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The Astrology of this week July 17 – July 22.

Let’s say you’ve taken an interest in astrology and are interested in learning how astrology applies to your life. Well, my astrological readings have a special focus on the ‘present’ moment and how it can be used to understand what is going on in your life and the world around you at this very moment. “Astrological personality type”

The astrological forecasts for July 17th, 2017 are based on the birth data of Daan van den Boom (born 1954-11-24). Daan is a Dutch astrologer and clairvoyant who specialises in providing astrological forecasts for the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa. He also works as a clairvoyant and astrologer in association with the Dutch astrological association, the Nederlandse Astrologie Vereniging (NAV).

This week, the Moon enters Scorpio, a watery sign that’s known as the sky sign of the mullet. It’s a sign that’s ruled by the fixed sign of Capricorn, the goat, which is the sign that rules the Earth by its fixed nature as well as its willing to work with you to help you in all endeavors. This week, the Moon is in and about Scorpio, so you’re likely to feel some sort of heaviness or frustration, or an overall feeling of being more withdrawn than usual. This is the sign that rules the tail of the fish, and with the Moon in this sign, you’ll be more likely to feel like you need to pull back and stick to your plans. ~~. Read more about july 17 horoscope 2021 and let us know what you think.


The first quarter moon denotes taking action that begins with the new moon. The ten-day-old Cancer new moon focuses on our emotions and sentiments. We go deeper now that the first quarter moon has arrived, and take acts based on our thoughts and emotions. By the way, no one is claiming that it is simple. On the 17th, the Sun opposes Pluto, emphasizing responsibility and finding out how to deal with our emotions when we have to ‘step up.’ The waxing moon becomes gibbous on the 20th, allowing us to improve our knowledge and emotions. In this instance, the Sagittarius moon refines and expands our universe. We examine our beliefs and judgments to determine whether they are in line with our feelings. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd. The lions will begin to roar!






Moon in the First Quarter 


17th of July, 2021 





Quarter one: 




Concentrate on: What activities do you do to maintain your balance? What steps are you doing to strengthen your relationship(s)? What steps are you doing to aid in the negotiating process? What are the activities you’re doing that need compromise? 




Note of Interest



7/17: The Sun is in opposition to Pluto. Emotions and family vs. going out in public and making a difference. Between emotions and practical development, there’s a teeter-totter.  




The Moon Is Gibbous


20th of July, 2021


12:05 p.m. (EDT) 





Concentrate on: How are you refining ‘foreign’ things? What information are you pondering that will broaden your horizons? What aspects of your judgments are you overlooking?  





a special emphasis



Venus enters Virgo on July 21st. 


Venus opposes Jupiter on July 22nd. Big ideas and humanitarian concerns vs details and morals 


The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd. 





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