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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning – Upright And Reversed

The Devil Tarot card meaning is about the struggle between good and evil. It’s about the struggle of being human, of trying to live a moral life that will lead to your ultimate salvation.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning is one of the most well-known cards in the tarot deck. It’s also known as the card of betrayal.

Meanings of the Devil Tarot Card

The Devil is one of the Tarot deck’s negative cards. Its presence is a terrible omen, signifying enslavement, addiction, ill luck, and bloodshed. The Devil Tarot meaning is mostly concerned with the cravings that prevent people from achieving their full potential. The Devil symbolizes the potential of worldly goals that are doomed to fail, whether in terms of profession, love, money, or any other element of life. The card is mostly a warning that if you do not let rid of your unhealthy or harmful habits, you will most certainly fall and suffer more than you anticipate.

Furthermore, there is a small difference in the Tarot readings of The Devil Tarot Card Upright and The Devil Tarot Card Reversed. Continue reading to learn more about the Tarot meaning of The Devil in the Upright and Reversed positions.

Description of the Devil Tarot Card

In the conventional Tarot deck, the Devil is the fifteenth trump or Major arcana card. A demon or Baphomet may be seen couching on a pedestal in the Devil Tarot card image. He has a half-human, half-goat physique, huge bat wings, and an inverted pentagram on his forehead. This pentagon is frequently linked with the Baphomet and symbolizes the darkest side of occult and magic. The Devil possesses a captivating gaze that has the ability to attract anybody who gets close to him. The goat represents a scapegoat who suffers the brunt of other people’s faults and blunders. To move beyond their complexes, people often assign responsibility for their errors to a scapegoat. The Devil’s wings are those of a vampire bat, an animal that feeds on its prey’s blood. This is a metaphor for what happens when you give in to your materialistic impulses. A man and lady are standing nude and chained at the Devil’s feet. They seem to be being kept against their will, yet closer inspection reveals that their shackles are loose and may be readily released. This implies that it is completely up to you to free yourself from the Devil’s dominion. If you become self-aware, you may be able to break the cycle of addiction and enslavement. Furthermore, both men and women have horns on their skulls. It’s a sign that the longer they’re held prisoner, the more they’ll develop into devils.

Upright is the meaning of the Devil Tarot Card.  Reversed meaning of the Devil Tarot Card
Addiction, obsession, bondage, materialism, attachment, restriction, sexuality, shadowing self, powerlessness, limitations, oppression, dependency, secrecy, abuse, violence, and hopelessness are all examples of addiction, obsession, bondage, materialism, attachment, restriction, sexuality, shadowing self, powerlessness, limitations, oppression, dependency, secrecy, abuse, violence, and hopelessness. Overcoming addiction, revelation, release, regaining power, independence, control, investigating dark ideas, reasserting control, liberation from negativity, detachment are all terms used to describe the process of overcoming addiction.

In a Tarot Reading or Spread, the Devil Upright Card has the following meanings.

The Devil Upright Tarot Card has the following meanings:

Meaning of Upright Love  Meaning of an Upright Career Meaning of Upright Finance Meaning of Upright Health Spiritual Meaning That Is Upright
Lust, selfishness, hedonism, obsession, and disregard for the partner’s emotions Feeling stuck in your work, destroying yourself, blaming others, and playing the victim Excessive spending on luxury and comfort, as well as unhealthy financial habits Unhealthy habits, alcohol or drug addiction, and mental illnesses are all examples of unhealthy behaviors. Spiritual upliftment is hampered by materialistic wants and bad ideas.

The Devil Upright Tarot’s General Meaning

In a broader sense, the Devil is a symbol of addiction or obsession. It conveys a sense of captivity and emptiness. When The Devil comes, you are compelled to believe that you are helpless and that you have no control over yourself or bad forces. You believe you are weak, yet this is an illusion manufactured by the Devil. You have the ability to influence what comes your way, and with enough effort, you can overcome all of the factors that are preventing you from having the greatest. Your materialistic ambitions have held you enslaved, according to the Devil upright Tarot. You’re hooked to power, prestige, and opulence. You are unable to control your behaviors and desires, even knowing that they are harmful and unsatisfying. Stop becoming slaves to whims of the flesh. Boost your willpower and you’ll be able to break away from any addictions. Unhealthy ties and co-dependent relationships are also mentioned by the Devil. Recognize your bad habits and refuse to be manipulated, criticized, or abused by others.

In love and relationship readings, the Devil Tarot is used upright.

In love and relationships, the Devil Tarot card has a negative connotation. If you’re already in a relationship, the Devil Tarot card’s presence indicates too much commitment. Because of your co-dependency on one other, you or your spouse may feel confined or have lost personal space. This may be harmful to your relationship and destroy your and your partner’s uniqueness. According to the Devil Tarot, you should both take a vacation from your relationship right now. This is the time to safeguard your own boundaries and pursue hobbies outside of your relationship. Envy, jealousy, cheating, and domination are all possible causes of negativity in a relationship, according to the Devil Tarot card Upright. The card may indicate violence, abuse, or sexual assault in the worst-case situation. If The Empress Tarot Card Meaning is combined with The Devil card, this may represent a kind of vengeance for a previous wrongdoing.

If you’re single, The Devil Love Tarot may represent hedonism, desire, or temptation. You may be looking for love but don’t know where to look. It’s possible that you’re having unhealthy and harmful sexual interactions. There’s also the possibility that you’re enabling someone to take advantage of you because you want love and attention. Stop right away if this is the case. Do not succumb to the pressure. Take some time to reconsider what you truly want and need in a relationship. Furthermore, the Devil Tarot card appearing in love is a warning that someone with bad motives and a deceitful mind may enter your life. This individual may be an addict, aggressive, or suffer from a mental illness. You may find him fascinating at first, but your connection with him/her will be dark, gloomy, and hazardous in the long run. Be cautious of such people, and don’t fall into their trap simply because you’re in love.

Work and Career Readings with the Devil Tarot Upright

The Devil Tarot Upright indicates that you may be imprisoned or stuck in a profession. The Devil card in a career reading suggests that you are working at your present job or location despite being unhappy and unsatisfied because you believe you have no other alternatives. Perhaps poor luck, external forces, or circumstances have made you feel reliant on this profession. The card tells you that you don’t have to feel powerless and helpless because of anything. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to remain in an unfulfilling work or quit it. As a result, assess your objectives and capabilities before making a smart choice to make desired job adjustments.

Furthermore, The Devil Tarot Card reading indicates a dishonest and undermining coworker or business partner. This someone may attempt to stab you in the back or intimidate you by posing as a well-wisher or buddy. If you get The Devil and The Magician Tarot Reversed in the same reading, be careful since these cards indicate that you’re in the middle of a scam.

Money Readings with the Devil Tarot Upright

In a money reading, the Devil Tarot Card indicates that your financial position will be tight. As a consequence of your poor habits and overspending mentality, your financial difficulties are likely to worsen. You may feel helpless or find it difficult to recognize the answers that are available to you. The Devil Tarot interpretation in money indicates that changing one’s financial position and handling monetary transactions will be tough.

There is, however, a lot you can do to overcome your financial difficulties. You may increase your money flow by reducing your expenditures and controlling your income, according to The Devil Tarot method. Do not feel helpless or hopeless; instead, give up unhealthy behaviors like gambling, overspending, and compulsive spending. When The Devil appears with The Wheel of Fortune, it means that you should avoid hazardous ventures and rash choices. As a result, avoid taking risks and making rash investments.

In Health Readings, Use the Devil Tarot Upright

The Devil Tarot in the Upright position indicates bad health and harmful behaviors such as drug addiction, smoking, drinking alcohol, and overeating in a health reading. Seek assistance right away if you’re addicted to anything, particularly drugs or alcohol. The Devil Tarot card also symbolizes melancholy, excessive stress, and a variety of self-destructive and deadly mental illnesses. When it comes to detecting mental illnesses, however, do not consult the cards. When it comes to identifying mental disease or illnesses, it is strongly recommended that you get medical assistance.

Furthermore, in a health reading, The Devil card may indicate latent illnesses such as high blood pressure. If you’re sick, tired, or have any other symptoms that point to a health issue, get expert medical help. Visit your doctor on a regular basis for checkups, and keep a close eye on your food and wellness routine.

In Spiritual Readings, the Devil Tarot is held upright.

Materialistic cravings are keeping you from gaining spiritual understanding, according to the Devil Tarot guide. It also refers to a lack of hope, which is necessary for spiritual upliftment. Spending time with spiritual individuals and gurus who can assist you in gaining spiritual understanding is recommended. To receive the heavenly blessing, you must maintain hope and adopt a good attitude.

Remember that negative energy and anxious or depressed thoughts only serve to diminish your spiritual capacity. As a result, establish a pleasant atmosphere for yourself and experiment with therapeutic techniques to get rid of the darkness and negativity.

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In a Tarot Reading or Spread, the Devil Reversed Card Meanings

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

Tarot Card Meanings for the Devil Reversed:

Meaning of Reversed Love  Meaning of a Reversed Career What Does Reversed Finance Mean? Meaning of Reversed Health Spiritual Meaning Reversed
Ending co-dependency and feeling more in charge of love and relationships Increased career responsibility and a sense of empowerment Giving up harmful habits, reducing spending and gambling, and achieving financial independence Getting rid of bad habits, concentrating on bettering one’s health, and regaining control of one’s health Regaining spiritual understanding, tuning in to higher wisdom, and progressing towards enlightenment while letting go of negativity are all things that may be done.

The Devil Reversed Tarot’s General Meaning

The reversed Devil Tarot Card, unlike the upright Devil Tarot Card, denotes a breakthrough or an up-leveling. It signifies that you are on the verge of realizing your full potential, but you must first let go of harmful and restricting ideas and attachments. Things will start to change the minute you become self-aware and let go of all your addictions. However, breaking free from these shackles will not be simple. You will encounter difficulties at first, and you may experience tremendous agony and anguish. But don’t be concerned. Every sacrifice and effort you are now making will pay off in the future.

If you’re struggling to overcome an addiction, mental disease, or destructive habit, the appearance of The Devil Tarot is a sign that things are beginning to shift. You’ll most likely regain control of your life and rediscover your real self. In general, the Devil Tarot reversed indicates a destructive, bad, or hazardous situation or person around. Avoid it at all costs and do not fall into the same trap that has made your life so unhappy and limited. Furthermore, if you have been bullied in the past, you will see that they are held accountable for their actions. The Devil here makes the same predictions as the Upright Justice Tarot Card.

In love and relationship readings, the Devil Tarot is reversed.

The Devil Tarot relationship card advises breaking out from a relationship that has left you feeling trapped and miserable. It’s possible that you’re letting go of emotional habits or addictions that were preventing you and your spouse from forming a deep bond. When The Devil Tarot guide appears, it means you’ve finally taken charge of your love life. You’re no longer in a co-dependent relationship or sacrificing your own happiness because of a controlling spouse. If you’re in an abusive relationship, you’ve recognized how powerful you are and are looking for assistance. By conquering your anxieties and worries, you may be learning to express your real self.

If you’re single, The Devil Tarot meaning reversed indicates you’re going to encounter an aggressive or dangerous individual, as The Devil Tarot upright predicts. Avoid falling into the trap and pay attention to the red signals before you go off course. The card also symbolizes self-awareness when it comes to love and the kind of relationship you want. Previously, you may have been eager to find love and would have been willing to give up everything to do so. Things have changed since then, however. You’ve recognized your value and learned how your attitude toward love was preventing you from finding genuine love. You may be emotionally separating yourself from romantic emotions and relishing the freedom that comes with being single. In conjunction, the Temperance Upright and The Devil signify the same Tarot meaning: patience in situations of love.

Work and Career Readings using the Devil Tarot Reversed

The Devil Tarot Reversed suggests that you are finally making the necessary adjustments to prevent future difficulties in a professional reading. You’re becoming more conscious of your decisions and behaviors, and you’re realizing how they’re impacting your career. The Devil Tarot indicates that you are taking the necessary steps if you are trapped in a job, unsatisfied in your present employment, working in an unhealthy atmosphere, or having a difficult connection with your colleagues. You may have realized that you don’t have to rely on an unsatisfying work because it provides stability and financial security. You can handle things on your own, and your self-awareness will drive you to make significant professional choices.


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In Money Readings, the Devil Tarot is reversed.

When it comes to money, The Devil Tarot Card Reading denotes a period in which you are trying to break poor financial habits and improve your financial situation. If you’ve been relying on others to meet your financial wants and ambitions, the card suggests you’ve begun handling your finances on your own. You’re beginning to gain financial independence and are phasing out of gambling and other high-risk hobbies. Furthermore, you are recovering control over your monetary transactions, which is improving your financial situation.

People may attempt to mislead you or undermine your confidence, according to the Devil Tarot guide, but you must be careful and realize that there are many alternatives available. You should not lose faith since your money can be managed if you spend and utilize your resources properly. Also, according to The Devil Tarot reversed, if you have a money-spending habit or hobby, attempt to restrict it.

In health readings, the Devil Tarot is reversed.

The Death Tarot Card reversed is a positive omen in terms of health. It means you’re in the midst of a rehabilitation process in which you’re kicking bad behaviors and overcoming addictions. You are gaining strength and attempting to be more focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, despite the fact that you are not fully over the hump.

If you’re dealing with mental health issues, excessive stress, or despair, the reversed Devil Tarot card reading suggests that you’ll be able to overcome it. Your mental and emotional health will improve as a result of your healing. So, keep moving ahead and avoid reverting to old, harmful habits.

Spiritual Readings using the Devil Tarot Reversed

In a spiritual context, a reversed Devil Tarot card reading indicates that you have escaped a hazardous or unpleasant circumstance without suffering the consequences. You have been blessed by the Universe, and you have learnt a valuable spiritual lesson. Take this lesson to heart and follow the road that the Universe has laid out for you. As you emerge from a period of spiritual melancholy, the Devil Tarot guide advises that now is the moment to tune in to your higher knowledge. You’re on your way to enlightenment, leaving behind the darkness of negativity and depressive ideas. The Devil Tarot interpretation also indicates that you are in a learning period when you are avoiding negativity, poisonous individuals, and ideas. Furthermore, receiving The Devil with The Fool Reversed in your Tarot reading indicates that you must let go of your fear of failure on your spiritual path. To gain greater wisdom and understanding, you need let go of limited self-consciousness.

Feelings in the Devil Tarot

What am I experiencing right now? You’re tempted to be loved, or you’re yearning to be loved. You may be searching for a spouse or companion who will love and care for you. You are unclear about your relationship objectives, and you may be putting your faith in individuals without first verifying their relationship status and intentions. The Devil Tarot depicts emotions of strong infatuation or deadly attraction.

As seen through the eyes of the Devil Tarot Card! As far as emotions go, the Devil Tarot is a terrible omen. It means the individual has bad intentions and just wants to be with you to accomplish their goal. They may be attempting to take advantage of you, or they may be attempting to control, mistreat, or manipulate you in order to fulfill their wants, which are most often physical desires. This Tarot meaning is totally different from what you read about The Emperor’s feelings in the context of the Tarot.

Yes or No Reading: The Devil

Negativity, aggression, temptation, and wrath are all represented by the Devil Tarot Card. It alludes to being caught in a bind and unable to escape the circumstance. Addiction, deceit, bad relationships, and everything destructive and deadly are all represented by this card. As a result, for the most part, the Devil in Yes or No Reading is “No.” For the following questions, look at the Devil Yes or No Reading results.

Do they think I’m cool?

Yes, they like you, but their motives are nefarious, destructive, or even hazardous to you.

Will I be able to meet my true love?

It’s unlikely. You must consider your relationship objectives in order to avoid getting into flings at random.

Is my Ex still in love with me?

No, there’s a slim chance that your ex loves you.

Will my ex-boyfriend return?

If your ex tries to take advantage of you, the Devil in yes or no for reconciliation is No.

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Summary of the Devil Tarot

Hopefully, you now understand what the Devil Tarot Card represents and how it is interpreted in various Tarot card readings. Remember that, like the other Tarot cards in the deck, The Devil is the card that motivates you to establish good and constructive ideals. So, the next time you get The Devil in an online or in-person Tarot reading, don’t be alarmed. Understand and use its results to improve your life.

If you’re unsure about The Devil Tarot Card or how it interacts with the other cards, you may get expert assistance from one of our psychic readers. You may also consult our love Tarot specialists for help with your relationship issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the devil card mean in a tarot reading?

The devil card in a tarot reading is often associated with the idea of temptation, but it can also be seen as the opposite of the Fool.

What does the Wheel of Fortune tarot card mean in reverse?

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card in reverse is often called the Wheel of Misfortune. It can mean that you will be going through a difficult time, and it would be wise to stay away from any risky ventures.

Which Tarot card is the traitor?

The Magician

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