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Spacious Tarot by Carrie Mallon

So I’ve been meaning to write something about my tarot cards lately, but I’ve been busy and I just haven’t had time. And I’ve been thinking . . . I’m so tired of writing in a way that gets everyone thinks I’m an expert, or a professional tarot reader, or whatever. I’m not. And I’m not trying to be. I don’t think of myself as an expert tarot reader. I just don’t know as much about tarot as I think I do. I haven’t memorized the Rider-Waite-Smith book yet. And I’m still not sure about the meanings of the cards.

This deck is inspired by the stories of Carrie Mallon, an English writer and occultist. Carrie was born in 1917 and died in 1995. She was married with two sons, and she had several close relationships with her female friends. She wrote several books and a number of famous poetry collections. She was also a practicing occultist.

Tarot is a unique form of divination that is based on the spiritual knowledge of the Tarot Cards. The Tarot Cards are used to show the past, present and future of a person. The cards are versatile enough to be used for both playful and serious purposes. The Tarot Cards are also used to help individuals with a variety of issues and problems. They can be used for readings to help you to understand your life and the choices you make and can be used to answer questions.

The Spacious Tarot by tarot reader Carrie Mallon and artist Annie Ruygt has captivated me with its imagery and concept. We investigate the spirit of a location in The Spacious Tarot, and divine by evoking the genius loci.

Carrie Mallon has been on my mind for quite some time. She’s been putting out a lot of high-quality, easy-to-understand tarot material. Mallon has a YouTube channel where you can discover a variety of free tarot workshops ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, including “How to Work with Tarot Spreads” and “How to Read Tarot Tenderly,” as well as “The Four Styles of Reading Tarot” and “The Fool’s Journey,” to name a few. She has a soothing, down-to-earth, and resonant teaching approach that I believe you’ll like.


Fish in the four court cards from the suit of Cups, bears in the Pentacles court, blackbirds in the Swords court, and scarlet salamanders in the Wands court are just a few of the beautiful cameos from the animal world and representations of nature in The Spacious Tarot.


This review is based on the 2020 Second Edition deck. In terms of manufacturing, it’s of exceptional quality. This opulent matte clamshell box comes with a satin ribbon insert. The cards are matte, very durable, and a pleasure to shuffle.


The divider tabs on the accompanying guidebook are a design feature I like and think is brilliant. These tabs show you where the Major Arcana card meanings are located, followed by Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups in that sequence. If you’re new to the tarot, this small handbook is a wonderful place to start. It gives you a good overview and primer on the cards, with more than enough card meanings to get you started.


The artwork has a lot of individuality about it. Take a look at the Fool card, which is Key 0 in the deck. There is a soul to the artwork. That attitude is encouraging me to take a risk. to be fearless in the face of uncertainty and to explore the unknown “The Fool begs you to jump into a vast landscape,” the guidebook says. Your potential is as vast as the magnificent sky above you! Be receptive to new experiences… Make the decision to see your present situation as an adventure.”

Tokens of creation and manifestation are given to you in The Magician, and this card affirms your power over your own world. Inside the seashell, the High Priestess displays a reflection of a full moon, which also provides the appearance of a pearl. There’s a feeling that this is a more introspective experience than The Magician. Fertility, wealth, and the golden eagle as a symbol of freedom are all present in The Empress.


The Emperor represents strength and rising above, whereas the Hierophant honors formality and tradition. In Key 5, you’ll see someone who has the capacity to decipher divine nature’s secrets.


Mallon and Ruygt have incorporated strong references to the RWS with their symbology that you’ll have no difficulty interpreting with The Spacious Tarot if you’re an experienced RWS reader. Consider the Death card, the sunflower in The Sun card, and so on. The four constellations shown in the four corners of The World card are my favorite part.


The Judgement card in this spread points you in the direction of your greatest calling. The artwork used here depicts the powers of nature leading you to your destiny. “Whereas the Fool is a wide call to possibilities,” Mallon says, “Judgement is an invitation to a particular path.” That’s a fantastic interpretation. “Now is the moment to do what you know you were born to do.”

The Judgement card in The Spacious Tarot indicates the presence of a magical realm alongside the mundane, with a few thresholds, or portals, through which one may travel between the two worlds. When the Judgement card appears in a reading, it acts as a kind of threshold, exposing its existence.


The gender neutral wording on the court cards is something you may have noticed if you’ve been clicking into the pictures to examine the captions. While conventional Major titles like The Empress and The Emperor are still there, it’s obvious from the way this deck’s concept is presented that both of these elements are present in all of us, and that it’s not so much a matter of gender as it is of our inner polarity.

The courts are Child, Explorer, Guardian, and Elder, and these are some of my favorite court card names. Sometimes deck designers come up with strange court card names (hello, hello, I know I’m definitely in this camp), forcing you, the reader, to stop just to figure out what’s going on. This is not the case with The Spacious Tarot. Easy peasy– Child, Explorer, Guardian, and Elder….. Page, Knight, Queen, and King…


The mood of this deck has a wonderful zen aspect to it. When I work with these cards, I feel immediately at ease. By the way, some of the drawings in the Swords suit are fantastic. Seven of the swords are connected to the tree in The Eight of Swords, while one lighted white blade is linked to the sole freestanding sword beyond–representing how ideas and a seemingly small change in perspective may set you free. When you’re in an Eight of Swords scenario, the fog in the backdrop represents the fog in your head that prevents you from seeing the entire breadth of your environment.

The spirit of the tarot card is so passionately conveyed by the Nine of Swords. I particularly appreciate Mallon’s new, contemporary, and psychological interpretation of the Ten of Swords– it encourages you to be honest with yourself about if your mind is exaggerating a real-life scenario. Despite the fact that the tree has already been chopped down, swords are still being deliberately plunged into it. “Tens shows the suit’s energy coming to a natural conclusion, and here we see what happens when the mind is allowed to go wild and make up all sorts of crazy tales. It’s good to think critically about your position, but be careful not to overreact. The Ten of Swords advises you to distinguish between theatrics and genuine concerns.”


If you like the idea of The Wild Unknown meets The Gaian Tarot, but with a warmer color palette, a people-free version of the Gaian, and illustrations with a naturalist style, Mallon & Ruygt’s The Spacious Tarot is for you.

The cards were not difficult for me to read, but it will be easier to receive inspiration and messages if you first ground and center yourself. If you don’t have a strong connection to nature or have a more extroverted, social personality, The Spacious Tarot may cause you some difficulty at first, but it could be exactly the deck you need to bring you back into balance. Those that are a bit more introverted and spend a lot of time alone with nature will naturally draw toward these cards.

When in doubt, take a long breath in, exhale, center yourself, and re-examine the card. You’ll figure out what it means. Although the cup in the Ace of Cups is man-made, it is in perfect harmony with the world surrounding it. The emotional world is represented by the suit of Cups, and the overflowing cup indicates that we should allow our emotions flow freely. The Eight of Cups is all about following your feelings and intuition; let your feelings lead you since they are pointing you in the right direction.


Some of the iconography here, such as in the Nine of Wands, Lord of Strength, is evocative of Thoth. “Despite any obstacles, the Nine of Wands tells you that you will flourish. This card gives you the strength to keep going after you’ve been struck down. At the same time, there’s a thin line between commendable tenacity and dangerous stubbornness.”

The meanings of the cards in the handbook are more psychological in nature, related to daily life experiences. You may use these cards regardless of your religious beliefs.

The handbook also includes information on how to read with reversals. They may represent opposition, show the dark side of a card’s energy, or even suggest that the energy is originating from inside, while when upright, the energy is coming from outside of or around you, in your surroundings. Finally, a reversed card may serve as a “exclamation point,” prompting you to “pay additional attention to it,” as Mallon puts it. Mallon has a video lesson on reversals called “How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards” on her channel if you’re truly interested.


I was given The Spacious Tarot as a gift, and I wanted to express how much I’ve enjoyed working with it, particularly during the epidemic when so many of us were unable to leave our homes and therefore felt alone. This deck’s energy is broad, allowing you to break away from your feeling of solitude.

These cards may be used as visual anchors in concentrated meditation or as a jumping off point for astral travel and visionary work. The Spacious Tarot would appeal to anybody who enjoys being outside or who want to connect with Earth as a Divinity.

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