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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of May 2, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

The rising star in the sky right now is the constellation of the rooster. Like a rooster, you are strutting your stuff, showing off your best feathers. What’s more, a rooster is a giant in the sky, a constellation of great magnitude. Through the rooster, the cosmos is telling you that you have a lot to gain, a lot to share, and a lot to offer.

The first week of May, the week of the second Full Moon, has an interesting theme for the future of art. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in Aries, while Mars and Jupiter are in Sagittarius. Aries is the fire sign, while Sagittarius is the sign of travel, and both the Sun and Mars are in Aries this week. Also, the Full Moon falls in Gemini, which is the sign of communication. This should provide us with a lot of interesting things to observe and think about.

I have done my best to predict the future with the cards in the past. It is indeed a fun pastime for me, and I hope that this article will inspire you to enjoy this hobby, too.. Read more about what are tarot cards used for and let us know what you think.Betsy Butchelor

This week’s artist is Betsy Batchelor @betseybatchelor.  Batchelor is the artist of the artist. There are artists who should be followed not only for their work, but also because they are willing to show their process.  Batchelor, perhaps because she is a teacher, shares her process.  Through her contributions, she shows the viewer not only the finished work, but also the blank canvas, the scraps of paper pinned to the wall, the sketches, the daily practices, the detailed parts of her work and the unfinished works.  Batchelor reminds us that art is work.  There is sketching, experimenting and archiving before the artist reaches the white void.  It is then refined, revisited, revised, reconsidered or even rejected.

Batchelor’s Instagram humanity is worth following because her posts remind fellow artists that what we love is messy, not the polished perfection of gallery shows or even our feeds.  And for the viewer as a whole, the fact that each piece we see requires hours of unseen work adds another layer to the wonder of art. For the artist and the viewer, it reminds us that the work itself is the lifeblood of art and the artist. That the essence of art and life is work, not just goals and achievements.  This week, think about the quote from Aristotle.  The purpose of art (and life) is not to depict the outward appearance of things, but their inner meaning.

The planets:  Mercury enters Gemini on the 3rd and stays there until the 11th. July.  This is the place he likes. A lot of evolving conversations can take place here.  And Venus will enter the sign of Gemini on the 8th to promote good vibes.  The only difficulty is to not over-promise and not say yes to everything.

*All photos below are from Batchelor’s Instagram posts, some are finished works, some are just his work.

P.S. The characters with * are a big week for you.  Taurus, this is the perfect time to get an astrological tarot reading for the coming year.  And Scorpio is halfway through your birth year, so if you need a planetary reading to check this out, now is the time.

May the light be upon you, around you and within you,



Betsy Butchelor

The Knight of Cups – Muse of Sexuality will help you increase your libido.  Whether you choose new toys, try new ways to stimulate all your senses, alone or with a partner.  This week, work on emotional engagement and stimuli of all kinds.


Betsy Butchelor

*Empress – Your first major energy of the coming year is creation. It is best to use this energy to create something that nourishes, comforts and encourages growth.  The challenge is that there is the pain of growing up, but there is also compassion and comfort to support you.   And like anything unusual, it will take time to develop.  So be patient with yourself and what you grow in the coming year.


Betsy Butchelor

Knight of Sticks – The muse of perfect timing works with you this week.  Good or bad, you are in the right place at the right time and you do the right thing when you do it.  Your only requirement is that you don’t doubt yourself, because you can learn a lot from this week.


Betsy Butchelor

*High Priestess – You have another week of work with your dark side.  This muse will help you see the cycles and the big picture to work on old karmic patterns and cut their threads.  Use rituals, meditation, chanting bowls…. to connect with your inner knowing and outer guides. There are threads in synchronicities and patterns, so keep your six senses open.


Betsy Butchelor

*The devil, the muse of distraction, is here to challenge you.  It only appears when you are close to achieving a goal or mastering a lesson.  The key is to say no or walk away when something seems wrong or, in some cases, too right.  The positive consequence of this card is that if you give in to this temptation, she will no longer have the power she once had.


Betsy Butchelor

The Ninth Coin – This muse has come to help you keep your work schedule and energy up by staying away or allowing only a few followers in.  She recommends creating a sacred space and time where you can contemplate your thoughts without outside influences.


Betsy Butchelor

* Power – Last week, the muse of the moment asked you to use her energy to set your course for the month ahead.  This week the power muse came to begin and support that journey. This energy is often helpful in dealing with apathy, distrust or uncertainty.  It reminds you that you have been through things before and have become stronger and more resilient.  This week is not about making your life more complicated, but realizing that you can accomplish anything with your heart (not your mind).


Betsy Butchelor

Ten of Cups – Another good week ahead.  Last week, the muse of optimism and success highlighted all the wonderful things and opportunities that await you if you just want them and allow yourself to shine and grow. This week the Muse of Bliss affirms that in life there are beautiful moments of heaven on earth.  The problem with this energy is realizing that these moments are fleeting.  It is important that you are fully bathed in their light when they come, and that you realize that you cannot sustain this ecstasy.  So don’t worry about them leaving, they’ll be back. His motto:  Aloha and Mahalo

Magnetic switch

Betsy Butchelor

*Temperance, the muse of balance and moderation has come to work with you. It asks you to face what is wrong in your inner and outer world and needs to be healed.  The channel of energy that flows between them is clogged.  So by doing things like Tai Chi, Feng Shu, balanced eating, sweating, brainstorming, massages….. get you back in balance and into a rhythm that works better for you and your work.


Betsy Butchelor

Ace of Swords – The muse of new truths is calling you this week.  It offers a lot of information to help you change paradigms or create new ones.  The spirit of this week is ON.


Betsy Butchelor

Nine Wands – Last week, the Muses talked about creating something out of nothing or building on what is already there.  Use these energies to shape, move and grow outward.  This energy is still there for work this week; but you need to keep up the pace if you want to get anything done.  So prioritize, prepare and only work on the items that are at the top of your list.


Betsy Butchelor

*Hierophant – Last week, the Muses helped you let go of something to ensure your growth.  This energy continues this week; but you also get help from the muse of structure. He recommends that you review and adjust your time and/or priorities.  When these two energies collide, your logic is often broken, as if you are putting the cart before the horse or not recognizing the problem of contingency.  Take a step back and examine the frames/targets before you paint the picture.


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