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Still on Proofs

The idea of the Zodiac was first invented in ancient times and was used to predict when the seasons would change. It is no coincidence that the Zodiac is made up of twelve constellations that are viewed annually from Earth. The Zodiac is one of numerous systems of astrology, and it is a belief that the Earth moves through the different signs of the Zodiac.

The phrase “Still on Proofs” refers to the fact that I was born on June 6, the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the 6th century, the year of the Rooster. To my knowledge, this is unique to me. That having been said, I’m enjoying exploring and learning about the subject of astrology in general and my own unique astrological birth chart in particular. But I’m still on the “proofs”, since I don’t yet have all the information needed to come to a full conclusion.

The two main types of proofs in Astrology are Planetary and House. Planetary is the study of the 8 planets of our Solar System, which are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Houses are the study of the 12 houses of our Solar System and the relationships between them. They are the home of the planets, and also the direction of the planets in our Solar System.

Comparison between the first edition, Vitruvian, the first prototype (darker than I wanted) and the current uncut prints.

Still on Proofs

Above, the bottom row of cards, from right to left: The Lovers card is from the first black and white edition, the Vitruvian edition, one of the first proofs (see how it got too dark?), skips the Chariot, and bottom left, the Lovers card is from the last printed color proofs (in sheets).


Here are color proof cards in uncut sheets. Top row: Justice, the hanged man, death. Bottom row: Magician, high priestess, empress. (To keep it simple, use the standard

Tarot names instead of referring to the SKT names). word-image-18521

You can click on each image file to see an enlarged close-up. These uncut sheets are used to check the quality of the colour. I try to stick to a muted color palette in hopes of giving the cards a lighter, more ethereal quality.


I’m still negotiating with the printers on these surcharges. I was assured several times that it would be exactly the millimeters of the size I wanted. But then they always come out 0.4mm thicker than I wanted. I don’t think the factory takes my request very seriously, because for them a difference of 0.4 mm is not serious, whereas for me,

yes, yes, it is! Argh! Links to theCorrex images I sent to the manufacturer word-image-18523 word-image-18524

The orientation of the back side of the card pattern and the position of the bleed have been shifted by 0.5 mm. As for communicating with the manufacturer, I think it would be more helpful for all parties to communicate your needs with photos. So for those who self-publish their books: If you can use an icon to convey what you want, do that rather than trying to type paragraphs of instructions.


We are one or two weeks away from pulling the trigger for full production, full speed ahead. This means that by then we will have determined the exact number of decks in the first draw. word-image-18526

We placed an order and paid an advance based on a preliminary print run of 3,456 decks, with the option to increase the quantity at the end and adjust the final payment accordingly. James is still crunching the numbers, and by the end of next week, he’ll have determined exactly what our traffic will be. If this means I need to make final changes to the certificate of authenticity, this will be done before I send it to the printer. Here’s a funny picture:


The right column shows what the 8 and 9 keys of the majors looked like in the first black and white edition. They are both hand drawn, analog, on thick sheets of paper, then scanned and formatted into tarot cards. The middle column shows the sepia tones of the Vitruvian edition. And on the left, the color conversions I did last year.


Yes, I had to make the decision to reduce the text and captions to make the illustrations a bit larger.


Initially I wanted to make the SKT III box design in blue or almost blue, but I couldn’t get a good result. The cutout for the top cover, the outside, is shown above. The red lines you see there are just references so I know where things are. It’s not on the printed boxes. Maybe the patterns are too close to the edges and it bothers me a bit, so I may have to go back and resize a bit.


One of the frustrations was that I wanted these uncut proofs to be printed on the same cardstock that the final cards and box would be printed on. From my own experience with home printing, the type of paper/card is important. Very much so. When I use the same color printer and print my work on different types of paper, they look different. I mean, not wildly different, but different enough for me to notice.


So it was important to see how the design was printed in its final form on the materials I had chosen. I don’t know what was lost in translation. I thought I was clear. But we’re here. Sigh.


In any case, at this time we expect delivery to be in August/September (whether it is August or September for you depends on when you placed your pre-order). But if you’ve been following the updates on this blog, you may have noticed that my answer isn’t going anywhere. Some weeks I say we’re on time, other weeks I say we’re late. =) These things are really hard to determine when there are so many steps and so many factors. Sigh. However, I will continue to keep you updated with these blog posts about once a week. That way, you’ll always know where I am in the production process. As for the electronic delivery of the Card Book and SKT Tarot magazine, there was a bit of a delay because I suddenly had a legal job, so I had to delay processing the Card Book for a week. However, I plan to send this email out late next week to those who ordered the premium package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of proofs?

In this article, we will discuss 3 kinds of proofs:  1.  Physical Proofs: These are the proofs that are evident to the naked person’s senses. Examples:  a)  Moon in a particular position in the sky at a particular time.  b)  Sun in a particular position in the sky at a particular time.  c)  Place a stick in the ground so that 3 fingers horizontally and 3 fingers vertically will touch the stick from 3 different directions.  d)  Fix a pen in the ground so that the 3 fingers of your hand grip the pen from 3 different directions. e)  Fasten a stick to the bottom of a bowl so that the 3 fingers of your The three types of proofs are:- Divinatory- Astrological- Spiritual

What does a proof consist of?

The basics of a proof are as follows: Every statement in a proof is either true or false. Every conditional statement is either true or false. Every consequence is either true or false. Every theorem is either true or false. The word proof is defined as something that proves or demonstrates something. The word proof is also defined as a mathematical statement or a statement of fact. The word proof is also defined as a declaration that something is true. The word proof is also defined as a really good reason for believing something. The word proof is also defined as something you read in a book or see on a slide. The word proof is also defined as something that shows or proves something. The word proof is also defined as an important and rare gem.

Can you say proofs?

One of the things that we’ve been talking about lately is whether or not the zodiac signs should be considered mostly academic, or if it’s just silly superstition. So, we’re going to talk about some of the “proofs” that are used to support the idea behind the zodiac signs, and whether or not the claims are actually true. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of the phenomena of the Zodiac moving into general knowledge, which has been great for astrology. The internet is full of information about the Zodiac Signs that have made it into the mainstream now. However, we now live in a world where there are so many phenomena, that it is difficult to know what to believe. Astrology is still alive and well, in most respects, but I feel that some of the focus on the mainstream has taken away from understanding the true nature of Astrology.