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Social Media Is Poison and You Should Detox Immediately

Social media is a fount of information. It’s a scary place where we are exposed to a dizzying array of information, opinions, and agendas. It’s there that we see an aghast view of the world, make friends with pretentious narcissists, and find out that the world is more than just our problems. For every “good” thing, there are countless “bad” things. It’s a place of pure light and dark, where we see the light and are blinded by the darkness. Social media is a poison that destroys our ethical principles, our minds, and lives.

Social media is one of the most popular ways people find out about a wide range of topics these days, but it can also be harmful to your health. If you’re a social media addict then you need to detox immediately. Here’s a few ways to detox from social media.

So, you’re on social media, posting all kinds of things on your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter accounts, but how much, and what is all this really doing to you and your life? Some people “use social media” to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones, while others use it as a way to stalk people they’ve met in person. Most of us use social media to connect with brands and other people, but social media has also become a battleground between brands and users, and doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual social interaction that makes social media useful.

Even if your exposure to social media is limited, it is still causing you more damage than good. Still don’t trust me? Then continue reading.

The power of social media to keep people linked is certainly something that most people you know swear by. However, in fact…

Social media isolates you from others.

Take a stroll along a city sidewalk. How many individuals do you see glued to their phones? Take a seat at a restaurant. How many individuals would rather type than speak? Perhaps you were too preoccupied with your phone or tablet to notice.

You may or may not have noticed that Western civilization is collapsing, depending on your degree of social media addiction. The destruction of language and communication is taking place. Aside from the horrendous language and spelling, social media isn’t really a place for completely expressing oneself.

Instead, it allows for short bursts of emotion without vocal tone and context. This creates a cesspool of miscommunication often resulting in relationships being destroyed over religion, race, politics, and everything in-between.

As if misunderstandings weren’t terrible enough…

Mind-Expansion Is Prevented by Social Media

We can surround ourselves with a large number of individuals who share our views on social media, and we can simply dismiss those who disagree with us with the press of a button.

When we continually share our views in this virtual echo chamber, our own beliefs are constantly reinforced, and exposure to new ideas becomes more difficult. And, depending on our degree of emotional development, we often respond to opposing viewpoints with rage or forced solitude.

The Environment on Social Media Is Frequently Toxic

Because of the relative anonymity of social media, we may vent our rage at someone with a different viewpoint in ways we would never do if we were talking face-to-face. In many respects, social media (particularly comment sections) has devolved into a virtual sewer, draining humanity’s most heinous ideas and feelings.

It’s not always intended to be negative. Our brief blurbs are often taken out of context since we lack the luxury of voice tone, body language, and even face emotion. But even if you don’t use social media to air your grievances…

Real Relationships Can Be Transformed Into Superficial Relationships Using Social Media

Yes, it’s wonderful to be able to communicate with our real-life friends and family members at any time. However, we often opt to click ‘like’ rather than make a phone call, to press ‘share’ rather than have a genuine discussion, and to write ‘amen’ rather than going out there and making a real impact in the world.

And, let’s face it, every second we waste scrolling through our social media feeds is time we might be spending with the people in our immediate vicinity. And, as if it wasn’t terrible enough…

Inadequacies are fostered through social media.

We frequently use social media to portray the reality we want people to believe, whether we know it or not. As a result, we only witness the highlights of other people’s life. We seldom witness the fighting, the filth and mess, or the profound emotional anguish that individuals are experiencing.

This makes us question whether we’re the only ones with less-than-ideal lifestyles. We may get focused on our perceived flaws.

Hours of your life are consumed by social media.

It’s in the nature of social media to be addicted. Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites releases endorphins, whether you’re looking for contentious news stories, sports banter, or creative craft ideas. Pleasure regions in your brain flare up like a pinball machine every time your eyes fall on anything fascinating.

While this may seem to be harmless entertainment, it is really very addicting, which is why you find yourself scrolling through useless drivel for minutes, hours, days, and, eventually, years of your life.

It is impossible to overestimate the severity of social media addiction. It’s almost difficult for some individuals to put their phone or tablet down and go to sleep at night. Physical regeneration and healing are built on the foundation of sleep.

Some people’s addictions are so severe that they experience anxiety and despair when they can’t access their social media accounts. This is, without a doubt, a chemical dependence.

You Should Immediately Detox From Social Media Because It Is Literally Poison

Unless you’re at the peak of self-worth and independence, social networking is probably doing more damage than good to you. While it is almost difficult to completely eliminate it from our lives in today’s world, the less exposure you have to it, the better your life and relationships will be.

Sleeping, listening to nature sounds, learning a language, going for a walk, getting some fresh air and sunshine, having an actual conversation with another living person, petting your dog or cat, cooking and eating real food, reading an actual book with paper and ink, dancing, cleaning your house, watching a classic film are all things you can do instead of scrolling through social media posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to detox from social media?

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How long should you do a social media detox?

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What happens when you social media detox?

Social media detox is the act of going without any type of social media for a period of time. Many people have done it and claim improvements in their lives. Q: Is it illegal to fake a panic attack? It is illegal to fake a panic attack for the purpose of getting

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