the essence of human destiny. Product recycling is experiencing a renaissance. And now it is a soul that has many incarnations, created by the hands of artists.

Jewelry can be designed to not only adorn the body but also have a special effect on the soul, Mehesh writes. The symbols of the tarot cards have been replaced by the pictorial concepts of my ornaments, which will lead you into a world of mystery to guide us all in the important decisions of our lives.

I read somewhere – and I have no idea if this is true or has any rational basis – that older people, and especially nursing home patients, are more emotionally stable when they wear jewelry – something psychological that has to do with eliciting positive emotions. I don’t know and I don’t pretend to know, but I like the idea and if it works, even if it’s a placebo, I’m for it.

In general, wearing certain jewelry can increase your self-confidence or improve your mood. Wow. Let’s talk talisman magic.

Combine that with the design of the tarot deck, and you have a compelling premise.

If you are fluent in Hungarian, check out Timéa’s book, Secrets of the Jewel Box, which tells the story of several family jewels. It tells of the transformation of memory and jewels, such as. For example, by making a necklace out of her grandmother’s comb or by making a Russian filigree bracelet as a sentimental gift from her father to her daughter.

In her jewelry, Timea is aware of the alchemical composition between the elements of fire, water, air and earth, which are depicted in various ornaments. This led to her fascination with tarot and esotericism. Her first tarot deck was like a silver box, and she began collecting tarot decks like one collects jewelry. This is how the idea was born to create the Secrets of the Jewel Box Tarot.

Just as an illustrator puts his hand to the canvas to interpret classic tarot symbolism and create a deck of 78 cards, Timaea has created her own tarot deck by interpreting classic tarot symbolism using metalwork.

While studying the Kabbalah, she specifically sought a Kabbalistic common denominator, rooted in the elements and numerology, between the essence of her ornaments and the essence of each Tarot key.

Timaea sent me an English translation of the text that gives the meaning of the cards. For each arcanum the text gives the Kabbalistic message, the Jungian archetype, the general archetypes, the numerology and the connection with the tree of life.

Nonetheless, the connection of the jewels to the tarot cards is too subjective for me to meaningfully comment on an approach to evaluate such a deck. Rather, I am struck by the way the principle of this game pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the figurative interpretation of the Tarot.

It is clear from the included instructions that Timaea has mastered several esoteric systems, and the thoroughness of the correspondences and symbolism in Secrets of the Jewelry Box Tarot is unmistakable just by browsing the accompanying texts.

The amount of love and care that went into the design of every aspect of the deck fascinated me. The set comes in a tergrijs ribbon bag wrapped with a ribbon containing a marked charm.

I like to do card readings to take the mental temperature of my aura with a deck like this. I drew the Knight of Pentacles. A little fun on the side: You can definitely buy more jewelry with this deck. When I pulled out this card, I thought: Oh wow, you know I really need a brown jasper cabochon gemstone ring in a sterling silver setting….. =)

The English guide includes a Myers-Brigg chart for judicial maps. The Knight of Pentacles in the Secrets of the Jewelry Box Tarot deck correlates with the ESFP personality type, so I read it as the personality I’m emanating at the moment.

Timaea explores each card in this deck and its inspirations in detail on her blog, the link to which you can find here, so be sure to take a look.

Also check out their online store at E&T Design, where you can buy some of their beautiful jewelry and pre-order the Tarot Jewel Box Secrets.

Pre-order Tarot Secret Jewellery Box

FTC Notes: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Part 255, Guidelines for the Use of Endorsements and Reviews in Advertising, I received from the artist a deck of cards and a set of books for possible review. Everything I’ve said here honestly and accurately reflects my opinion of the game.


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