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The Best Crystals to Tap into Your Psychic Intuition

Psychic intuition is known as a sensitive, alive psychic ability that is generally accepted by people of the western world. In a survey conducted by the National Science Foundation, 80% of the people said they believed in psychic abilities. For this reason, psychic intuition is something that should be embraced by all humans. By using different crystals, you can tap into your psychic intuition, allowing you to access information that you don’t know.

Ever wished you had a crystal ball to see what your future held? Or maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to know your child’s birthday a day before it happens? The answer is simple—there is no need to wait for a crystal ball to reveal these future events. It is possible to know these events using crystals.

Quartz power

Gemstones are excellent for channeling energy and changing the vibrations around us. All crystals have power, but some are said to be more suited to specific needs, such as healing, purification, grounding or developing your psychic abilities.

To use their power, first choose the one you like. You will immediately get an idea of each crystal. Trust your intuition. If you’re comfortable with it, start programming each one with your consciousness. To do this, hold the stone in your hands, meditate on it, and send your thoughts to the stone about what it should help you do. You entrust the crystal with your desires, needs and aspirations and in return its energy immediately begins to work for you.

Believe it, and you will surely see it appear in the divine order. You can put it in any suitable place or, if it is small enough, carry it with you. (Size does not matter; they are equally strong whether they are large or small). Crystals are great energy transmitters and will help you achieve what you want to create. Here are some of the best ones to help you open up and activate your psychic intuition even more.

Pure Quartz

This crystal is considered the master crystal, also called the perfect gemstone, because of its ability to energetically expand, amplify and purify all other crystals, and because of its ability to heal all your chakras. It is the basic crystal that helps you connect with the divine light. It strengthens the energy of other stones. It is especially powerful for finding crystal clarity in communication with your guardian angels and spiritual guides, and for gaining intuitive insights.


This is another classic base crystal with a rich, deep, vibrant purple color that corresponds to your crown chakra. It is known as flint. This royal stone has many gifts, including a strong guardian energy. You can hold it in your hands or place it on your head as you meditate on your intention to develop clairvoyant intuition. Visualise the top of your head (your crown chakra) opening up and sending a ray of violet light to your higher power. Then feel the ray that your higher power is sending you in turn. They are literally connected to the divine. It is a powerful way to improve your psychic intuition.

Aqua Aura

This beautiful blue-green crystal with gold accents is known as the stone of success and abundance. It is believed to help create calm and tranquility in the mind, relieve stress and support the throat, third eye and crown chakra. It is considered a kind of money magnet. It helps you bring the truth of your heart into your mind and helps you see what you need to know. This will help you receive clear messages from Spirit, which will facilitate your clairvoyant discernment.


It is called a magic stone and it helps to access the Akashic records. It is supposed to help turn despair into hope and positive feelings. It is considered an excellent tool for clearing all chakras of negative energy, and for improving telepathic abilities and psychic intuition. It helps you stay grounded and protected. This gives you a powerful tool to communicate with your spiritual guides.


It is another royal crystal that is considered the stone of vision and truth and holds the power of truth, wisdom, honor, peace and compassion. Its deep sky blue color with golden flecks helps to activate psychic dreams. It is known for its protective properties, as it blocks mental attacks by sending all negative energy back to where it came from. You can place it on your third eye during meditation to activate your clairvoyant powers.


Celestite means heavenly. This soft, sky blue stone brings peace and clarity to the mind and helps you connect and communicate with your spiritual guides and guardian angels. It will help you discover your soul star or eighth chakra, which represents divine illumination. It is also called the seat of the soul. This crystal helps develop the gift of prophecy and powerfully activates your psychic gifts, including clairvoyance.

Angel’s aura

This beautiful iridescent quartz combined with silver and platinum creates an amazing alchemy that lifts you to higher, celestial spiritual realms. It is known as the crystal of divine connections and has an incredible cleansing effect on the soul. It helps you to align with divine energy and invite this pure energy into your body, mind and spirit. It stimulates all your psychic abilities.

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