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The Hit List – You’ve got no mail

The planets are always moving in our world, and for this reason they have a unique relationship with us. The planets are not only powerful, but they are also constantly changing. By studying the different aspects of the planets you can learn more about yourself and the world around you.

Welcome to your Monthly Horoscope for January 2019. Yes, you have no mail, and no messages from your friends, family, and colleagues on social networks. You are very self- focused and preoccupied with your own projects. Despite some changes in your love life, you expect most of the same to happen this month.

At some stage in your life, it’s likely that one of your friends or family members will ask you what the “The Hit List” is… The Hit List is a list that is used by many to help them decide which direction their lives should take. If a person on the List is to have any contact with you, then you should contact them right away. If a person on the list is to have any contact with you, then you should contact them right away.

Nothing made me happier than running down to the post office to get the mail when I was a young kid. I felt like a celebrity, particularly when my favorite Humpty Dumpty magazine arrived. I’m sure the postal woman who managed the place thought I was annoying, but I didn’t mind since I was ecstatic as long as there was mail in the box.

I’m still like that. I like getting and sending letters. To make sure I receive something, I even subscribe to publications (NOT Humpty Dumpty).

While email is handy, nothing beats the feeling of receiving a letter in the mail. I have a pen pal with whom I write on a daily basis, but I’m also known for sending odd letters to strangers, typically including a tarot card. This may seem old-fashioned, but I think that on some level, other people like getting a little gift from time to time as well.

The mail has recently ceased arriving on a regular basis. When it finally come, it was often placed in the incorrect box. Packages didn’t arrive on time, and I had to walk down several times to get them. I thought my usual mail carrier was relaxing on a beach someplace, drinking a Mai Tai and soaking up the rays. This, however, was not the case, according to the lady behind the desk.

Mike, our favorite mailman, was involved in an accident. Some idiot ran a red light, totaling his mail truck while he was inside. He was badly hurt and would be out for a long period.

While inadequate mail delivery was inconvenient, I can tell you that our community was more worried about Mailman Mike. Updates and good wishes were posted on message boards. Mailman Mike, you see, isn’t only a great delivery guy; he’s also a fantastic human being. This is one of the finest. He’s the kind of guy you like seeing because he really exudes JOY and KINDNESS.

I went to pick up yet another undeliverable box yesterday morning. Mailman Mike would be on the beat shortly, according to the lady behind the counter, but he was now on desk duty. Then the window slid open, and there he was, welcoming me with a handshake and a smile! I was taken aback – and relieved. We discussed the accident, his injuries, and the neighborhood’s worry. He promised he’d be back soon – and that he was working on getting his replacement set up properly. He chuckled and said, “You’re all pampered.”

Yes, we are, Mailman Mike. Indeed, we are.



The sunflower has arrived.

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What I’m Appreciative Of:

Mike the Postman is well!

Milwaukee is proud of the Bucks (go Greek Freaks!)!

Projects in the works

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People who tell it like it is, even if it hurts.


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Theresa, I wish you all the best.

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