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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of June 13, 2021

I’ve been reading a lot of tarot lately, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts. I don’t have any new revelations, but I thought it’d be interesting to do a book review of Tarot: A Beginner’s Guide, by Willow Alt. I’ve found the book to be very practical, and I’m happy to have it in my library.

The moon is in Scorpio, which means it’s time for introspection and emotional healing. This is perfect for this week, as the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio, which reinforces the theme of focusing on your emotional self-care. Scorpio is known as the initiator, and though they are known to be rather secretive, they do their best to help others.

The artist this week is Sabine Pigalle

Pigalle’s work revolves around using art from the past and twisting into to a modern context.  Often showing the archaic structures and ideals we sadly still hold today.  She has done six series during the lockdown (Please got to her site and see them all). One about Islamic art, another on gender and the last four about Covid.  The series highlighted here is called New Economy.

The pandemic has made it very evident the fragile balance of globalization and how interconnected we are by trade.  If a nation wobbles, other nations now feel it in a way we have never been cognizant of before.

Pigalle has the viewer pondering our global economy tottering between interdependence or co-dependence.  And asks us how do we re-structure trade to create mutuality instead of capitalistic dependences. Planet highlights:  Moon starts in Leo this week , so be aware emotion emoting happens here.  It then goes into Virgo on 16th – great for organizing and tidying up and ends the week in Libra focusing on harmonizing and balance.

Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini until June 23rd.  So, make time and space for snafus and do the 3 R’s: Review, Reflect and Revise.  Lastly, Venus is in Cancer so self-care creates ease and Mars is in Leo so work on your sovereignty and resilience. P.S. Signs with an * it is a big week for you.  Gemini this is a perfect time to get an Astrological Tarot Reading for your coming year.

And Sagittarius it is your halfway mark for your birth year, so if you need a Planetary Reading for a check-in, now is the time. May light be on you, around you, and within you, Nina

AriesTarot and Art Forecast for Week of June 13, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

Ace of Coins – Another Ace, so last week and this week has all the energy you need to start new endeavors.  Last week was about sharing the love and igniting relationships.  This week is about starting new projects on the material plane.  Look at place you feel like you have less and start planting the seeds to become abundant.


Two of Coins – The Muse of Juggling is here to work on your skills around action and accomplishment.  She starts you off prioritizing your tasks for the week and then has you pick the top two.  Then work with them until you find a flow.  Only once you have established your groove can you begin another task.  Its easy to juggle two balls but juggling three or more needs practice to enhance expertise.


Three of Swords – So the past couple of weeks have been a bit bumpy with all the planets and the eclipse tussling in your playground.  You might feel a bit battered.  The Muse of Deep Healing is here is help you with your recovery.  But you will have to look deeper into why you are feeling hurt.  These are not surface scratches but wounds that need sufficient self-care and reflection to truly mend.


Six of Cups – Last week the Muse of Letting Go advised you to clean your literal and/or metaphorical closets so you can move into the next phase of your new birth year.  You get another week to dive into the past and continue clearing.  But remember as a Cancer you are the holders of history, so do not throw everything away. If you still love it leave it.  But if it does not serve the new you or conjures up bad emotions, dump it.


King of Wands – Last week the Muse of Creation came and asked for a 9-month comment to grow something in your life.  Luckily, she gave you until June 22nd (the end of this retrograde period) to play and nurture a few ideas before you commit.  So, you still have time to have fun with your vision board, for this week’s the Muse of Envisioning has come to spur you to dream bigger and with more color.  She shares her power to turn to ash what has been holding you down.


*Chariot– The Muse of Taking Charge is here.  This week is great for making anything go.  The challenge with this energy is you must create all the momentum.  Yep, for anything to happen you need to make the lunch, pack the car, and do the driving to get anywhere.  But you also get to pick the radio station, destination, and the pace.  On a purely practical side of this energy, check your tires and wear appropriate shoes to all events.



Ten of Cups – Last week the Muse of Success had you assess your accomplishments since June 2020, tie up loss ends and celebrate your triumphs.  You get another week to continue that, but the Muse of Good Times has shown up to increase the partying time.  This week take off as much as you can and enjoy life.  What did you do all that hard work for if you didn’t plan for a little vacay.   This week focus on good food, good friends, and good times.


Ace of Swords – The Muse of the Mind is here to have you re-think a situation.  This week is about finding new ways of thoughts or ways of communicating around old problems.   The closer you are to your truth the easier the task.


Four of Coins – The Muse of Penny Wisdom is here.  She arrives to remind you in everything you do quality over quantity.  Where you spend your money, time and energy is highlighted this week.  Time to trim the excess, fix the leaks and redirect the misdirected.


Two of Swords – Last week the Muse of Balance had you ponder that balance is not the same as equity.  The Goddess Maat knew that the good versus bad depended on circumstances.  For example, a solider and husband who murdered his wife would weigh differently around killing.  So, I hope you took note in how you judge situations, people, and yourself.  For this week, the Muse of Choice is prompting you to move forward with this re-worked concept of justness.  The choices presented to you this week are challenging you to perceive the circumstances around decisions. You may find them more important than the decision itself.


Eight of Swords – Last week the Muse of Intuition wanted you to ponder patterns and synchronicities but not to be surprised if this egg hunt brings up doubts or confidences in what you are doing.  She reminded you your path does not need to be difficult to be worth it, but it does need your undivided attention.  Well, this week some of those mind traps have come to haunt you.  Luckily the Muse of Boundaries is supplying you energy to let go of useless thoughts that no longer serve you and create boundaries that do.

Piscesword-image-7842 Five of Swords – Last week the Muse of Evolution advised you to tweak the Feng Shu in your space and life but with the lens of making it a place where you can metamorphosis into the next phase of your life.  To evolve into a better you, you need a nurturing space to cocoon in.  I hope you did that for this week brings a bit of chaotic energy.  The people around you are vying for your attention but in unhealthy ways. So be careful you do not get pulled into gossiping and/or competitions.  There is not enough of you to go around so only put energy where it’s most needed.