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Tarot Bytes Episode 208: Reading with Jumpers with Kimberly Cooley

I’ve been reading tarot for over 30 years, and I’ve had the great fortune of meeting and studying with some of the most amazing tarot readers in history. Kim Cooley is one of those amazing readers. In this episode, you get to hear Kim’s amazing viewpoints on all things tarot. This episode is long, and we go over a lot of stuff, so I hope you appreciate it.

Reading with Jumpers with Kimberly Cooley is a weekly show that features Kim talking about the card and its meaning, while also going over some tarot history, spreads, and her own personal experiences with tarot.

The Tarot Bytes Podcast

Beginner Tarot courses in bite-sized chunks The Tarot Lady was created by Theresa Reed.

Tarot Bytes is a tarot podcast for individuals who want to study tarot but don’t have all day to do it. Tarot teachings in bite-sized chunks.

Kimberly Cooley reads with her jumpers in Episode 208.

Have you ever had a tarot card “jump” out at you as you’re shuffling? They’re referred to as “jumpers” by tarot readers, and Kimberly Cooley of Abundant Life Tarot reads exclusively with them! When I first heard this, I knew I needed to speak with her and understand more about her approach. Kimberly discusses her reading methods, ideas, and philosophy with jumpers in this episode. You’ll also figure out what’s going on when no cards seem to leap out at you. This episode may cause you to reconsider your reading habits!

Kimberly’s bio:

Tarot Bytes Episode 208: Reading with Jumpers with Kimberly CooleyKimberly Cooley is a Tarot reader from Northern California who just relocated to the Dominican Republic. She is the founder and proprietor of Abundant Life Tarot, as well as a Tarot content producer. Abundant Life Tarot, her YouTube channel, features her extensive card collection as well as advice on how to interpret Tarot and Oracle cards. She aspires to be a welcoming and genuine presence in the Tarot community. 

Choosing Your Next Deck and Curating Your Collection is a free online course developed by Kim. She also provides Tarot readers with consultation and mentoring services.

https://abundantlifetarot.com> https://abundantlifetarot.com> http @AbundantLifeTarot on Instagram @AbundantLifeTarot on Facebook Email: [email protected] Etsy: AbundantLifeShop 

Take out your favorite deck, plug up your headphones, and get ready to dig in!



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