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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of July 11, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

With Earth’s Moon at maximum opposition on July 11, 2021, there is an increase in the amount of darkness in the night sky. This is likely to result in an increase in the number of nocturnal animals, as well as the introduction of more insect species to your garden. The loss of daylight hours caused by the Moon’s opposition also means that it will be darker in the days ahead. The dark nights, and the new fauna and flora that come with it, has also been associated with the appearance of the Dark Moon, which some believe heralds the start of a new astrological age.

Today, the first day of the week, the Sun is in the sign of Gemini, the sixth of the twelve signs of the zodiac. This is a good time for reflection and creative work. However, the Sun is in this sign at the beginning of the second half of the sign; the Sun is at the beginning of the sign of Virgo, where it is associated with a healer, psychotherapist and “karmic” astrologer, just as it is at the beginning of the sign of Gemini, and so it will be throughout the rest of the sign of Gemini. It is therefore a good time to read astrological signs in order to learn more about the Sun’s nature and personality.

Conqueror by Tamara Natalie MaddenThis week I am covering the work of Tamara Natalie Madden.  Madden’s art is remarkable for its richness of color and regal tone.  Her subjects are the ordinary people around her home in Jamaica.  Inspired by Klimt and representations of Egyptian and West African royalty, she uses gold leaf and luminous quilted fabrics to embellish and elevate the invisible.

To fully reflect the inner beauty of many of these people, I decided to highlight society’s fascination with materialism and luxury by using bright colors, gold patterns, silks and bold designs.  I realized that the most powerful images of our time are the ones that demand attention and admiration, and I wanted these people to have their moment to shine, so many of my images are individual portraits. In many of his paintings his subjects are accompanied by a bird.  This bird symbolizes freedom. The birds in my paintings symbolize my personal struggle with illness and also represent my survival and liberation from illness.

Sadly, Tamara passed away from cancer in 2017.  But for 16 years, she painted very productively.  She lived her art.  But almost all interviewees mention their struggle with the disease at one time or another.   And while it played a crucial role in their work and lives, did we miss the point of the birds?  As a society, do we emphasize the shadow – the struggle – and make it the hero?  Should we instead, like Tamara’s art, highlight and illuminate our beauty, our divinity, and the freedom we gain when we are not chained to these struggles?

Highlights of the Solar System :  The Moon begins in Leo – a good time to focus on what you want to develop. Then on the 13th, she moves into Virgo – a good time to organize and clean up. It then moves into Libra on the 15th, which is all about relationships and balance, and ends in Scorpio on the 17th, where it’s time for play and fun.  Mercury is still in Cancer – a great time to express your feelings and have deep conversations with loved ones.  Venus and Mars are in Leo, this is a time of love for what surrounds you, so it’s time to show your desires if you’re not feeling the love.  And I want to remind everyone that Jupiter is in Pisces until the 28th.  This gives us a window into 2022. So if you don’t like what you see, it’s time to make some changes.

P.S. The characters with * are a big week for you.  Cancer, this is the perfect time to get an astrological tarot reading for the coming year.  And Capricorn is halfway through your birth year, so if you need a planetary reading to check this out, now is the time.

May the light be upon you, around you and within you,



Tamara Natalie Madden

* The emperor is the muse of construction, he strikes with plans in hand.  Take that energy and apply it to what you want to build.  This is not a week to start new projects, but to further develop projects already started.  By working on what has already begun, you create more stability and sovereignty in your life.  The challenge is to ensure that you are not the only one to benefit from this project.


Tamara Natalie Madden

*Temperament – Another high energy week for you.  For the past two weeks, the Structural Muse has been asking you to examine your structures to see if they can support you in the long run. Then the muse of divine manifestation came to help you either fix the cracks you found or create version 2.0 all over again.  The Muse of Divine Balance has joined this holy trinity to help you find your rhythm and get to work.  If you’ve done your homework for the past two weeks, you can tap into your life force and flow with ease.  But if you haven’t done any business in the last two weeks, you don’t have the space or plan to put that energy to good use.  You can still log in, but limit your scope.


Tamara Natalie Madden

Triple Coin – The collaboration muse came and invited a few people with her. Every major action/decision this week requires at least two other people to see the big picture.  Yeah, three heads and six arms is better than one and two.  Your job is to ask for or accept help.


Tamara Natalie Madden

The Four of Cups is your second Four, so let’s emphasize that.  All four mean you need stability.  This is not only the theme for this week, but also for the coming year.  Last week the Muse told you that what you invest, how you invest and where you invest should produce a steady return. And this week, the muse of introversion adds her two senses.  He predicts that in the coming year you will need time and space to step back when you are overwhelmed. You especially need introspection to stabilize the emotional landscape; however, it’s your job to not get all caught up.  The outside world continues to spoil us.


Tamara Natalie Madden

Three Cups – The muse of friendship comes when you feel the need to connect with buddies.  This energy manifests when you feel the need to fill your cup with laughter and company.  Take time to recharge together, both physically and emotionally.


Tamara Natalie Madden

Eight of a Kind – The Muse of Excellence is here to tell you that it’s time to up the stakes.  You have skills and you need to improve them.  This will bring in more money and increase your influence.  Their motto is: work smarter, not harder.


Tamara Natalie Madden

Eight Cups – The Muse in Motion invited you to her place to help you identify your goals.  There is an aspect of your life that no longer suits you.  It was time to pack up and move on.  This week, simplification is the order of the day.


Tamara Natalie Madden

Five of Cups – The Muse of Deconstruction came last week and inspected your foundations and structures because you are not paying attention to what is not working in your environment.  Fortunately, you still have a week to look for damage and errors.  It’s time to fix what needs fixing, put things right and move on.

Magnetic switch

Tamara Natalie Madden

King of Sages – The seer muse challenges you to see with holistic eyes. The events of this week call for a broader perspective.   The Seventh Generation concept must be integrated into your daily activities.  The muse asks:  Is what you do today still good, not just in the present, but 140 years from now?


Tamara Natalie Madden

*The muse of justice entered the sandbox this week.  If you are acting in accordance with your true purpose and your higher self, you are doing well; keep sifting sand and building castles.  However, if you do not agree, you will be asked to rectify the situation.  Start with yourself and if necessary, extend it to those around you.


Four of a Coin – The Muse of the Economy has come to pool your resource stream.  But it also reminds you not to be stingy and a fool.  It challenges you to notice how you use your resources.  Are you too frugal to pass up lucrative options?  Or do you prefer quantity over quality because you waste too much energy?  Spend everything you do this week wisely.


Six of a Coin – Last week, the Clean Sheets muse came to remind you that this moment is the starting point.  A time for you to begin a new journey.  You are guided by divine forces, but you need faith to enter this new unknown.  Because there are gifts waiting for you at every corner.   Well, it’s another week of wandering through new things; but you have to be a little careful how you handle it.  If you are in harmony with the positive vibes, you will be given more gifts; on the other hand, if you are careless, you will be quickly rewarded.  So be polite.