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The Astrology of May – Jupiter Enters Pisces –

It is Spring, and the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo dominate the skies. It’s an exciting time of year, with the planet of Sun, Jupiter, moving into the sign of Pisces and the sun enters the springtime sign of Leo. Jupiter is a planet that inspires love, progress, growth, expansion, and generosity. It rules all types of education, trade, communication, and travel. It is a planet that awakens our senses, helps us to see that we are not alone, and enables us to become more generous, loving, and forgiving. The people who are most impacted by Jupiter are those who feel it bestows great gifts from on high. The sign

In the previous month of May, we have a great month for all those who are influenced by, study, or practice astrology. With the new moon in Pisces, we have a wonderful time to expand our horizons. In Astrology, Jupiter is the planet of expansion and happiness. May is a great month to make new friends, to spread a message of love, and to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

May 2021 is an important month from an astrological point of view. Jupiter enters Pisces, Mercury and Saturn go retrograde, and the eclipse season begins – a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. But what is particularly unusual in May – and this is the icing on the cake – is that we have a record number of planets out of bounds. Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon are safe, with Mercury and Mars being safe for most of the month. If you are not familiar with the concept of forbidden planets: this is a special condition of a planet when its declination is more than 23⁰26’22 north or south of the equator. The word declination may sound like math, and you might be tempted to roll your eyes and say: I don’t understand it, but there’s really nothing complicated about it. When a planet is outside the sun, it is outside the rules of the sun, which means it can pretty much do whatever it wants! He is a bit like Uranus – free, creative and unpredictable. Planets rarely go beyond their boundaries, and we can go months without planets going beyond their boundaries. And in May, we already have 4! The probability of 3 or 4 planets not touching is about 1%. When we have such an incredible list of non-flying planets, we know we have something special. Actually, no one is listening to the sun anymore this month. Nobody listens to the boss. Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon do whatever they want. Suddenly we have all this freedom that comes to us almost out of nowhere. The question is what to do about it. A fascinating journey awaits us, that’s for sure! But let’s take a look at the main astrological events of the month:

3. May 2021 – Mercury enters Gemini

The 3rd. May 2021, Mercury will enter Gemini. Mercury is in domicile in Gemini, so it’s a great place to be. While Mercury in Taurus slows his pace when emotional in Cancer, Mercury in Gemini can be himself: articulate, concrete and logical. Our communication, our thought processes and our consciousness as a whole will function with optimal parameters. It will become easier for us to express our opinions and communicate with others. Things sometimes get lost in translation – but less so when Mercury is in Gemini.

8. May 2021 – Venus enters Gemini

The eighth. In May 2021, Venus will enter Gemini. Venus is connected with feelings and Gemini with logic and communication. When Venus is in Gemini, it is easier for us to express our feelings. Of course feelings are meant to be felt, but sometimes naming them, translating them and putting them into words can make a big difference.

10. May 2021 – Mercury in conjunction with the North Node

On the 10th. May Mercury is in conjunction with the North Node at 10° Gemini. This is the first conjunction of the North Lunar Node this month (Venus and the Sun will also join the North Lunar Node later in the month). When more than one planet turns to the North Lunar Node, we feel the call of fate. There is a kind of excitement, an attraction, a desire to overcome the limitations of the past. Of course, every great adventure begins in our minds. When Mercury is in conjunction with the North Lunar Node, we have the first hints of what this new adventure might look like. To see it through the eyes of our mind. This insight can come from within, as an aha moment, or from outside, in the form of news, an opportunity or inspiration. Watch for all the news coming in on the 10th. Can come to you, because it’s important.

11. May 2021 – New Moon in Taurus

On the eleventh. On May 202, we have a beautiful New Moon at 21° in Taurus. The new moon is in trine with Pluto in Capricorn and has a very earthly meaning. The New Moon in Taurus is ideal for new beginnings related to Taurus themes: Land, body, money and possessions, food and nutrition, land and possessions.

13. May 2021 – Jupiter enters Pisces

May is a month rich in events and twists, but if we have to remember the most important transit of May, it is the entry of Jupiter into Pisces. Jupiter only changes signs once a year, and when it does, it sets the tone for just about everything and gives us a theme to focus on. Jupiter is only temporarily in Pisces. Jupiter retrograde in June, then returns to Aquarius in July. But these 2 1/2 months with Jupiter in Pisces are excellent preparation for 2022, when Jupiter will finally enter Pisces. The good news about this transit is that Jupiter lives in Pisces, so he feels very much at home here. In Pisces, Jupiter can be as wise, witty and expansive as he wants. The last two years or so have not been easy. This accumulation of energy in Capricorn was heavy and limiting. Jupiter in Aquarius is generally better than Jupiter in Capricorn, but since Jupiter is in the same sign as Saturn (domiciled in Aquarius), he must abide by Saturn’s rules. As Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces, our faith and optimism will finally be restored.

17. May 2021 – Venus in conjunction with the North Node

On the 10th. In May, we had Mercury in conjunction with the North Lunar Node. At first it was just an idea. Now that Venus is in conjunction with the North Lunar Node in the same degree of Gemini, we can talk about : Now, wait a minute: This idea, this thought, this opportunity that was presented to me last week is REALLY something. It really is the right thing to do. Yes, it’s a little scary, but there’s also a sense of rightness, I have butterflies in my stomach that say, yes, I have something this time. The North Node spends a lot of time in the 10th. Gemini degree, and when that happens, we know we’re in eclipse season. In fact, when we have an eclipse season, the nodes spend a lot of time in the same degree of the zodiac. If you have planets or angles around 10° Gemini or 10° Sagittarius, this and other Nodal transits and the entire month of May will be especially important to you and can bring incredible events and opportunities.

20. May 2021 – Sun enters Gemini

Happy birthday to all the twins! On the 20th. In May, the sun enters the sign of Gemini, and the Gemini season officially begins. With Mercury, Venus and the North Lunar Node already in Gemini, you might think that Gemini time has already begun. But it is when the sun is in the sign that we experience it fully. Gemini is a very curious, witty, expressive, verbal and intellectual energy. Gemini is a jack of all trades in the zodiac, but they do not possess the knowledge of all things Jupiter/Sag. Gemini energy is curious by nature, so we will be observant and approach things with a beginner’s mindset. And then we finally find solutions to old problems that previously seemed unsolvable.

23. May 2021 – Saturn goes retrograde

When the slowest planet retrogrades, the world is not turned upside down as it is with Mercury or Mars….. But Saturn’s retrograde stations rarely go unnoticed, albeit for different reasons. If certain things in your life happened because of inertia or were slow in some way, they will stop working altogether now. Imagine you have an old car that hasn’t been started in a long time. You expect an accident to happen at any moment, and it’s not surprising that the car will crash one day. It’s not like you didn’t see it coming. But the fact that it’s not working anymore will eventually make you want to do something about it. Now the problem becomes clear, it becomes tangible, it becomes a reality. You can’t get away with this. When Saturn goes retrograde, you will finally be able to take a break and re-evaluate an area of your life that is not working as well as it could. Saturn retrograde is an opportunity to rethink and realign this area of your life. When Saturn becomes direct, you will have found a new solution, a new work pattern that will improve your life in the long run.

26. May 2021 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

One of the highlights of the month is of course the Full Moon and Full Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The eclipse takes place at 5° Sagittarius and is a South Lunar eclipse, so it is the culmination of what we have been building and creating since the Lunar Nodes passed into Gemini and Sagittarius. But we will tell you more about this extremely important event as the date approaches!

29. May 2021 – Mercury goes retrograde, Mercury is in conjunction with Venus

The 29th. In May 2021, Mercury will go retrograde at 24° Gemini, and just before this change in direction, Mercury will join Venus, also at 24° Gemini. Usually Mercury is faster than Venus, but this time Venus is faster than Mercury. We first feel or experience something (Venus), then we try to understand what happened (Mercury). You may have an experience that will turn you upside down. The experience can be so powerful, so emotionally and sensorially stimulating, that it can take weeks to digest. But that’s exactly why Mercury is retrograde!

31. May 2021 – Sun in conjunction with North Node

At the end of the month, the Sun is the last planet to greet the North Node of the Moon. The sun has not had it easy this month: Mercury, Venus and even Mars, planets that used to listen to the Sun’s directives, are completely unhinged. They were past the sun. For the sun, the question now becomes: What was that? What if – only if – I’m the one who needs to change? The Sun is the most predictable planet in astrology: It always rises and sets in the sky. It gives us the seasons, the omens and the houses. The Sun is practically the foundation of astrology and the ruler of our birth chart. The sun indicates the direction. The sun is our reason for living. And now, as the Sun meets the North Lunar Node of intention, this general direction of our lives is being updated and refined. Like installing new software on a computer, connecting the Sun to the North Node may seem slow at first. In the beginning, learning new features can be challenging. But it won’t be long before we’re not only used to it, but wondering how we managed to live without it all this time. This new orientation will become clearer in June, when there is a total solar eclipse in Gemini. Join the 49,000+ other subscribers and sign up for weekly Astro Butterfly updates: Click here to register


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when Jupiter enters Pisces?

The astrology section of iKnowAstrology.com is a resource for every astronomer who wants to learn more about Jupiter and its astrological significance. We’ve been keeping an eye on Jupiter and this last week it entered the constellation Pisces. Jupiter is the planet that represents the divine rulership of Jupiter. In the astrological sphere, it represents all things divine, divine rulership, and the divine authority of God. The symbol for Jupiter is a circle with two tails. Jupiter is a very important planet because it contains the most intense of the cosmic forces. Jupiter is the planet of divine rulership, and the ruler of Pisces in the zodiac. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and it’s one of the most diversely populated signs in the zodiac. It’s 30 degrees of Aries, which is in the same area as Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. We also find the same symbol in the Tarot deck (the fish) and in Chinese medicine (the chrysanthemum).

When has Jupiter enters Pisces?

The signs of the zodiac have been a part of human culture since ancient times, and they have been used for divination and prophecy since then. The sign most associated with Jupiter, however, is Pisces, which was one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac before it was split in two and re-named in the 19th century. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, will enter Pisces for the first time since 2007 on May 22- 23. This is a great time to expand and grow in any way that you want.

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