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The Energy of the Week: Beauty and Strength

This week we’re talking about the energy of the week called Beauty and Strength. The sign of Virgo is probably the most popular choice, but it’s not for the reason you might think. We’re not talking about Virgo’s natural disposition to be careful and analytical. Instead, we’re going to explore the meaning of strength in Virgo.

The Energy of the Week: Beauty and Strength

Energy of the Week: Beauty and strength Hello everyone, Welcome to this weekly post about the energy of the week, what it will be and how best to use it. Let’s get started. King of Cups: The sign associated with this card is Cancer. At least, that’s what I learned. This archetype is known as the nurturing personality . Remember, when I give information, it was once given to me by others. This is not new information that I have received from Spirit. These are years of meeting people, learning their signs and symbols, and using them in my own practice. It’s just a tip. Learning courtesy cards can be a journey in itself and it takes many years to develop our own language when they appear in the reading. Let’s take a look at this map.

A man sits with a cup in his hand and looks ahead. The chalice should remind us of the divine knowledge that the Spirit gives us through signs and symbols. Sometimes they come to us by singing. Sometimes they come to us through books. When this card appears in the reading, we must determine who or what it is. We begin to enter the universe and seek additional information. I know the King of Cups can be very harsh on the outside, if he is offended by others on his spiritual path, he must form a protective barrier to keep the energy vampires at bay. They are sensitive and may think the words spoken are mean, but with all water signs we find that through communication and empathy, they begin to understand what was actually said. Know that the King of Cups understands where they are going and what they need to do, for the Spirit has given them true vision to see the future.

We must remain true to our sense of power and knowledge. The King of Cups acts intuitively when confronted with problems, but easily shuts down when he feels unrecognized. Trolley, four pieces, tower: Now that we know that there is a person/energy that rules the week, let’s try to find some kind of framework that we can hold on to. The ground beneath our feet will move. It will shake our house and break the windows with a big crack. Things will fall apart and poor little Humpty Dumpty will have to put himself back together again. Movement is needed to grow, life takes on a different form, and we need to keep our energy. We choose who we spend our time with and what that time looks like. This week is about understanding what our true purpose is, where we are going, and what the end will look like. We can stumble, we can fall, but we can also get up. The end is not the end, but the beginning of the next adventure. Remember to pick up the pieces of love and hope that have fallen to the ground when everything around us has been destroyed.

Embrace the little pieces of trust and gratitude, put them back on the shelf and send love to that memory. This week is about feeling alone, but remembering that our ancestors are always there, holding our hands and making sure we reach our full light potential. Send loving thoughts to our loved ones who are far away. Send Reiki to those who are suffering. Send memories of sun and rain to strangers around the world. By doing so, we cause a chain reaction of beauty and power. Until next time. Blessed be Aaron P.S. If you enjoyed reading this article, please share it on social media. Also, leave a comment and let me know if the words and phrases in this post resonate or let me know how your weekly energy is going.