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Teeth falling out, Missing Your Exam, Can’t Speak: Tarot and Anxiety Dreams

A lot of people dream about teeth falling out, missed exams, or other upsetting anxiety related events that occur while they are asleep. Since people tend to like to think positive in regards to their health, they may wonder what their dreams mean and how they can use them to improve their life.

Many tarot readers agree that dreams of teeth falling out, missing your exam, or an exam you can’t remember taking are all related to anxiety. Check out this article if you’d like to read more about this link between dreams and anxiety.

When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, my overactive mind usually goes into one of the strange and very disturbing dreams that I have in turn.

Teeth falling out, Missing Your Exam, Can’t Speak: Tarot and Anxiety Dreams

My favorite part is when I go on vacation to an all-inclusive hotel in the Caribbean. It’s the last day of my vacation and I still haven’t found the beach or swam in the ocean, and I couldn’t find another buffet room where the food is really good. The second is the one about going back to college without knowing my schedule, causing me to constantly miss classes, not study for exams, and not get my degree. This usually happens when I’ve signed up for a class that I’m sure I won’t pass (something with math, for example), but don’t know how to get to the desk to sign up. Now, in the light of day, I find them funny (and hilarious). But in the world of dreams, they are at best disturbing, and at worst frightening. Perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that there are many common themes in our troubling dreams. Some of the most common are:

  • On tracks
  • Being naked in public
  • tooth loss
  • Lose your voice
  • Delay of an aircraft or other means of transport
  • Drowning or falling
  • I can’t find anything, anywhere or anyone.
  • Going back to school/taking an exam
  • Natural disasters

Are any of your recurring dreams on this list? And what does tarot have to do with disturbing dreams anyway?

  • Tarot can help us see and clarify what is causing these dreams. Sometimes that’s all we need to release them, to free them from the constant repetition and distance ourselves from them.
  • And we can use the tarot to change the dream.

1. What caused the dream.

Go through your tarot deck and find the card that best represents the theme of your dream, or what you are feeling, or that represents an aspect of the dream. Spread it out in front of you. Now, with this dream in mind, shuffle the cards and lay out three more cards to answer these questions:

word-image-18518 Sheet 2 asks why the dream is happening now. You may already be wondering why, or not be sure. In any case, this card will help you access the cause of the dream. Card #3 asks what the main message of the dream is. What is he trying to tell you? What is he asking you to see, recognize or put into perspective? Card #4 gives you an overview of how to remove the cause of the dream so that it no longer shows up in your dreams every night.

Look for a practical action here, something concrete that relates to your life. Is there anything that needs to be said? Is there a pattern of behavior or do you think it would be helpful to change or stop it? Does the card represent a ritual or spell you can use to clear this energy? If the message of the revelation is not entirely clear, you can invite these cards to appear in your dreams that night, as they wish, with the intention that you see what you need to see to better understand your interpretation (and the recurring troubling dream).

2. Using Tarot to change a dream.

Write down the key moments of this disturbing dream, the actions in the order they occurred, as if you were remembering the plot of a movie or book. Then choose a tarot card for each of these main points. Do this proactively by searching your deck for cards that match these plot points.  Tell the story of your dream, say it out loud and use cards to help you.

Then there are two ways you can go. Shuffle the cards and ask your heart and mind to help you change or resolve this dream. Randomly draw a card to place on top of each of the other cards you have chosen to represent the highlights of the dream. Guide yourself through this new story now, tell it to yourself, create a new dream with the cards as a guide. OR, do the same job, but actively select new maps.

Create the dream you want, make up the story you want to dream, change the ending of the dream to bring resolution, triumph or peace. Finally, invite these cards and this story into your dreams tonight. Look at the cards right before you fall asleep, draw the images into your mind, and tell yourself that this time you will live your dreams. Sleeping well is a blessing. Good sleep takes us away from our worries and fears and transports us to a place where anything is possible. An unpleasant dream can show what needs to be seen and clarified. If you want to understand your dreams more deeply or if you are trying to guide, direct or choose them, the Tarot is a powerful, inspiring and creative way to do so.