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Tarot Cards That Affect Your Future the Most

Have you ever wondered what the future holds for you? Well, it’s not always a good thing. The future could bring you love, health, wealth, and so on. What about a super-lucky future where you become a respected artist? This kind of future could be very exciting, however it can also be a bit depressing if you think of how you’ll be when you’re in your 70s.

Tarot cards are a great divination tool, used by millions of people across the world to help them with their daily life, gain insight into their present or future, or see the hidden meaning behind each and every card.

The tarot cardsare exactly.

In the thousands of tarot readings I have done over the decades, clients always want to know the future. I’m not surprised. As with any good story, we all want to know what happens next! While I always make it clear that free will plays a role in any interpretation and that the cards do not determine the decisions of others, my card readers often give me answers about where the energy is going and the greatest potential of each outcome. I can confirm that the cards were correct when I talk to the client during a follow-up reading. I am always amazed at their accuracy.

Major and Minor Arcana Card

There are 78 images in a standard tarot deck, 22 of which make up the so-called major arcana. These cards with their specific meanings differ from the images in the minor arcana. In the minor arcana, there are cards like the Two Cups or the Five Wands, which give the reader more specific information about the situation in the client’s life and the possible outcome. The Major Arcana, however, are special – these 22 cards are more carefully drawn, almost like paintings. Some names may look familiar to you, such as the Justice card, the Lovers card or the Moon card. The power card shows a woman standing next to a lion. She is clearly in control of the beast, she has tamed it. When the strength card appears during a reading, depending on the question I ask my guides, I know the client has shown strength in that area or is being tested for strength. However it turns out, I’m sure that now that the card is out, power will be involved in some way.

Imperial map: Desired results

When I think about the future, there are a few cards I always keep in mind. Every card in the tarot deck certainly has psychic abilities, but it is these cards that give the reader an idea of what the future may hold. When reading a work situation for a client, the emperor pointing to the right indicates that a job or new opportunity is on the horizon. The numbers 19 and 20 of the main arcana, Sun and Peace, show that the result that has been longed for for some time will manifest. When the Sun appears, I often interpret it as a conflict in a relationship being resolved.

Wheel of fortune: Good News

Clients love it when the Wheel of Fortune appears in their interpretation – it always points to good news in a difficult situation – a change in circumstances or a positive outcome. A few months ago, during a reading, a client was preparing to move across the country to be closer to her new granddaughter. She feared the timing was bad, as her house had been for sale for weeks and had not yet sold. I studied the cards and was excited when I saw the wheel of fortune, top right on the star. I thought something was going to change in his life, I thought it was going to be fast, and given the interpretations of several minor arcana cards, including the eight of wands, I thought it was going to be fast. When she called back two weeks later, she was overjoyed to have found a buyer.

Temperance and the Tower Permanent situation and placeholder

Temper suggests that the situation may remain the same before significant movement occurs, and Tower suggests that something will happen that could not have been predicted. Right now I am using my psychic abilities with my guides to guess what this event will be. Another client of mine was concerned about a man she had been dating for a few months. Sometimes he didn’t answer her calls and wasn’t available on weekends because he was supposedly busy. I prepared a surprise for her based on what the cards indicated, and a few days later she met him at a local restaurant – for a date. Most people would have seen this as a negative outcome, but my client was very happy to have received this information before she began making serious plans for her life with this man.

A bright future

Most future readings I’ve done have been positive. One of the things that makes reading so exciting for clients is telling them the good news, telling them I see them getting into the college of their choice or finding the romantic relationship they were looking for. Looking ahead is what makes the relationship between clients and readers so sacred, and the reason why almost every reading begins with a question in one form or another: Please tell me what the future holds. Tarot card readings give you the opportunity to make a deeper connection with Spirit. This means that you will receive unbiased information about your past, present and future, but only if you let a psychic read the tarot cards. Find a tarot card psychic or learn more about tarot card divination. About California Psychics California Psychics is the most trusted source for paranormal readings. Since 1995, we have conducted over 6 million secret and confidential telephone psychic readings. More than a prediction, we are your guide on life’s path. Peace of mind, happiness and success are just a phone call away. With over 400 online psychics to choose from, you are sure to find the best psychic for you. Call one of our trusted and accurate psychics today! Confidential and safe, real psychics, accurate predictions, 100% guarantee.

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