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Everyone desires a deeper understanding of themselves. Self-realization is a journey towards a fundamental understanding of your true nature. It is a journey to find your inner truths and a path to self-knowledge.

Self Realization is the key to change our life, but the key to Self Realization is hidden in our own mind. To find the key is to find the mind. To find the mind is the key. As the key to Self Realization is hidden in our own mind, we need to understand our mind. We need to understand the different parts of our mind, the different modes or thoughts that arise in our mind, and our different types.


When one understands there is no beginning, no end, no time, and no ultimate grasp; when one recognizes there is no sense, and everything is continuously shifting within the plurality of reality. When we believe we are separated, we believe we are disconnected from reality. We go about our everyday lives without ever understanding or feeling this non-dualism reality. Of enlightenment or moksha. This is true when we are touching the truth of reality and can see it inside ourselves, also known as a release and immediate awakening called in Zen Buddhism as satori ( rapid awakening ). We don’t need a book, religion, or faith to observe the divine; all we have to do is shut our eyes for a minute. This is the great existential miracle of our time. When we, as human beings, recognize that we are connected to and aware of the interconnected nature of all things. In that moment, we lose our inability to live with pain. We eliminate pain instantly and no longer give it a chance to live. When we examine deeply inside nature, in the core of our inner being, we discover that there is no pain, no birth, and no existence fundamentally present. We are the essence of all that is, and we are the essence of all that is. As we explore our inner world via meditation and profound thought, we encounter a complexity that reflects both the inner and outside worlds. We’re using an age-old method called self-inquiry. This is a strong yoga technique in Hinduism in which we sit for a minute and close our eyes. Asking ourselves questions like “who am I truly?” with our eyes fully focused on our inner awareness and without getting caught in the playing voices of our personalities or emotions that rise and fall. Alternatively, there are the illusory Projections. When you concentrate on the being that exists beyond thought and emotion, the being that exists beyond experience and experience, you will be able to see the being that exists beyond thought and emotion. That would be limited to the outside and inner worlds, as well as that which combines them both. You were instantly linked to all of yourself as you began to awaken to your real nature, and you no longer felt a feeling of anxiety, tension, anguish, or even a desire to propagate ongoing concepts or objectives. One just lives in a state of serenity, knowing that you are all that is, that you are the ultimate objective of reality, that you are the ultimate existence of this planet and this world. This is the reality in which you are always changing and evolving. Developing an airy connection to development via evolution. You were both transcending and waking. When one taps into the spiritual force inside themselves, it is a tremendous experience. Like a mirrored picture in a mirror, they examine themselves from inside. In reality, knowing that you can cleanse yourself via this meditation exercise. You discovered the reality of what it means to be linked to everything via self-discovery and self-inquiry. You may wonder what the purpose of it all is. Well, it’s fascinating to know that we have the choice to opt out of the pain, anguish, and continuous need to establish new goals and ambitions, to be constantly assaulted with ideas and consumerism in this life. This is a brief existential window through which we may leave the temple of pain and illusion.

This is a domain of dharma, a dimension of serenity. We may reach this stage anytime we are in pain and want to know more about the truth that we know exists. We struggle and question people who claim to know, such as religious leaders, if we don’t know- yet this is a strong technique in which we accept literature that is inspired by the practice of wisdom. This is an effort to assist a person in realizing the actual nature of our world. So, in some way or another, we are heavenly creatures fortunate to be here in the profusion of our reality, living with other multitude of lovely creations. We are both one of many and all of them at the same time. I’m pleased to report that this is something we can all be aware of as we go toward awareness, mindfulness, and self-inquiry. If you find yourself in a situation where you are suffering and wish to discover a way to access this transitory pain, you may use the self inquiry technique described in this article. There’s no need to do anything else except sit down, shut your eyes, and meditate on your own being; the essence of what is inside and what is. Do not refer to it as your brain or your body; do not even refer to it as your self or ego. There are no good or bad labels. Simply live in the present moment of serenity and freedom, touching the dharma’s dee drop.

We are aware that we have the option of considering a complicated fire in our living environment in order to make our lives suffer or to make our lives tranquil at this time. To create our lives what they are, we have a cosmic and personal option. So, while we are suffering, we must find a way to cope with it; tonight, thrash with the pain in order to tame it. It was a result of the feeling of giving up. It’s about drawing attention to the suffering and saying, “I see you and I love you.” You’ll quickly see that you’ve merged into Citori’s example. A feeling of uniting with the vast Dharma and the big cosmic underlying energy that underpins everything. You will be aware of any discomfort that the body may be experiencing. Yes, the mind, body, and spirit will all work together to help you be free in the present by tuning in to the vast wheel of dharma, which will result in a tremendous relief of suffering.

I hope that this has prompted you to reflect about the purpose of your reality. If they were not supposed to suffer, you were not meant to be sad; instead, you were meant to be a calm, joyful person. Even if you were suffering, you were not meant to try to change the circumstance; instead, you were meant to simply be happy in the present, no matter how terrible it was. It will change soon, and you will be joyful once again. Remember that everything is transitory and does not exist in a formal definite perspective. However, you are a part of a continuous wave of change; you are the wave, the cloud, and the ground. You may observe this and tune yourself to the divinity that is by just living in the harmony that is given by shutting your eyes and enquiring inside. You may call it anything you like, but it is always with you. Do not be concerned if you seek direction and clarity because you feel lost in your life. For I am delighted to be available to you whenever you need assistance or clarification. On your evolving path, feel free to seek personal spiritual advice, spiritual therapy, and whatever esoteric information you need. You are not alone, and I am glad to always be there if you need assistance.

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