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The Best Crystals For Every Zodiac Sign

There are many different types of crystals out there, such as quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz. Each of these have their own uses and benefits and are considered excellent to promote meditation and spiritual growth. The best crystals for every zodiac sign are: Taurus: Rose Quartz Aquarius: Clear Quartz Scorpio: Agate Pisces: Black Tourmaline

This article will provide you with the best crystals for the Zodiac signs.

Crystals seem to have suddenly come into fashion, but in fact they have been used for thousands of years as part of a profound spiritual practice. People use crystals for various purposes, such as healing, protection and increasing creativity. Studying healing crystals and using them in your daily life can be very beneficial, especially if you know how they interact with your particular zodiac sign. To get the most out of them, find out which ones match your astrological sign and suit you best. The following list provides some of the most common negative traits of each zodiac sign and the crystals that can help counteract them.

Aries – Pyrite, Quartz and Carnelian

Aries (March 21-April 19) have an attitude of persistence that can also make them impulsive and impatient. Quartz, pyrite and carnelian are good for this sign as they promote a sense of calmness and also balance their energy so they can breathe easily and relax. Pyrite gives Aries stamina in pursuing their intentions, while quartz and carnelian help cool their explosive nature.

Taurus – malachite, carnelian and green jade

Taurus (April 20-May 20) has a very down-to-earth but assertive personality. They can sometimes be narcissistic, while malachite learns and grows at all stages of its life. It is also very easy for them to fall into laziness. Carnelian will help them awaken their inner leader and encourage them to move forward. The green jade helps to resist their stubbornness and maintain their composure in the difficult moments to come.

Gemstones – blue lace, agate and moonstone

Gemini (May 21-June 20) are prone to nervousness and anxiety, and Blue Lace helps them ease these feelings by bringing peace and calm into their lives. They may also lack direction, so agate is ideal for them because it carries mysterious and powerful messages that can help them know what to do. Geminis can also be very sensitive, and moonstone, along with agate, helps them avoid falling into the trap of emotional instability.

Cancer – black kyanite, hirsocolla and moonstone

Cancers (June 22-July 22) are known to be loving and protective, but also moody and affectionate. Black cyanite and hirsocolla help them to detach from toxic energies and unhealthy relationships. You also have strong intuition and an intense connection with the Moon, and the Moonstone helps to strengthen this already strong relationship.

Lion – Carnelian, Tiger Eye and Pyrite

word-image-18941 Lions (July 23-August 22) may exhibit a tendency toward selfishness and arrogance. Carnelian can help Leo focus his heart energy on something positive and understandable. Tiger eye and pyrite help them to manifest abundance and release creative energy in a positive and grounded way.

Virgo – citrine, coelestine and green jade

Virgins (August 23-September 22) tend to be overly practical and analytical when trying to achieve higher intuition and elevation. Citrine and Coelestine will help them open their minds and think outside the box to do just that. They also struggle to find a balance between body, mind and spirit and green jade helps them find that perfect balance.

Balance – aquamarine, labradorite and lapis lazuli

Libra (September 23-October 22) can be superficial and distant at times, so Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for her, as it helps her eliminate her habit of judging others and become more open to things she may not understand. They can also be quite indecisive in life, and labradorite and lapis lazuli help them in this area. Labradorite boosts their self-confidence, while lapis lazuli helps them make decisions and express themselves fully.

Scorpio – Sodalite, Amethyst and Citrine

word-image-18942 Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) is known for its fiery and passionate energy, which can sometimes be excessive. Sodalite helps Scorpions find the calm energy they sometimes need to find peace and relaxation. Amethyst is a good crystal for Scorpions because it eliminates the negative energy that can hinder their incredibly strong intuition. Scorpions can be prone to depression, so citrine is ideal for boosting their vitality and giving them determination.

Sagittarius – citrine, black onyx and bronze

Archers (November 22 – December 21) can be impatient and fickle, so Citrine is ideal for them because it helps them decide what goals they want to achieve and strive to achieve them. They are also very free-spirited and have trouble keeping their feet on the ground. Therefore, black onyx and bronzite can work together to help them find structure in their wild life and ensure they are on the right track and stay grounded in the earth.

Capricorn Moonstone, Sodalite and Garnet

word-image-18943 Capricorns (December 22 – January 20) are known to be quite stable and down-to-earth, but they can also be self-centered and moody in many cases. Moonstone and sodalite help Capricorns get in touch with their intuitive side and their dark side to address some of these tendencies and find peace and harmony in their lives. Garnet is a good stone for them because it helps them strengthen their ambitious and disciplined nature.

Aquarius – yellow jasper, aquamarine and black onyx

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), if not careful, can have a tendency to get lost, distracted and restless. Yellow jasper helps them to reduce anxiety and nervousness that can prevent them from doing what they need to do. Aquamarine helps them reconnect with their higher purpose and spiritual nature, and black onyx protects them from an excessive preoccupation with serving others and purifies them of negativity.

Pisces – bloodstone, sodalite and amethyst

word-image-18944 Pisces (February 19-March 20) can have a hard time staying grounded because of their strong intuition, and they are also very emotional people with a lot of feelings. Bloodstone helps them keep both feet on the ground, and sodalite helps them develop thoughts based on logic rather than emotion. They are also very altruistic and always willing to help those in need. This is a good thing, but it can place a heavy burden on their shoulders, which Amethyst helps them to manage by relieving them of the responsibility they place on themselves to solve the problems and difficulties of others. I hope this guide will help you on your journey to using healing crystals, whether you already have some experience with it or are just starting your practice! It is not for nothing that crystals have been used for thousands of years in many cultures and countries for healing, protection and guidance. It’s time to get pampered!

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystals are good for each zodiac?

Aquarius: Amethyst Pisces: Turquoise Aries: Citrine Taurus: Carnelian Gemini: Blue Topaz Cancer: Moonstone Leo: Emerald Virgo: Lapis Lazuli Libra: Sapphire Scorpio: Ruby Sagittarius: Peridot Capricorn: Aquamarine Aquarius: Amethyst Aries: Citrine Taurus: Carnelian Gemini: Blue Topaz Cancer: Moonstone Leo: Emerald Virgo: Lapis Lazuli Libra: Sapphire Scorpio: Ruby Sagittarius: Peridot Capricorn: Aquamarine Aquarius: Amethyst

Which zodiac sign is the prettiest?


What is the best crystal to wear daily?

The best crystal to wear daily is a clear quartz.

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