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The Hit List – Freeze Framed

The latest celestial sign to get a crazy nerdy makeover is none other than the highly popular constellation of Orion. Known as the ‘Hunter’, this constellation was found to be the most popular of all constellations in 2009 and 2011. This is because the constellation was believed to hold the greatest concentration of stars in the night sky, which is a huge draw for amateur astronomers.

Today, I’m bringing you a look into the future at the next 12 years of astrology and a feature on a phenomenon in the high-end real estate market that will reshape your world. I’ve heard it said that the sky is the limit. As we close in on the year 2020, I want to take you on a journey into the future and show you how the world is about to change.

For those born under the sign of Scorpio, getting what you want in life is a matter of holding on and not letting go. You are known for your intense passion and determination; you have the innate ability to hold on to what you want and get it. If you feel that something is worth having, you will keep fighting for it, even if it means giving up on things or people you care about.

I was filming a little bit the other day. It wasn’t a huge issue, and it didn’t take too long. I was prepared, well-rehearsed, and understood the information through and out. My hair was styled, my lipstick was flawless, and my surrounds were tidy.

The deep freeze started as soon as the camera started rolling. In other words, I didn’t just freeze once, but many times. I was fumbling, mispronouncing things, and feeling like a failure as I struggled to get it out.

What the heck happened here? After all, I’ve done a lot of Instagram Lives in the past. By now, I should be a pro!

But, to be honest, I’ve never like being in front of the camera. Unlike my beautiful sister, who loves the camera and receives a lot of affection in return, I usually remark, “I’d rather give birth to twins breach instead.” That’s how much I despise being photographed.

I’ll admit that after the cameras were turned off, I was a little hard on myself. When it truly counts, why am I so stiff? Why can’t I relax a little? And why did I agree to do this when I’m well aware that I’m a jerk!?

If you’re camera-shy, you’re familiar with that internal monologue. While I’d like to improve or eliminate my photo-taking time, there’s something humbling about revisiting problems you thought were resolved long ago. When the camera is aimed at me, I’ve always felt self-conscious. Sure, when you look at the completed result, I seem to be confident. You don’t see the 1000 photos that were taken in order to obtain one decent image. 

I’m not sure I’ll ever be friends with the camera, but you know what? It’s something I still do. Doing something that makes you uncomfortable requires a lot of courage. 

Know that you’re not alone the next time you’re confronted with anything that causes you to freeze. We all make mistakes from time to time. Despite our best efforts, many of us continue to fall flat on our faces. Regardless, keep going. 



This is something I can accomplish with my eyes closed.

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Camera crews that are patient

It’s time to take a deep breath.

On a hot day, it’s nice to get some fresh air.

The weather is ideal for walking.

Bars of lemon cheesecake


On the 17th of July, 21st of July, 21st of July, 21st of July,

Doja Cat and The Weeknd’s song You Right


Theresa, I wish you all the best.

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