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The Hit List – The Eclipse Reset

Today is the last day the USA has a lunar eclipse, and it’s a big one. The total lunar eclipse will last for a full hour and 28 minutes and will be visible from both the US and South Africa. In the US, the eclipse will begin at 1:09 pm (local time) and will last until 3:58 pm. At 3:48 pm, the lunar eclipse will end.

The ‘eclipse’ is a unique event in astrology, and following its creation, we will be able to accurately predict future events. There is no doubt in my mind that the eclipse will be a major turning point in our society. We are living in interesting times.

The Hit List – The Eclipse Reset

I was looking forward to my next birthday – and dreading it at the same time. Not that I mind getting older. I don’t want it. There are definitely benefits to getting older (I will take advantage of the senior discounts, even though I haven’t reached that age yet! Haha!) But after a tough year and the rapidly approaching astrological aspects of hell, my anxiety peaked. Mercury retrograde and a direct hit from the eclipse made me cringe. Does this birthday really suck? Do I have to go through another tragedy? Do I get a cosmic boost for another bad year?

My astrological imagination plays with all kinds of scenarios. None of these measures has been implemented. Instead, I made decisions. Instead of panicking, I did what I call a blackout reset. That meant a week off from work – and two days off from life on Instagram. I slept, did lots of salt scrubs, took hot showers, bath, lit candles and meditated. I walked in nature, ate cookies, watched Maury and Laudermilk, and read all the books. The cat got extra treats and love.

The most important thing was that I spent time alone. There’s something about being alone that gets me back on track. Regardless of what was happening in space or in the world at large, my days were filled with quiet activities. My soul was in a happy place, which bode well for the coming year. Today I woke up and felt more myself than ever. I feel cleansed, renewed, grounded and ready. Ready for a new year, new goals and new levels.

The next time the planets seem uncomfortable, I encourage you to approach it with wisdom. Instead of letting the fear of what might happen control you, make the decision to pull over to the side of the road. Give yourself permission to get yourself together before you leave. You may find a new route and a new adventure you’ve been waiting for. word-image-7256

It’s peony time!

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What I’m thankful for:

Loneliness A relaxing weekend Short trips by car Peonies A cool breeze on a hot day