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Shani MahaDasha: Effects and Remedies

The Shani MahaDasha is one of seven major Hindu or Jyotish or Vedic Astrology events, known as Grahas. The Grahas are primarily based on the changing of the moon phase (Moon Shani), but also move the planets.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about Shani MahaDasha in the form of content and discussion.

Astrology is an ancient science dating back to the Rig Veda, which means it has been around for over 4,000 years. Although there are many different schools of thought, there are a few things nearly all astrologers agree on. The most basic is that when two planets are in direct opposition to each other, the planet that is in the other’s sign is considered to be the dominant planet, while the other is the secondary planet. For example, Mars is in the sign of Aries while Saturn is in Scorpio. In this case, Mars is the dominant planet and Saturn is the secondary planet. When two planets are in mutual reception (that is, the two planets are in the same sign), they are said to be in

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What does Shani Maha Dasha entail?

According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn, or Shani, is the most powerful planet. It is one of the most powerful planets in the universe. Discipline, hard effort, karma, patience, ambition, longevity, and delay are all linked with it. On the other side, since it is the slowest-moving planet, it is dry, desolate, and frigid. Saturn’s influence are felt more strongly and for a longer length of time than those of other planets. Some of these impacts, such as Shani Mahadasha and Saade Saati, have severe and unexpected outcomes. It has the ability to bestow either success or misery on the native. Saturn is favorable to those born under the sign of Venus. Saturn, or Shani Mahadasha, governs a person’s life for 19 years and provides many chances throughout that time. Shani is the Supreme Judge of the Universe, and he will not tolerate injustice. Throughout the Mahadasha, a person will encounter many difficulties in every area of their life, all of which are brought about by Shani. Saturn will severely punish anyone who engage in illegal, unjust, criminal, or illegitimate acts. The Mahadasha phase is likewise a highly laborious era of one’s life, although the results are often sluggish at this time. Shani is impartial when it comes to giving gifts since people only receive what they deserve. One learns to confront hard reality, intense labor, and continuous development while going through the Mahadasha. Shani Mahadasha instills discipline in our lives, allowing us to maintain our duties while also strengthening and enhancing our abilities. Shani Mahadasha is characterized by a significant growth in knowledge and a deep trust in god. It makes us humble and grounded people. Happiness and renown would come with a favorable Mahadasha era.

During the Shani Mahadasha, what happens? 

Shani Mahadasha necessitates hard effort; nevertheless, regardless of whatever house Shani is situated in your kundli, the outcomes are solely determined by our past lives’ karma. Hard work and effort are the only ways to attain success. As Shani puts your drive, tenacity, and integrity to the test, you may encounter delays, roadblocks, and rejections along the path.

Shani Mahadasha’s Beneficial Effects

Shani Mahadasha impacts play a significant part in beautifully molding your character and destiny. Massive riches, success, and monetary benefits are among the favorable consequences. During this Mahadasha, you may see a rise in your social standing. Success may sometimes come easy to you even if you haven’t worked hard, and it all depends on where Saturn sits in your birth chart. You acquire greater knowledge, spirituality, longevity, influential friends, and social standing during Shani Mahadasha. Saturn is the planet of karma, hard labor, truth, and destiny, therefore your life will revolve around these themes. The Saturn Mahadasha gives you inner strength and power, allowing you to confront and conquer any difficulties or hurdles that come your way. The road to success is not precisely a bed of flowers; rather, it is difficult and fraught with obstacles. Indulging in illegal and unjust acts would only earn one Saturn’s wrath and punishment, therefore one must strive to do good and righteous things and keep a clean slate.

Shani Mahadasha’s negative consequences

You may experience restlessness, dread, anguish, agony, health problems, grief, the loss of loved ones, the loss of a source of money, and so on during Shani Mahadasha. Delays become a part of life, whether they are caused by starting a project or completing a goal. You will face challenges in all aspects of your life, whether personal or professional. Slowness is another effect of Shani Mahadasha, which makes you sluggish and prevents you from achieving your objectives. There may be significant losses that are irreversible, and they may drive you down the wrong road or into unhealthy habits. During the Shani Mahadasha, people may feel disconnected from their loved ones, making things more difficult for the locals.

Effects of Shani Mahadasha on other planets

Under Shani Mahadasha, positive benefits are felt during the Venus and Mercury Antardaashas. When combined with the Sun, Moon, or Mars, the results are negative. Saturn Antardasha under Shani Mahadasha may help you acquire wealth, social support, and a higher social status in life. On the other hand, depending on a variety of circumstances, this Mahadasha may have negative consequences. Those born under the ascendants of Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, and Virgo may benefit from the Shani Mahadasha. Those born under the ascendant of Aries or Pisces, on the other hand, may suffer hazardous and malefic consequences during the Saturn Mahadasha.

Shani Mahadasha has various Antardasha consequences.

It is essential to check the birth chart while analyzing the impacts of Shani Mahadasha for each person in order to anticipate the strength of Shani Mahadasha effects individually. However, general forecasts based on the influence of planets’ Antardasha during Shani Mahadasha may also assist to understand how Shani Mahadasha might affect a person and what treatments can be used to counteract its negative effects.

Shani Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Assuming that Saturn remains untouched in the horoscope, the local has a better life during the Shani Mahadasha. This time is also good for settling family problems. During this period, natives benefit from social support. If Saturn is afflicted or malefic, however, this Mahadasha period may cause problems in the workplace, in family ties, and so forth. Aggression, jealousy, dispute, and stomach issues may all be more common among natives.

Shani Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

In Mercury Antardasha, the negative impacts of Saturn in the horoscope are partly balanced. The native is well-liked by his peers and has access to a variety of facilities. The Mahadasha era is favorable for commercial development and professional accomplishments. The Mahadasha impacts make a person compassionate, clever, and efficient in dealing with difficulties. During this Antardasha, they voluntarily participate in social service and charitable activities.

Shani Mahadasha’s Ketu Antardasha

The spiritual tendencies of the local will be aided by this Mahadasha. There’s a possibility you’ll be able to go internationally. Because of the connection with the 12th house, income will rise during this Dasha era, but expenditures will rise as well. The negative consequences make people weak from the inside out. They may feel dissatisfied and at odds with one another. There may be marital and family problems. As a result, the native may become more interested in religion and spirituality.

Shani Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

After a time of suffering and struggle, the locals may finally glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel as life resumes its original path toward a good direction. Assume that Saturn is a benefic planet in the birth chart. In such situation, it bestows marital bliss, and the locals are free to spend on comforts and pleasures. During this Mahadasha period, you may advance in your profession and get promotions, as well as have the chance to go abroad. On the other hand, the malefic Saturn in the horoscope may bring eye and fever problems. Relationships between spouses may be strained. 

Shani Mahadasha’s Sun Antardasha

There will be some difficulties in professional life during the Sun Antardasha era, which may cause a delay in attaining achievement. There may be issues with authority as well as disputes with fathers or fatherly figures. The native is susceptible to false family charges and estrangement from family members. Enemies will attempt to exploit the native’s vulnerability and create difficulties. Fever, headaches, heart difficulties, and other health issues may arise during this time.

Shani Mahadasha’s Moon Antardasha

This Mahadasha phase has a negative effect on the lives of the natives. Due to difficulties in their work and personal lives, they may feel restlessness, sadness, and mental tension. As a consequence, the locals may experience mental fatigue and loneliness. Enemies will multiply and cause you problems at every turn. It’s also possible that there will be financial swings. Participating in spiritual activities may assist in reducing negative impacts and achieving mental serenity. Shani Mahadasha Mars Antardasha Mars makes inhabitants more aggressive. It’s possible that you’ll develop a sense of authority and dominance. Relationship issues would inevitably arise as a result of this. It’s critical to keep your cool and avoid using angry words, otherwise the repercussions will be disastrous. It’s possible that you’ll have conflicts with your life partner, which may lead to a breakup. During this time, skin allergies may remain. Enemies will try to tarnish your reputation. It’s possible that you’ll lose your job, which would make it more difficult to achieve your own objectives. When starting a new career or workplace, natives must use caution.

Shani Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

During this time, there may be some unnecessary disputes. Due to uncertainties and difficulties, natives may be discouraged from pursuing achievement. As a result, throughout this Dasha era, hard effort should be the motto. There may be mental strain and stress. Rather of relying on others for help, natives must work harder and become self-sufficient. It’s possible that your career and status may suffer. It is critical and necessary to use care while interacting with individuals. On the plus side, during this Mahadasha season, locals may have the chance to go overseas.

Shani Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

Jupiter is a benefic planet in Astrology and, like Saturn, is linked with wisdom and spirituality. During this Mahadasha phase, Jupiter counteracts Saturn’s malefic influences. Because of Jupiter’s benign presence, the local gains knowledge and education. They have the intellect, tenacity, and drive to overcome whatever hurdles or adversaries they face. The family will be happy, and the professional path will be altered for the better. This will reduce mental tension and boost interest in spirituality and spiritual activity. The locals will be relieved in general throughout this Antardasha.

Shani Mahadasha Remedies to Lessen the Effects

By combining mantric and dharmic practices, the consequences of Shani Mahadasha may be mitigated or negated to some extent. Hanuman Chalisa: For people in the Saturn Mahadasha or Sade Sati, Hanuman Chalisa is said to have a calming impact on Saturn’s destructive influence. The Hanuman Chalisa’s 40 lines are believed to be very potent, since they enable the chanter to gain merit for achieving the 8 Murtis, 12 Jyotirlingas, 5 Mukhis, and 15 Eyes. On Saturdays and Tuesdays, chanting the Hanuman Chalisa eight times will assist individuals in witnessing this planetary alignment. Taking part in a willful donation is a great way to give back to the community. Shani Mahadasha or Shani Sade Saathi’s negative consequences are the result of poor karma collected in previous lives. Donating to people in need would assist the local gain good karma and facilitate a smooth transition throughout the Mahadasha era. Donating black cloth, mustard seeds, or mustard oil is said to be auspicious and counteracts the period’s negative effects. Providing food for the poor: Serving and feeding the poor and needy is also said to be an excellent cure for making a smooth transition during the Mahadasha period. These activities should not be undertaken for monetary gain; rather, they should be undertaken with the greatest respect and dedication. Serving a home-cooked dinner to hungry people with love rather than restaurant-ordered meals will always help you gain karma points since the intention is to serve rather than to complete the task. Body detoxification Smoking, drinking, using narcotics, and smoking marijuana take people out of touch with their conscience, causing them to do heinous actions without thinking. Saturn will be enraged since he is the judge of the planets and does not pardon injustice. Detoxifying oneself and abstaining from such behaviors during the Mahadasha month would benefit not only one’s health but also one’s karmic chart. Chanting the Shani Mantra: By chanting mantras that help counteract the negative effects of this time, one may please Saturn and acquire knowledge. It is recommended that you chant the Shani mantra, Sheena Bheej mantra, and Shani Gayatri Mantra at least once a day. Performing nice deeds The Mahadasha era will test you because of your bad karma from previous incarnations. As a result, one must participate in as many good acts as feasible. Helping the poor, feeding the hungry, donating as much as possible, staying away from illegal activities, being honest in your relationships, and actively monitoring yourself and doing things that have a positive impact on your karmic chart will all help to counteract the malefic effects of Shani Mahadasha.

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The first rule of astrology is that it is always in the present tense. That is, it is not a science that deals with the past or future. It is a science of the now. The past and future are not our concern. It is the present.. Read more about shani mahadasha after 40 years and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we do in Shani Mahadasha?

In Shani Mahadasha, the sun is in its weakest position. It is a time of year when the days are shorter and colder.

What are the ill effects of Shani Mahadasha?

Shani Mahadasha is the period of time when the moon is in the constellation Aries. It is believed that this period can cause a number of health problems and has been associated with many diseases, including cancer.

How can we reduce the effects of Shani?

The best way to reduce the effects of Shani is to avoid it. If you are not able to avoid Shani, then try to find a way to counter it.

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