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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of May 16, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

The fox is the card of caution, and it’s often seen in a negative light. But what if there was a way to take this card and turn it into something positive?

Himid, Lubaina

Himid, Lubaina is the featured performer this week. Himid is a significant figure in the history of art. What distinguishes a crucial artist? First, some background information. In this context, seminal does not indicate the first artist to touch on this art form or idea; there have been many steps/people before this artist, but this is when it all comes together to change society consciousness and/or extend its vision to impact other areas or views. Pointillism is a large-scale example of this. It altered artists’ and viewers’ perspectives on the world.

Himid’s work focuses on black identity and how people of color have been underrepresented in history and art in general. Her work serves as a springboard for conveying comprehensive ideas of belonging, identity, community history, and representation, which makes it crucial. She also often removes the artwork off the wall and transforms it into a three-dimensional shape.

That’s why, as she explains in the SLEEK piece, “I occasionally create work on ceramics or on fabric, because everyone understands what a plate is, and everyone knows what a cloth is—more it’s accessible.” When you get close to the problems in my work, though, they become more complex. It’s all about communication and dialogue, as well as a collaborative plan for change. It’s pointless for me to try to do what journalists or political activists (in the real meaning of the term) accomplish better than me. That’s what I do: I’m a painter. I believe that surviving is a matter of hope. In some respects, it’s not so much about celebrating as it is about devising solutions. It’s a positive attitude. “This was a tremendous ordeal, but we made it this far,” it says. “What can we do to make it work?” 

So, as a global collective, I urge you to consider how we have all been affected by Covid, systematic racism, poverty, political division, gender equality, and mental health problems, to mention a few. And although they are all difficult subjects with long histories, it is up to us to devise ways to make them work. The only way to begin is to communicate. And listening and being really present in someone else’s narrative is half of communication.

Mercury is in the sign of Gemini till July 11th. This is a favorite hangout spot for it, thus plenty of evolutionary discussions may take place here. Venus is also in Gemini, which adds to the positive feelings. Jupiter (expansion) is in Pisces until July 28th, providing you an indication of what to expect. Finally, eclipse season begins next week, so take advantage of the next several weeks to recharge your batteries and let go of old karmic patterns.

P.S. If you see a * next to a sign, it means you have a busy week ahead of you. This is an excellent moment for you to have an Astrological Tarot Reading for the next year, Taurus. Scorpio, it’s the midway point of your birth year, so if you need a check-in, now is the time to get a Planetary Reading.

May the light shine brightly on you, all around you, and inside you.



1621980187_218_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

*Chariot – I hope you were able to locate a quiet spot last week where you could hear yourself think in order to get perspective and answers. The Muse of Self Momentum is coming to ignite a fire under your chassis this week. Yes, it is entirely up to you to initiate movement. On the plus side, you have complete control, but on the negative side, it is entirely up to you to get things moving. Your slogan is, “I direct my fate and sail towards a prosperous future.”


1621980188_864_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

Seven of Pentacles – The Muses to deal with in the next year are equality, relationships, dreaming, and creativity. These Muses will push you to make sure that everything you do and everyone you interact with is fair. And I’d want you to go deeper in your close connections, with plenty of heart-to-hearts and discussions about your goals. They also inquire as to what kind of planet you would create if you could. Finally, all of this will require time and effort, so are you prepared on an environmental and energy level to do so? Consider and establish goals in these areas during these final few days with the Sun in your sign.


1621980190_427_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

Three of Coins – Last week, the Muse of Tests urged you to consider your birth year and ask yourself, “Where have you been tested/challenged?” So, what did you take away from it? How would you handle the situation/problem if it arose again? With light of this, the Muse of Collaboration is here to assist you in enlisting some assistance for the next year. This is true not just in creative partnerships, but also in finding a competent plumber. Look for places where you need assistance and make an announcement so that your flock may begin to gather. It’s also a good time to send out invitations for safe birthday parties.


1621980192_941_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

*Judgment – At the conclusion of your three-week trip into the shadow world, where you worked on old karmic patterns and discovered knowledge in awe, stillness, and synchronicities. The Muse of Metamorphosis is now asking you what you want to develop into and how you want to evolve. Rearrange your new “genetic Dharma” this week. What will the new you be like, and what will you do with it?


1621980193_329_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

Three of Cups – The Muse of Friendship is encouraging you to get out of your shell and seek out some nice company to replenish your cup. Your vitality is dwindling, and some pleasant conversation and refreshments are required to revive your spirits.


1621980195_278_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021The Page of Wands is the first card in the deck. This Muse of Insight has arrived. This muse typically appears when you need to re-energize your sense of wonder. She advises you to go outside and connect with nature, or to attend a concert or museum to clear your mind and rekindle your spirit. This week’s theme tune is: Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah



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*Temperance – This week, the Muse of Moderation and Balance is assisting you. When anything is out of whack, this energy manifests. The benefit of this card is that it does not need significant rebalancing; instead, it only requires minor adjustments. This Muse asks you to consider why you aren’t doing that one thing, or why you aren’t doing it more often. This might mean fitting in one extra workout, finishing your workweek at 5:00 instead of 7:00, or just having one drink instead of two.


1621980196_175_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

Three of Swords – The Muse of Grief has appeared to assist you in releasing any previous grief that is still lingering in your mind and preventing you from fully recovering. As you face something that has wounded you, she holds your hand. This isn’t about letting go; it’s about digging deep. Recognizing that you have been wounded, but that you are ready to heal and go on.


1621980198_415_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

*Hangman – The Muse of Reflection has arrived to persuade you to pause and reflect on a particular aspect of your life or job. It’s not that this aspect of your life is completely incorrect; rather, you need to take a fresh look at it by engaging in Socratic thinking. This in-depth contemplation will either cause you to reconsider what your priority/purpose is, or it will strengthen your conviction in why you are doing things the way you are.


1621980199_579_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Himid, Lubaina

The Muse of Dreams, the Seven of Cups, is clearing the way for you to dream larger. Somewhere in your imagination, you’re coming to a halt. This energy serves as a reminder that creativity starts in the mind. Dreaming is nothing more than a way of sending forth possibilities into the universe. The only difficulty is not to pin all of your expectations on a single result. Options equal diversification.


1621980201_209_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Lubaina Himid

Knight of Coins (Knight of Coins) – Your lifestyle is being tested, and for some of you, slow and steady is the only way to go. For others, fast sprints with lengthy rest periods between them are preferable. In either case, scheduled breaks are required. Working without taking a break makes jill/jack drab and weary.


1621980202_878_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-16-2021Lubaina Himid

Knight of Wands (Knight of Wands) – You’re at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. Even if it seems like things are going too slowly or too quickly this week, your timing is impeccable. The difficulty with this energy is not questioning it. It will work out if you do what you say you’re going to do.

As an example:

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