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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of July 18, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

I’m thinking about applying my interest in the occult to the creation of a series of tarot-based cards that will be used to predict the future. They aren’t meant to be used in place of real-life predictions, but rather to complement them.

Why do you think things happen the way they do? This week, in the tarot, new beginnings, new ideas, new projects. This week, in nature, few to no rain, and possibly some storms in the mid-day.

For the week of July 18, 2021, the Fox and the Tarot is the most intriguing combination of the month. A Fox Tarot reading is an unusual and revealing tool, and it holds a lot of surprises. The Fox has a strong sense of humor, and it likes to explore the unknown with a sense of adventure. It is not a patient creature, and it can get impatient with those who don’t share its excitement. Foxes are philosophical and earthy, and they love to listen to music or poetry. They are often adventurous travelers, and they love to travel to new places.. Read more about june tarot 2021 and let us know what you think.

Vessel of Geneologies Báez, Firelei

This week’s artist spotlight is Firelei Báez. This summer, she debuted a new work at the ICA Watershed in Boston (see Scorpio’s prediction). Within the gallery, Báez has recreated the remains of Hati’s Sans-Souci Palace. Which is located in a functioning shipyard and serves as a port of entry for both immigrants and products. She shows the spectator the weaving, interrelations, and influences between Europe, the African continent, and the Americas, as she does in all of her work. To portray fictitious other worlds, she populates these historically-charged representations of space with change-making animals whose hybrid shapes combine folkloric and literary allusions, textile design, plantlife, and wide-ranging symbols of healing and resistance.

Her art makes us wonder how our own strong healing and resilient personalities might fit within a diasporic environment. What role do our influences play in our creation story? Her art immerses the spectator in a sense of remembrance of their origins while also demonstrating how adding and expanding in our lives has the ability to make us more magical. Each of us is unique in our own way, yet we are all connected in the end.

Highlights of the Solar System: Sagittarius is the first sign in the zodiac, therefore stretch your limits and go exploring. Then, on the 21st, it shifts to Capricorn, making it an excellent time to work. On the 23rd, it enters Aquarius, the sign of invention, and on the 25th, it enters Pisces, the sign of dreaming. Mercury is still in Cancer, making this an excellent time to express your feelings and have in-depth conversations with your friends. On the 21st, Venus enters Virgo, which may be a difficult configuration for your partnerships, so be wary of frustrations and critical comments – patience is essential. On the plus side, this is an excellent time to weed and fertilize whatever you wish to grow or make room for. Because Mars is still in Leo, keep manifesting your goals. I’d also want to remind everyone that Jupiter is in Pisces until the 28th of this month. This offers us a glimpse into the year 2022, so if you don’t like what you see, now is the time to make changes.

P.S. If you see a * next to a sign, it means you have a busy week ahead of you. This is an excellent moment for you to have an Astrological Tarot Reading for the next year, Cancer. And, Capricorn, you’ve reached the halfway point of your birth year, so now is the time to get a Planetary Reading for a check-in.

May the light shine brightly on you, all around you, and inside you.



1626637586_891_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Báez, Firelei to-see-beyond-it-and-to-acquire-access-to-the-places-we-know-are-outside-its-walls

The Muse of Building was here last week to assist you extend initiatives that were already in motion. Working on something you’ve already begun gives you greater security and control over your life. The Muse of Exploration makes you halt working on your construction this week because you need to find something beyond your domain to finish the project. Take some time this week to learn new skills that will help you reinvent existing projects.


1626637588_169_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Demetra Firelei Báez

The Muse of Structures has requested you to examine your constructions over the last three weeks to determine whether they can keep you going for the long haul. The Muse of Divine Manifestation then appeared to assist you in either repairing the flaws you discovered or completely creating a 2.0 version. The Muse of Divine Balance then appeared to assist you in finding your flow and getting to work. You’ll have more time to work with this trio of energy now that you’ve got more time. However, defending your own limits would be more difficult. This muse advises that you establish your boundaries at the start of the week. However, since the outside world is vying for your attention, it is also recommended that you limit your concentration to a few things.


1626637589_257_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Listening to Firelei Báez’s Memory Board

The Swords Page – The spirit of the Muse of Detectives has arrived to assist you in uncovering something hidden under the surface. To generate ease this week, ask questions and search for clues, since there is more information that screams for more inquiry.


1626637591_297_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Ciguapa Firelei Báez

*Hierophant – a person who is devoted to God. This is the last card for the year you were born. The Muses have informed you that you are on the correct track so far, but that in order to remain on it, you must think in the form of contentment. This year is all about establishing physical and mental stability. They told you that the things you work on, how you work on them, and where you work on them all need to be profitable in the long run. And that in the next year, you’ll need the time and space to step back if you feel overwhelmed. However, you must resist the need to totally withdraw. The outer world still has much to offer. Finally, the Muse of Stability and Structure has declared that this is the year to concentrate on stability and satisfaction. Traditions, routines, and moral frameworks must all be in alignment with your real desires and requirements. Your goal is to be adaptable and creative so that your “shell” grows with you.


1626637592_934_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Voice After Memory: Firelei Báez

*Death – This is the end of your previous year and the start of your new birth year. Of course, the Muse of Death has come to assist you in getting ready for the new year. Because this is a profound cleanse that affects both your physical and spiritual planes, it will take at least 6 months to complete. This Muse encourages you to be thankful when you let go of the old and worn out, since it is the fuel for your development. Composting is the process till the end of the year. Be aware when you turn your “dirt” with intention and concentration. For 2022, there are jewels and metaphorical mushrooms that offer nourishment, inspiration, and building blocks.


1626637594_2_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Firelei Báez is transforming into a new person (A tignon for Mami Wata)

*High Priestess – The Muse of Higher Purpose has come to remind and/or strengthen your devotion to the various reasons you are on this plane right now. You need to recommit to why you’re here this week. If you know what you’re here for, utilize this week to create rituals that will allow you to tap into that energy. If you’re still looking for answers, search for synchronicities and cycles to lead you in the right direction.



1626637596_42_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Of Love Possessed by Firelei Báez

*Devil – The Muse of Bondage has arrived to assist you in your quest for liberation. What are you “married” to that simply doesn’t seem right? Either because you’re letting past harmful habits to sneak back into your life, or because you’re choosing the easy route of indifference and becoming sidetracked from your real path. This Muse gently reminds you that these ties were helpful at the time since they were the only method you knew to calm yourself or get through difficult times. And now you know how to deal with these issues in a more healthy manner. Do not relive previous afflictions; this is simply a temporary test of limits.


1626637597_828_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Firelei Báez

*Tower – The Muse of Deconstruction came to examine your foundations and structures last week, and her larger sister has arrived this week to take down what is no longer functional. If you didn’t finish the job from last week, you’ll need this Kali-like energy to rouse you up. But if you did, she may blow and puff all she wants at your brick home and it won’t fall down. Brick House is your song.


1626637599_822_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Trust Memory Over History, says Firelei Báez.

Six of Cups – The Muse of the Past is digging through your attic for clues to help you. Your recollections include knowledge that can help you relax this week. Make time to reflect on your past experiences. If you’re having trouble or have a problem, going down memory lane may help you discover a solution. If not, it’s a method to release the endorphins associated with happy memories.



1626637600_299_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Báez, Firelei The sun has four faces (or the talking cure)

Page of Cups – When the Muse of Fairness visited the sandbox last week, things might have gotten a little ugly. She continued putting you to the test to see whether you were in tune with your real mission and higher self. The Muse of Joy has come to perform because you put in the effort. This Muse tells you that Jill/Jack is a boring person if they don’t have any fun. She understands how difficult this is for you goats, but she reminds you that in order to be in the game, you must also play the game. If you’ve forgotten, Joy recommends watching this video to refresh your memory: Playful


1626637602_596_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-July-18-2021Sans Souci Firelei Báez

*Strength – The Muse of Inner Strength has come to hold a mirror up to you, since you are underestimating yourself. You don’t seem to recall everything that has happened to you. You are a strong person who has persevered through many difficulties and is now in a favorable position as a result of your hard work. So, you’ve figured it out.


Firelei BáezChrono Dreamer by Firelei Báez

King of Swords (King of Swords) – The Muse of Long-Term Goals sent me a 2031 calendar last week. Yes, they are inquiring about your plans for the next ten years. Then they ask you to take a look at your current location. And he asks, “Are you on track to achieve these long-term objectives?” If it is the case, that is fantastic. If not, make the necessary adjustments.

As an example:

As if Loading…


The sky over the mountains of Crete is the color of watermelon soup and the sun is setting in the purple haze. The air is full of cherries and the scent of fresh horse manure. The day is perfect, and the air is perfect.. Read more about daily horoscope for january 18, 2021 and let us know what you think.

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