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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of June 27, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

The most powerful card in the Tarot deck is the Fool, a young man or woman walking through a field of flowers.  The Fool is the symbol of the first step in life, the step toward a new path, a new adventure.  This card is known in French as la Carte du Bateleur, the card of the storyteller.  It is the card that will remind you to live your life to the fullest and to never let your dreams fade away.

**Aries: In the year of the Fire Monkey, (the most) fire will burn and honor will be deeply tested. Be mindful of where you place your trust and how you use your gifts. How you spend your time and energy in the coming weeks will reflect what you value. **Taurus: In the year of the Earth Pig, (the most) earth will grow and honor will be deeply loved. Be mindful of where you place your energy and how you discover what’s beneath the surface. How you spend your time and energy in the coming weeks will reflect what you value. **Gemini: In the year of the Twins, (the most) twins will grow and honor will be deeply valued. Be mindful

la-furieThis week we highlight la-furie artist Prisca Munkeni Monnier, @furiephotographer.  His art is raw, hungry, and has an allure that makes you bite down on it while it lifts your spirits.  It’s like a helium balloon with a rock on a string holding it up.            La Fourie’s work evokes the fleeting memory of the cause and the everyday questions that arise from it.  According to her… (This is a Google translation from French, so forgive the paraphrase).

Over time, the places or people who have influenced our personality fade away.  Buried in our daily lives. Our memories, our things, our traditions that we were taught to be proud of have been forgotten.  However, wounds remained. Indications of unexplained frustration or anger. Day after day, we forget… why we cry, why we love, or even what we live for.

My paintings seek to express the traumas that we have inherited, that over the years have become part of our identity and that we are constantly fighting.  I want to bring them to life, give them a place, with respect for all forms of otherness.  It is a struggle against time, space and all disappearance. A last tribute before all is forgotten.
A final attempt to preserve a memory – a trace – that I create because I try to remember….. Maybe then I’ll know why I’m angry.  Maybe I’m free.

Highlights of the Solar System :  The Moon begins in Aquarius but moves quickly into Pisces this week, so get in touch with your higher self.  Then, on the 30th, it transitions into Aries – ideal for starting new projects – and ends on the 3rd. July in Taurus, which is growth-oriented.  Mercury is out of retrograde, but remains in retrograde until the 16th. July in Gemini, so communication is always on the agenda.  Venus is in conjunction with Mars in Leo and we move from inner love and caring to outer love.  It’s time to show your feelings and desires.  It’s also a great time to be with your loved ones.  And if you’re lonely, it’s the perfect time to make new friends or a new plant (if humanity drives you crazy).

P.S. The characters with * are a big week for you.  Cancer, this is the perfect time to get an astrological tarot reading for the coming year.  And Capricorn is halfway through your birth year, so if you need a planetary reading to check that out, now is the time.

May the light be upon you, around you and within you,



La Fourie

*The devil, muse of final exams, has come to test your resolve.  Remember, this week is full of fun.     Something will try to throw you off balance this week.  This muse reminds you that you have already learned this lesson and that you must now apply your knowledge.


La Fourie

*Hierophant – Muse of Structures is here to help you plan this week and see if your structures are sustainable in the long run.  Look for flaws in your theories, schedules, diet, etc. This muse reminds you that your structures should not only create fullness, but also lightness.  So currencies like : Work smarter, not harder, or More money does not mean more work should be your motto in restructuring.


La Fourie

Queen of Rooms – The muse of comfort is here to update your lifestyle.  It’s a great week to freshen up your space with flowers, pillows, a hammock, a new kitchen gadget….. She wonders how you can modernize your living space to bring more comfort and convenience?


La Fourie

Knight of Wisdom and Nine Cups – These energies promise much good for your new year with this information: You are in the right place and doing the right things when you follow the thought form of contentment.  So, in the coming year, if you are not satisfied with the path you are on, it is time to change your route; on the other hand, if you are satisfied, do not turn around.


La Fourie

Eight of Wisdom – This week’s energy is full of useful information for tying up loose ends and planning a new birth year.  Look for synchronicities, favorite songs or recurring phrases as signs of attention, because that’s where information lies for you.  So, eyes, ears and minds are open.


La Fourie

The Ace of Sticks – Muse of Innovation will help you find inspiring ideas.  She encourages you to create a part of your legacy.  What are you trying to say?  What do you want to remember?  You are on this planet right now to manifest your unique gifts.  Continue to


La Fourie

Parts page – Education Muse here.  I remind you that to stay relevant, you have to be open to learning new skills.  This week’s energies will show you where you need to improve.  His motto:  I’m a lifelong learner.


La Fourie

The Queen of Cups is here the muse of the search for the true self.  You are an emotional being and this energy helps you connect with your deepest waters.  Feel this week.  Your heart speaks the truth.  Follow it and your desires will rise and you will catch their wave.

Magnetic switch

La Fourie

The Ten of Pentacles – This is the ideal time to carry out at least one undertaking.  Look at your to-do list, find a project that is almost finished and do it.  Then this energy tells you to rest for the rest of the week.  His motto:  Work hard, play hard.


La Fourie

* Strength – Last week the devil card asked you to adjust your pace and evaluate how far you have come in order to adjust your next steps.  The muse of inner strength has come to help you align your inner space with your new outer space.  Use this energy to calm yourself and listen to the feelings and desires that drive you.  Having identified your true inner north, you can now align that with your outer manifestations, creating an easy path to your guiding star.


La Fourie

Two pieces – The Muse of Balance has come to test your multitask ability.  His best advice for you this week is to only juggle two balls before adding another to your workload.


La Fourie

The Queen of Sages is the muse of profound knowledge that will help you navigate your life.  First, he reminds you to ground yourself to align your spiritual self.  He then asks you how you want to live according to this plan and what experiences you want to leave behind as you move into the future.  These are profound issues that must be carefully considered.  If you’re confused, she also sprinkles in synchronicities to help you think.  He suggests walking meditations in nature or exercises like tai chi or yoga to get in touch with one’s gravity.


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