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Setting intentions – The New Moon & Tarot

The Moon is a powerful force in our lives and in our world. It is the source of many myths, legends, superstitions, and old wives tales. It is also the source of many everyday superstitions – like setting an intention, like drinking a cup of coffee, wearing the color blue, or crossing your fingers before you make a wish.

The full moon is an important astrological event for those who use the Western Zodiac. Because the moon’s gravitational field reflects the sun’s, it is able to exert an influence over all of the planets. Traditional astrology, however, focuses on the Sun and the Moon as the primary influences on the elements. In the book, “Setting Intents,” Llewellyn presents a new astrological system which includes both the Moon and the Sun as important astrological forces. It utilizes the Tarot to help us set our intentions for the month, major life changes, and emergencies.

In today’s blog, I want to talk about setting intentions. I will start by sharing an example of setting an intention and how this affects my life. Each year, the full moon is an amazing time to examine our lives and to look at the past and future in hope of making a few small changes that could improve our situation. I will also discuss a few tarot cards and how they can be used to help us to make the right decisions.

In this strange year (and more), we’ve lost track of time, haven’t we? Sometimes things seem to move fast, other times they seem to stand still. The days of the week do not have the same meaning. Most importantly, we can’t celebrate milestones, holidays and special events like we normally do. If we don’t think about it and make an effort, our rituals will begin to fade.

This is where the moon comes in. We can trust the moon and her phases. It’s constantly changing, growing and shrinking, which gives us a great reference point to work from and keeps us connected to the world beyond our immediate surroundings. The moon reminds us of the eternal and that we are part of a bigger story than we can currently see. We can mark time and make the most of it as the moon guides us.

Let’s talk about the new moon.

The new moon is a time to make good resolutions and carry them out. We can let go of what is finished or useless and think enthusiastically about what we want to create next. Take that intention, plant the seed, and as the moon grows, your intention will grow and flourish.

For me, intention is a desire, but it is supported by energy, focus and action. By taking the time to create an intention with the New Moon ritual, you are letting the Universe know that you are serious and that you want something to happen.

Here’s a tarot reading to help you create that energy and focus and spur you into action.

Before engaging in divination, do a short meditation to clear your mind and heart. Take a deep breath and imagine filling your entire body with white moonlight. This light cleanses all that you no longer need to carry or erect. When you feel this clarity, let the light flow into a comfortable and soothing darkness.

Then shuffle the cards and lay them out with these questions in mind:


For card 1 – look at the card and find your own life story and situation. What do you see there that can be released? Whether it’s success or defeat, happiness or sadness, letting go will be a relief. Thank him or forgive him and let him go.

For card #2 – This is your INTENT. Be passionate about what you do, be determined and believe in your ability to achieve your goal. Take the time to visualize it, first see it small, far away or a little blurry, and then mentally focus on something bigger.

For card #3 – Think of a specific action you can take. It can be something practical or a symbolic ritual. Let the Universe know that you are committed to your purpose and that it is already beginning to manifest for you.

Take your time with the cards. Make the most of it. Write down your interpretations and impressions. Try to reduce what you read to a short statement of intent or a motivating sentence. Write this statement on a piece of paper, put it under your pillow at night and let it come true in your dreams.

The sun is in the sign of the new moon, which is known as the sun’s light being in the darkest recesses of the moon. As the darkness of the new moon is a time of intense focus, it is a perfect time to dedicate ourselves to the goals we have set for ourselves.. Read more about full moon manifestation ritual 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set intentions on a new moon?

You can set intentions on a new moon by focusing on what you want to manifest in your life.

Do you set intentions on a full moon or new moon?

I set intentions on a full moon or new moon.

How do you write new moon affirmations?

New moon affirmations are written in the same way as full moon affirmations.

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