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Tarot and Art Forecast for Week of May 23, 2021 ⋆ the fox and the tarot

The fox is a symbol of cunning and intelligence, which are both important traits in the tarot. This week’s predictions for the tarot card are focused on the future, with some astrological aspects thrown in for good measure.

The what are tarot cards used for is a question that has been asked many times. Tarot cards are used in fortune telling and divination.

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Yoshihara Jiro is the featured artist this week. Was a founding member of the Gutai Art Association in Osaka, Japan, a post-World War II avant-garde art movement. Yoshihara’s manifesto essentially said, “Do what hasn’t been done before.” He was influenced by the Bokujinkai calligraphy trend as well as Zen Buddhism. Beginning his career in western art styles, abstraction, and surrealism, he moved on to other mediums. He spent the final ten years of his life experimenting with the deceptively simple circle and the intricacy of inscribing, culminating in the Circles series, which is shown here.

Yoshihara’s Circle Series perfectly captures the eclipse season. We are seldom aware of our system’s intricacy until something unusual occurs. During an eclipse, what seems to be a basic notion of night and day alters the “natural” dynamic. The gentle notion of gravity becomes an awe-inspiring study of the Universe’s clockwork as a result of our study of Astrology and Astronomy. It brings us to a halt and awakens us to the hidden mechanisms we take for granted. Eclipses jolt our spirits. We begin to view something that was formerly thought to be simple as being more complicated and having a deeper significance than we had anticipated.

The full moon in Sagittarius will be obscured on May 26th. Eclipses have a way of cranking the volume up to eleven or creating a commotion. This is not the time to act rashly, but it will provide insight into what you need more of. Then, from May 28th to June 23rd, Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde. So, back up your gadgets, provide time and space for hiccups, and practice the 3 R’s: Review, Reflect, and Revise. Venus, who is also in Gemini, will aid us in navigating this period by encouraging positive feelings. Then, until July 28th, Jupiter (expansion) is in Pisces, providing you a preview of what your 2022 will be like and where your development will occur.

P.S. If you see a * next to a sign, it means you have a busy week ahead of you. This is an excellent moment for you to have an Astrological Tarot Reading for the next year, Taurus. Scorpio, it’s the midway point of your birth year, so if you need a check-in, now is the time to get a Planetary Reading.

May the light shine brightly on you, all around you, and inside you.



1621979854_216_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

The Muse of Self Momentum came to ignite a fire under your chassis last week, Knight of Coins. You’ve probably recognized that in order to get a project off the ground, you’ll need to assume complete charge. Fortunately, you have the Muse of Sustainability, this Muse’s younger sister, to keep the momentum going. This energy provides you with knowledge into how to maintain the strength required to keep your job on track. The difficulty is that you must select the speed that is most comfortable for you. Whether you’re sprinting or running a marathon, both need enough recovery time, which you should include into your work schedule.


1621979855_40_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

The Muse of Creation is here to feed the development process, so I hope you established intentions last week. If you don’t have anything to sow yet, you still have till May 27th to come up with something. (See the week’s planets in the intro.) Then, after May 26th, you may begin growing one or two projects. The problem is that these projects typically take time, so are you willing to commit to caring for anything for 9 to 10 months? If not, it’s OK to put a larger project on hold until you’re ready, but use that time to refine something that’s currently in the works.


1621979856_710_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

The Ten of Wands is the first card in the deck. Happy month of your birth. The Muse of Burdens is the first spirit to deal with in the new year. It’s time to figure out which of your responsibilities are yours this year. This Muse recommends that you do this exercise if you feel overwhelmed or weary. Prioritize your weekly to-do list, then cross the final three things off your list and set them aside for the next week. Now work your way down the list, one thing at a time. If you feel stuck, move the task to the bottom of your to-do list and keep on. If you complete the list, you are finished for the week. Finally, repeat the procedure the following week, re-adding the three tasks you put off and starting from step one. The takeaway from this exercise is that you may reassess what you can really achieve in a week by looking at the things you removed from your list to see whether they were completed by someone else or if they no longer need to be done.


1621979857_923_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

*Hangman – a person who hangs from a tree. Okay, the Muse of Pondering is back to give you another week to answer last week’s question: who will you be in this new shape, and what will you do with it? For this creation, evolution and aim are necessary. Take some time to contemplate this week, or this Muse will find a way to get you to stop and think.


1621979859_687_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

Two of Coins – The Muse of Equilibrium has arrived to help you improve your multitasking abilities. Stop multitasking as a first step. This muse encourages you to focus on one item at a time until you master it or can complete a job without being distracted. Only until you’ve shown to yourself that you can do one job can you add another. She also has you stand on one foot for a minute and then swap, which you should do every day for a week as a side exercise and lesson.


1621979860_900_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

*Wheel – The Muse of Fortune has arrived to join you in your game. This energy has arrived to shake things up. So, pay attention to whether things go your way or not. In any case, there is knowledge available to help you become unstuck and gain momentum in your life.



1621979861_225_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

Ace of Cups – The Muse of Moderation and Balance guided you through the questions of why aren’t I doing that one thing or am I doing it more? Hopefully, this article has assisted you in rediscovering why you do what you do. Because you may now connect to the energy of fresh beginnings this week. As long as you follow your heart, the sky is the limit.


1621979863_485_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

*Fool – The Muse of Clean Slates has arrived in response to your efforts from last week. This week is full with exciting activities, sights, and noises. This Muse is urging you to try something new. Say yes to all invitations, toss a dart at a map and go there, try new foods, and make new acquaintances are just a few of the excellent activities she sets out for you. This week is all about experimenting with the energy of surprise.


1621979864_89_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

Nine of Cups – Last week, the Muse of Contemplation encouraged you to engage in Socratic thought and deep reflection in order to either re-think what the priority/purpose is, or to have you more firmly established in why you are performing a job in a particular manner via this inquiry. Now that you’ve made it to the other side, you should be moving more confidently into the following stages. All frame of mind allows you to fully enjoy the spirit of satisfaction that has been present this week. If you didn’t complete the work, spend the days leading up to the eclipse in profound contemplation so you can settle into a more content rhythm after May 26th.


1621979865_528_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

The Muse of Collaboration, Three of Coins, has arrived. This energy suggests that if you want to make things easier for yourself, you should not do it alone. Go for the gold with your troops and companions.


1621979866_943_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

Four of Coins – The Muse of Conservation has arrived to advise you to cut down on your material expenditures. It is critical that you use your time, money, and energy this week with these two goals in mind. 1) Prioritize quality over quantity. 2) Try to work smarter rather than harder.


1621979868_528_Tarot-and-Art-Forecast-for-Week-of-May-23-2021Jiro Yoshihara

Page of Cups (Page of Cups) – Get your rose-colored glasses ready, because the Muse of Joy is visiting this week. If you embrace her purpose, she will teach you that life can be amusing, humorous, quirky, playful, mischievous, and happy. If you need to express yourself, go out some crayons and/or sidewalk chalk.

As an example:

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